Wednesday, December 30, 2015

WE ARE TRIBE W.A.T. *A major effort to end homelessness in all Nations, States and Unions~



I am copyrighted the Name and use of
We Are Tribe
W.A.T. (acronym)

The following is a program, to end homelessness in America and abroad. The Method uses reverse tribal law. In other words, that land, which is preserved, by the nation, or nations, as in the United Nations, is the land of the people. The people are those who are entitled to land. Those who found their means, by way of capitalism, so be it. Those who find their way, to their rightful land, by way of Occupation, so be it.

 The “We Are Tribe” group/committee/nation excepts donations in all forms. There is then a retail store, set up in localized community for trade/exchange and purchase (items; such as clothing, household goods, and items for trade or barter).

 The location of this “store front” (a face or location to meet/see W.A.T.) is offered to the Homeless who join tribe, simply by becoming involved with (W.A.T.) Tribe efforts.

Efforts of The Tribe
 All who sleep in the government appointed and offered facilities, which be our right, as citizens, whether or not one has “paid in” to popular organization (IE; SSI, WMC etc), must contribute in their respected manor. Those who can not, must find other means or ways in which they can contribute. This contribution can be met with all societal pursuits, as well as those pursuits of passed civilizations or Republics.

Love is the commanding force, Love is the Law

 True Love, as in the Love of Purity, and that Purity found in Love is the whole of The Tribal Law/Principle.

The Storefront funds, and trade items, will go directly towards land Purchase. With Land Purchase, houses, on a communal property, will be built with Tribal funds. All rights afforded to any other Tribal Sovereign Nation, apply also to WE ARE TRIBE, Tribal Nation.

 We except all Homeless Peoples around the World, and actively seek their contributions as well as vestment, in and of knowledge, intellectual contribution and support, in all ways, that the individual can offer/render, keeping the EPL Principles, and mainly, the Purity of PRINICPLES IN MIND, HEART, SOUL AND ACTION in support.

 The warehouse, store front offering will be granted to The Tribe, as a place where tribe can REST, as rest be all peoples right. The transition moves acquisition into real property, as a collective. The Tribe wills to diversify territories, in other words, a group of Tribal Members, anywhere between 50-500, may set up Tribal “space” for each individual, on a ½ acre basis.

 Homesteading is not permitted, however each property, if the potential be there, can be traded for. In other words, those of extended family, may, live nearby one another/next to (neighbors), however properties can never discriminate in the form of homesteading.
 There must be a space of 7 ½  feet between each property. All properties are circular or spherically shaped, as to allow for a divine, or sacred geometrical balance, to the form, of Tribal community.
 These, we call Nations. Each Nation shall uphold Principle, as the EPL method, however no religion shall be pressed forth, from neighbor to neighbor. The symbols of any religion shall not be made to face others real property. Only Principle alone, shall be allowed, and to be discussed, as any topic of right living.

There shall be parks set up for each 10 Houses, and these communities, shall share in all aspects, as to allow food, items of all natures, to all, without money or exploitation of care, as trade, or trade. The trade takes place as a transitional method, yet is no allowed in the community. All is done for tribe, and all offerings go to the tribe, for better living.
 The tribe does not mean to live as Quakers of yesteryear, but to embrace, fully, all technology and even transhumanistic efforts. All ways one can improve the survival and embracement of betterment, be fully vested into, for the better of the tribe.

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