Saturday, January 16, 2016



 All day every day, I have a JOB. I was shown the way, through myself, a conduit, through society, the exo of my very makeup. The only conclusion be I AM.

 Those who boast this, are lost...a conduit, not the one. A part of a machine, a working mechanism, not the sole owner, or Lord over a land. A true King is thus, that 13th Son, the needed piece, for those unseen 7, to become 8.

 womb-man, can not ascend, absent the Man. womb-man, can not produce nor thus reproduce absent Man. Man must thus ascend to Principle, so that womb-man, can in turn, ascend to Man. Principle understanding is not enough, this is Thoth, or Thought. Ritual only takes one to that Phase 2, of being, and becoming, the Action. Meditation is not escapism towards a pretend place of neutrality, but the WORK, to become integer, whole, complete, in and of itself. However an Integer, can not functionally exist, absent being a part, there must be many.

 The Tribal network is such. Not seeing this crucial measure, means failure before measure. That is, 21 is the Tribal number, one over this, means that another Tribe must organize. I did not come up with this alone, intelligent Men brought me to this re-realizing, or affirmation of understanding.

 We must work as our very Molecules do. We must organize as all life supported, by life, for life, and through life Principally thrives. We must not mimic but see "our self hood" as such, the fractals and the sustaining place, where a branch may break.

 Black Jack 21 follows us, haunts us/U.S. until we take assert. We must see, finally that this friction is  is not directly coming from the Masonic Order, the friction which destroys us/U.S. [the westernization global, a notion], but to see, that upon recognition of left and right, we are thus taken to those depths, those heights, as to actualize not law, or legality, but to simply allow Principle to lead us/U.S. onward. We are in short demons or angels to one another. Demanding the tools to do so, yet not having shown efficacy in understanding, nor virtue through autonomy.

 We behave as the fractals, of Phi do. Thus our emotions, follow along these same lay lines, meridian lines, not abstracted from a "SISE Model", we are always creating and recreating this, a notion...emotion, energy in motion E-motion. 

 womb-man, thus, rationalizes herself hood, as to be superior to Man, yet can not go through life, absent a Man. She feeds off of his Principle understanding, leaving him barren, as she goes on to birth that more inadequate child of our time, a G-eneration. 

 We can not move forward as a Tribe, a peoples, until this be cast in stone. The Ten Commandments made themselves null and void, as they broke, and were thus broken, upon completion, they simply could not have a place "here, now". We are bound to this sin, and to go through this sin, as to find the sign, which tells us where that axis of rotation be.

 Her completion is necessary for the cause, now that the field is in a sense, stuck with her. She puts down Man, emulates Man, mimics Man, yet has no Principle, of her own. She must thus practice the ways of EPL, and to make EPL her mantra, so as to break free from the Witchcraft, that be her final end valu_.

 Capitalism was brought about by her pleasure seeking and devouring, mind you, never ending lust. EPL is a re-reminder of what be already existent within all Men/Man, and what has never been, in womb-man kind, to my knowledge, else the door would swing wide. We are on that great precipice of our time, needing that curvilinear action, a momentive force, as to override that steep rock face, and undulating spike, to be sure.

 Ironic that here completion, be the only way towards our completion as a collective. So easily bought, so primitive is her kind, as to weight us/U.S. down, by way of capitalism, a feminine notion. Never will it stick, never will capitalism solidify. It will always be that temporary stain, of Man's learned greed, as to think he can bask in the light of the Sun and not place his effort into spinning it?~

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