Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Effect of them on me~


 As I speak to others, who are in similar circumstances as myself. Some are so called drug dealers on the run, most broke under pressure, and served time. We all agree that we are indeed different. We are not to share this society, but to rule it. We have been even agetated and suquestered to be held down, in this society, as a means.

 I did most of the things in my life correctly, I weighed them out heavily. I got used to the fact that there would always be noise, and suddenly a force which came about the observable area, just as I began to come to some sort of invaluable conclusion (as there is a little kid yelling and making noise in the Library, right next to me right now). I began to get good at moving around obstacle, and seeing that my mind was the very tool which was above the majority.

 I walk the streets cursing people with the shot gun, placing pentagrams around them, and drawing their energy out of them. I hate every last person on this planet, except for my two Sons, and view all else as obstacles. We are not going through the same race. Some are held under strict constriction, whilst other, such as myself, are entirely kept within a controllable sphere. If you did not see the chemtrails being sprayed prior to my arrivement, in a given area, rest assured, they will be there once I am actively known, by this group, who follows me, assults me, and spends their time making sure I am destracted when making desicsion, which may impact my life, always negatively.

 For you see, I am blessed. I create the undulating rythm, in the field around me, and everyone knows it. Some see this as common, strangely they may, and I can say most likely will never come in contact with one like me again.

The Prayer

 A group of people giving items out in the park a couple weeks ago, asked if I would mind a prayer. I told them My Name quite clearly, when they prayed for me they Used the Name however Adam.

 Some come up to me, and ask if my name is Michael, while still others will be more blatant and call me an Angel. Some will become happy, and excited, while most will be afraid and antagonized by my presence. It isn't long before their world becomes unhappy with my always moving foreword mentality.

The Proof

 The very proof that I am an anomaly, be that no matter how hard I work, there are road blocks set before me, which keep me back, and contained. When I have money, I make more money, money is not the issue for me. Clients come to me prior to my ever being hired. I often have 2-3 clients before I ever even begin at a given place of employment. The hard fact is that a force comes into the person interviewing me, and speaks to them. They suddenly get way to picky, even at a place like XX hour fitness, who often hires incompetent people, as any other corporation in this crappy Nation.

 If the job is a sure thing, I am often blocked by geography, or means. This has been going on for so long now, that I can literally see what is coming next, and keep my thoughts at an ultra low level pulse, so that they will not influence the field. In doing this I also can not place positive energies into the construction of imaginary fabrication. I lose my energy all together, as if the plug was pulled on me, and lose all my momentum in an instant.

 This has been something that has occurred since I can ever remember. As a child, I could hear them speak to me and to one another, as if there were a fight, as to which peoples I would ultimately belong to or serve. I feel I have reached a level where I am only capable of entering one ultimate truth, a dark presence of Beings, that have ruled this and all other worlds forever. I think these are the Brother's Black. So I have a huge job, a weight upon my shoulders, as to realize my prime objective be, to tear down this fabrication form the inside out.

 There is no happiness for me, no moment of peace or tranquility, though I am more than capable of spending the most meaningful moment, above all other being present today. My margin is large, and it stretches far beyond the scope of this place of deteriorated metals and rotting carbon.

 I am not permitted to be happy, because I can assert happiness in moment, and it is there. Everyone feels it, and begins to assume themselves as the center to the universe. I watch it over and over again, and when I walk away it's gone, it goes with me, and I am glad, because I never offered it to these lowly beings, in the first place.

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