Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Sphere of Now~


My friend left, he calling me  Feyd-Rautha ironic as he worked on the original matrix, that reoccurring theme, I indeed am the One, to break the matrix code, that burden upon me for long now, to break the machine until I AM FREE TO LOVE, AND TO LOVE FREELY.

 He pushes his buddy, who may have another leg amputated from improper insulin use, as told to him by his very Doctors. They do not know of the ROKbodhi way, though if they listened, for long, I would convey. They, all of them, that I meet, do not know of the Food Pyramids machination, at birth, a wayward bus indeed.

 I have been sleep under the stars, in 21 degree weather, it's been cold. Worse, is the air quality. My throat never clears out. I managed, however, to go on low carb eating, with an EBT, items from the nearest 7/11, and G.A. (general assistance funds of $117).

 I practice all that I have written so extensively about, and know this to be a saving grace. I meet people each day that should not be diabetic, and see the agenda. Long acting esters kill the people. I tell them about Dr Alberto Viau's  method, in basic. That is, to only use acute or short acting insulin, in very minute and small doses. Testing is the main goal, to keep the insulin at relatively very low blood sugar/glucose levels. Most do not lesson, however I try.

 I jump in, and have learned from the Masonic heads, a hierarchy. I am still angry, but respect the teachings. These are those Principle card holders, God's to be sure, those who shape and plan us/U.S. ALL.

Far to much happens each day, to even report, I try and capture it, but find an Obama phone does not allow room for battery power, to fuel the inept little camera.

 I am awoken early in the a.m., most days, and find that if I simply go into 90 degree hip flexion, I have met the demand of the state. I find this to be a recurring theme, they will let you sit up, in the warming center, but not lie down. Our right to rest is the very thing to be assaulted, and the most important items, for sure, for smooth operation, motor control and daily function, at the base.

Always 7 points, and an 8th which is also 0 on the return, in each endeavor, each and every motion of the kata, of life, and living.

 I feed the people, as in the dinner project. I clean the streets, as those who simply do not care, or are to high to care, throw the discards of their free items about.

I keep a low profile, but practice EPL. I feel all Christ figures, a tether, that pulls me strongly, and know/gnosis, my fight against them, against the default always, against the machine, has earned my name, a name, somewhere. I DEEPLY LOVE MY SON, and am confused, as all efforts to simply just raise him, my Light, My Life, are and have been constantly thwarted.

Well, I Love you Son (both my Son's). You gave me the right, the right to fight, the reason for the season, and Love to press Principle unto the very substance of the Sphere, an Energy in Motion.

 My methods are just being and becoming digested, in the ether of the substance. Those I meet, some how express to me, now exhausted from the constant notion, a motion, the very Principles I demanded unto and upon the spheres substance, that Field of Unity.

 America, a wayward group of entitled assholes. America, a place where Principle eludes, all I have ever met. Many embrace me, and my Light, not understanding their ego, be all that keep them from achieving a realization, of what I truly am. I changed the sphere, and do each day, at such a cost, I will be on disability in the coming weeks. This, my only and last option, as I fight for the right to rest, to work, to prosper, walking miles each day, going about that ferris wheel, an oligarchy control mechanism, so that I can never rise, in a life time, with these Principles as means. But to show, that these Principles are the means, the light and that Purity, from which, all substance comes forth, of this corporeal state, a being.~

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