Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Some are already Spirtual God's, and as this tide of Majority Shifts~


 I spoke in the bread line, again today, that Magi, in training (self realized he was). He brought up the number 7, I brought up the fact that in Phi 7 be 8.
There are also 8 lonely steps from 13 to 21, but never completion...as it be assumed. These are the degrees.

 Daniel, the Magi, as far as I am concerned....and Jesus was a Warlock...at least the conceptual Jesus, further stated his understanding, when he discussed that 22, and 21 1/2, kept coming up, "today".

 I told him, that anything beyond 13, but truly 21, is completely that left hand path. I was looking at those lonely trains, so many in this State Capital, thinking, pondering again, on "convergence points". Thinking to myself, there must be some point, since there are 4 sets of tracks here, where the two will pass. There a vortex of potentials, as those massive haulers, may be contained within the same assumable sphere.

 Some trains which pass in the night, must stay focused on that direction in which they be going. I pondered also on the sphere, and the currents we identify which travel about it's beautiful axis point. The Pentagram is thus, not what most think, but yet entirely what the Higher Mind asserts it's meaning to be...but still, not an abstract notion, but a graduating one.

 Up the Pyramids steps, those thoughts of higher meaning do go. I challenge, and bewilder even the most self assumed spiritualist and self proclaimed master. As these have only gained certification, of another man's craft...and I? I have Mastered my own. So thus, you are living within my domain now...change is in the air.

 I absorb the wind, as She, the deceitful the devil, aims to pull me and twist me. So many ancient mental mind orders of technique, but the operator must be fully vested at first, then to calm, Satan, to cause her to realize she is just a flower fairy, a mimic of Man.

 Remember what the EPL scriptures, our main text do say.

 For I am here to elevate Woman Kind, by elevating all. To show them what they are, the denial. Always a step behind Man they will be, even when Man finally takes the steps as "A Kind", and elevates himself, finally, and hopefully forever, again, to God status, then Woman, will be as Man.
Always a step ahead Man truly be.

 The Mosquito is a vampire, Man has ascended, that is, Man as Master Warlock, has thus ascended to the place, where he does not have to physically feed. Those who think they rule, keep us trapped in a lesson, most of us learned several life times ago, as they eat the flesh, of your, of their, young.

 If you are not using an energy, if you are not, or have not been fully vested in ascending Man, to God, as One, then you work against the all. A warning, by worshipping other Men's Religions, you can never surely learn to become operator in this way.

All you are, is found in the Blood, a raging tide of spiritual energy, a plasma. Is then, all, personal craft? Certainly not, for dilation too, must occur, to share. This is the meaning of craft, as not to elevate the higher form of being, and thus becoming. Is it not then, in the margin, again, as I loop, as the Ankh, that we must say again, the Margin is greatness, that dilation to be sure?~



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