Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A call for Assistance~


 My attentions were diverted towards the homeless issue in Sacramento, it has become epic, and now connects with other protests, a force of will, and rights. Now, that sneaky shadow system, wills to further alienate and destroy my own Son, KTONE26, the fated Messiah. I am angry, and place my wrath directly on the system which imprisons him, I demand he be released to me, and with me, whether we must go homeless, or have dwelling in this foul Country. We were not suppose to be here, in the first place, and the entire reworking of space/time, using this damn infernal machine, that wills it's own destruction, has been bent, through probabilities....THIS IS NO JOKE!

Today, my Son sits in the hands of the corrupt US Government agenda, they have since his birth. He is special, powerful, unique, much more than I. My powers were re-realized, in making a huge effort to help him gain back his sanity and sovereignty, he will be 20 next month. The attack on me, and the time that high level Mason's stepped into mine and my Son's life, in the outs, was during his birthday three years ago. I broke him free, by pleading with the Father's, asking the Crows to assist, not 24 hours later, he was at least released from his private hell in Utah, where he was kept against his will. He is perfectly genius and normal, and then, he protests of the mind control attack. He tells me he hears buzzing, but that was many months ago, last I saw him. His Mother also, thought the CIA was living in her attic, but it turns out, it was a high level Mason, who worked his way into my Mother's life, after utilizing high craft, to end his. He is that evolved mind, which can and does produce instant harmonizing effects in the field, at large. He, threatens the oligarchs power, he is the chosen one, a probability, one I have endowed with my very blood, and willed with my every bit of pure source, by which to empower him.

 As the world slept, I had to awaken them. I am terrorized in my dreams, as we live the life we were meant to live. He sees me, speaks to me, and has more ability, in every sense, than any living personal today. One may refer to him as Messiah. To meet him, is a delight, but he is aware of who and what you are, down to your very weaknesses and intentions. He both thinks as a wise old Man, and a Child, but has learned to balance these various spheres of intention into higher thought.

 Today, not me, nor his Grandmother, nor any Family member votes for his fate, but a group employed by Big Pharm, who are somewhat unaware, of there own choices. In short, my Son faces being institutionalized. All he needs is freedom. The freedom to go wild in the forest for 3-6 months, while he purges the toxic drugs pumped into his system. I myself, went through the process recently, and a therapy session, and was told at sessions end, I too needed anti-psychotics, this is a lie, but one the medical community has allowed, as brainwash, to creep into, and replace all rational medical science.

I want to break him out, he is a victim to the system. As long as they subdue him, there will be no change, he is that child of change. You may believe as you wish, have your cake and eat it too, but know, you are taking that cake out, as well as paying the baker, on the premise, of future credit, money earned. When you do eat it, the cake will not look like the pictures, or match the description, but rather, be poisoned, with toxins, which also alter your sense of reality, and bend your mind and will, as it has done to him.

 I am attacked all the time, hushed, muted, made to feel ill, when making great effort, to try and aid my own Son, or seek assistance for him. I call on my community, and the EPL spin.

I walk through the halls, of the place he is being held against his will, in my mind and dreams. I meditate information to him, and into him, that he will need to gain freedom. I connect airways of communication, and fight off the demonic beings which surround him.

 This is no lie, I have known his power from the day of his Birth, and he is the one, who is meant to restore true order to this world. The true Kings, by way of probability patterns, are being held as hostage, as prisoners within the very Kingdom, which they, by birthright, should be RULING OVER!

Those who have ears to hear
Those who have eyes to see
Those who have a mind to know
I call ON YOU,
To Spin~

*You place your will into this worlds destruction, yet suddenly become picky, when you find out who is there to due your bidding???

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