Tuesday, January 5, 2016



 I am out here, in the war that is, fighting for my right to just maintain me. I buy protein powder, with limited funds, sometimes spending hours holding a sign on the freeway off ramp. My story? Most scoff, because they are far to afraid to see, that due their fear of losing face, they continue to work, in capitalism, at a JOB which serves not the proletariat but the unseen oligarchy. 
 I was a good man, not perfect, but far above my standard, in morality, thus virtue, to respect these laws. A natural Gentle-Man, not in need of any private sector Masonic Mind Control Technique, to thus be so. Yet, such as the case today, after scrambling to maintain a 10o'clock appointment time, for free legal services, an expungement. I was awoken twice last night, pushed out into the rain, by aggressive Sacramento Police officers. I had a much different picture of Sacramento, as you may read in recent passed posts, until I encountered the truth, of how the homeless population is treated, and more so mistreated. Two of my friends, in the occupy cause were arrested for taking shelter under city hall over hang?! I was going to join them, and thought for a good minute, and my still do so. I am actively protesting, before city hall, and was on 4 news stations last night, holding signs, looking scruff, and chanting out mantras "house keys, not hand  cuffs!" in succession.

 Today, another blockade. I was headed then back from Alhambra, my destination, was ironically "x" street, where free legal services where made available, by the higher cause? I still must navigate from pure faith, as all of you there. However I do feel, that soon, the entire veil will be lifted, as we, the Pure, those who return to purity, are thus uplifted. We must, uplift one another. I can not forget the assistance, I have received, on my Birthday, with Love and welcome arms, by the Hostess at Dennie's, for my Free Breakfast (though I have paid Dennie's countless times in the passed, more than, since teen year experiences). I can not also forget those who respond to me, with respect, knowing that I am an undeniable part, of something greater. I can not place favor on any known God, but to say, I find this Purity factor, a Pure Son support, in all walks, whether by Hindu/Hindi, Muslim/Islam, Buddhism, yet on rare occasion, a Christian based Faith. I embrace the teachings of Jesus, but find all he said, and thus did, highly esoteric.

 A Woman gave me postage, after buying a Rockstar low carb energy drink at her place of business, a 76 location. She looked into me, and heard the voice. I walked across the street. I "GOD BLESSED" her, but know, that this too, be a curse to the many, as blessings from me, beg purity. If you seek this, and are thus centered upon purity, that undeniable pain, here, then you will thus be blessed.
The post office, was not selling stamps, a lady laughed in line at the notion. The line was short, and the irony that the computer just stopped working, was no surprise to me, it happens where ever I go, especially when I am working on a greater cause, on the right path, or trail, as it were.

 I walked 3 miles back thinking about M.O.L.L.I.E., Stellar, and telling the story, that would, by way of subconscious prompt, upon proper timing, become an addition, to my epic contribution. My story, and the great story of life, as seen through prisms scope.

That 13th Son, under God on high, just a concept you say?~

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