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You have no right to define "it", nor do I..."it" manifests itself, fully, in the Moment, eternal~G+ COMMENTS


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Under Heading; The Message of the Bible~

God is completely irrational, as a concept. There does not need to be an original creator, in order that one, a being, assert oneself as God...look at the Masonic agenda. In all respects, they are God, as a collective, and you had better believe there is a top tier title, such as Pope, or President, which rules over the 1001 Club. God is a concept, by which we measure our pain? Is pain not fear, and fear not uncertainty. Therefor, this creator God, is Pure Source Energy, and he who directs the currency, of this energy in motion, E-motion, is by all means God. War...Raw (Ra). Those who can handle the immense pressure, to balance good and evil, for otherwise barbarian's at best (absent a structural component IE cause and effect), as a team, a machine, 13 in fact who rule, are God, as a collective, within the Sphere, of Phi. Outside this Sphere, there is another, and then another. The prospect was far to startling for any sober zealot (albeit the 86%), so that gradual steps must be made, as to understand (reason/ratio/degree). No we are indeed introduced with another Messiah figure, who was also a light bearer. He came to bring fire to the world, also, did he not? He came to create conflict within the house ( a Masonic construct), did he not? Then how is One Messiahs teaching/action/ritual so different from the next. One says he will bring chaos, and he brings order, one states order, yet is bringing chaos. Then there is that architect, Hiram Abiff, who was also killed, out of jealousy, for his exacting nature?

 Further, I was pondering last night, on TIME CONSTRAINT, as suitable cause to create conflict, stress, influence, but also, to accelerate Man's learning. That one who controls the time undulation cycles, within a given sphere, and to understand much more so, the delicacy of this, in relation to all he not the Zoraoaster? That is to say, that star navigator, as to be capable to measure time, then to correspond with reasonable, or unreasonable demands, which increase or rather decrease, a given or assumed set of spin rate, or speed...a rate coding signal response?
 The Time Keeper, anywhere, can thus be very well assumed God, as in Abraxis. Christian's have and do worship Capitalism, as a means, and thus embrace Karma. The Bible is misinterpreted and reinterpreted, as to cause limitation and not dilation, a constriction. I for one do not buy it, and have created my own religion. As Nietzsche stated "The was only one Christian"....he died on the cross. There is only that expression of self, as God be that light which shines through, to illuminate Man, and thus, so that he can see, he is Brother. However, we live in a time of undeveloped entitled cattle...and must seek this tradition within higher, and esteem-able esoteric circles or spheres, of thought...what a UNIVERSE-CITY, was meant to be, prior to the Christian to place morals and virtu(e), before Principle? A Faustian deal these "Christian's" or martyrdom make, and thus make deals in haste, never following the way of Christ, nor his Purity. A Man must posses two things, or he will be hated, Purity and Gratitude.


Holy Spirit, that Pure Spirit, resonant from within the Pure Son. So be it, some, may assert, from the a patriarch of Dasein. However this God is the Alpha and Omega, a signature that only Fermion, can esteem. Therefor one must reduce, to keep their foot prints off the sandy shores...into a single pure molecule, lighter than a feather. God as it were, was also used for all other "God's" as  first title. The unity of one, on which we can agree? This was that deal, to no longer spin the Merkabah, to simply agree to follow those high level Jews, who have now dismantled society, fat and greedy, puffed up, on their own self proclaimed deity, and there have been over 25~.


Spiritus latin for spirit or breathing. Also Abel, the name is known as the vanity or the Breath...a sacrificed Son. Christianity is a guise to literally sacrifice ones own Son's, in an attempt to usher forth a tethered force, to a far more ominous figure. Most of what you believe comes to us/U.S. from mithraism, Zoroasterianism, Gnostic(ism)...but mainly, an impact occurred with Jews, that what Christian's really are, only lower level Jews, held out of the loop of Gnosis or Knowledge, from the Sex Craft and Black Magic of Babylon (where the Kabalistic Magic was asserted and used, abusing the powers of the Merkabah). In Atlantis there was Peace, they say. We are an "Alien" Project/projection. The order of the S.S. or the Black Sun/Son, shows us that we live in a digitized "reality" as it were. You are doing your part, at following the fanaticism of your time. Next will be Muslims, then there will rise another, third head of the hydra, to finalize the goal, which is an undulation to be sure, an agreement that most of the world population should be reduced, as they will emerge again, from the substance of the sphere (studies have been done by leading Russian Scientist's confirming that EM excitation of nothing, equals everything. There is no God, I hate to break it to you. You are to be all you can be, never die, and regenerate, but you instead chose a path of death, and more so usher it in, as a religion. You will know this, when your leaders ask you to do things, also from the Bible, which promote all out war, against another faction or belief system. How do you think Christianity won out thee other religions? They destroyed the Mighty Oak of Thor, and killed much of the World population, in Christianities rise.~
Out of all this, however, there is a directive, which can not be ignored. No matter what one does, or thinks they create, it leads back to the same conclusion. So in this, to assert Ones will, is the greatest sin. The Will to Death, is the only Choice, or to live as an ignorant Human Being, and feel sorry for your mistaken existence. That is undeniable, until we see that Music, Dance, Laughter (Muse), free us/U.S. from such a Thoth/thought provoking sentence (which I call a dry sentence, as we think we are free, but alas, we are not). The answer? Spin the Spheres with the MInd, the same colors, the same vibration, and will the direction, the weather, the currents to the best met course, then you will feel God (as you call him), the Holy Spiritus Force Presents. Your Spirit, and all others, and even more, over lapping, in time repeats, into one moment THAT GREAT CONVERGENCE. AMEN!~

 Thank you John B. Unity, seems to be the only force to tether to this Holy Spirit, and seems to be the cause. Oddly, in the Bible, the Anti-Christ is the one who brings this. I believe as Jesus spoke Parable, the Anti-Christ and Christ are like Book Ends. The madness of the machine, something we now see we have done to ourselves, a recreating of time and space, has to have thus...already been done, and done again...a Nietzschian time loop? We are to be our own God's, and navigate out of this dilemma, however there are factions who have held onto this knowledge and benefited from quite "some time". We need to get it right this time, and we need to know, that there are booby traps set in place, when we do break from the default mode. My only message is SPIN THE SAME SPHERES AND COLORS FOR WORLD PEACE, AT THE SAME TIME, at least on this, can we agree, for but an hour per day? Fill the Spheres, which comprise our very Fermion, with the same intention, and World Peace, will be held within us/U.S., and so too, in the without...we are shaping our World constantly. PEACE~

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