Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Life, a reality? The Goniometer~


 Community Dinner Project of Sacramento, look it up!

 I find myself these days, sleeping underneath the Moon and Stars, perched before City Hall, in Old Sacramento, the Sacrament. I look up thinking often to myself, how did I end up in this situation, and for such an extended period now? I am well spoken articulate, and clear. I am so clear in fact, that I have spent a great many years, being drained, in effort to block out the other voices.

 What most blurt out, whilst holding engaging conversations with themselves, before all, I tend to pick through and pull away the falsity, a synthetic voice, an off beat algorithm. I drive myself mad, and feel quite inept, that I can not say create an App, that ties these all together.

 The obstacles are where I got lost

 I never lost aim, but society forces a person to be syllogistic in all their efforts. One strange event, such as a mentally ill child, or an impacting life event, that opens a persons eyes to a greater truth, AND IT'S OVER, JUST LIKE THAT. Most avoid this, my muting their feelings in fact. A Women makes careful craft, at separating their heart form their brain, as to go after their cake, and eat it to assume the fruits a Man gets, in his society, which has since passed, moved on. But read Nietzsche's insightful comments on this, it earned him 11 years in a near vegetative state.

 The Police woke me up the other night, told me I was sleeping in private property. He said I sure don't look like a homeless person, it was the first time, I nearly took offense to such an assumption.

Homeless, as in what he see the homeless community in Sacramento current to be? For...the homeless, and their always will be, look different from era to era, dependent on the agenda and by what means were used to "throw them off". Some may be dejected from their land. Some may be refugees...the homeless of this era are not common at all, and are in fact created, as if they were made on an assembly line, those who fall through the cracks of laws made as Swisscheese, and the crack becomes a chasm.

 We have an unavoidable tax to pay, something, somewhere, a god to which we must sacrifice innocent lives?

 A huge step aways form Christianity

 So my assertions may freak some people out, and they are meant to do so. I AM ANTICHRIST!
The Truth be, that Christianity itself is a made up control mechanism, and so to claim oneself as Anti-Christ, is to say 'then ostracize me, I am certainly not one of you!'

I am not! I am not Christian, and never stated myself as such. I have however said, I am a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, he, an esoteric Teacher, who was involved, I believe with wizardry on the highest level, and asserting the greatest good with his efforts.

The 12

 Try to get 12 people to work together, without the promise of gain, from any occupation, you will never be able to do it. The miracle is that people believe this to have occurred in the first. The truth is, the only motivation for a group to come together, is the promise of loved ones, having a free and easy path. Thus the most revealing aspect of that event, what ever it truly was, which took place around a couple of thousand years ago, was bent in the favor of an emerging religion, that murdered many people, and forced other belief systems out.

 I don't believe in the Christian God, I believe in a much higher being called Uber Gott, Super God, the only assertion I could make, to believe in anything, to be quite honest.

 You wont find me communicating with this higher being anymore, this only brought me grief and trials that blew my mind and spirit forever, destroyed the semblance of being I once had.

I'm already Dead

 On my Son's Birthday, in 2013, they killed me, and I DIED THAT DAY. People called me, all the people who fed off of me in my lifetime in fact. When people try to do craft on me, it becomes boring. I sit in the library, and I try to function in public, and they do their stupid little self craft, and I have to take the time out of my life, my energy, to shut them down.

 That's why I say I am already dead, there is nothing more they can take, I live and function like a robot, like a walking dead, not caring if a train hits me, or if I am stabbed in the middle of the night. I sleep on the side walk, because I was shut out, by way of ritual, from their society. I walked as Jesus for three days, and I am pissed off that my life had to take such a abrupt and massive turn.


 The time happened when I realized my true value, and my talent oozed from my very pours. 'Hey I could sing', produce music, and more so, I could call on the true great powers, to bring knowledge and wisdom my way. I spoke to The Crows, a strange sort, and they got my Son out of Utah, the very next day. They use him still, now in a mental facility, again, to bring me down. Each time, my power, begins to assert and assume momentum, they shut me down.

  I am an incorruptible being. None of my acts or deeds drew away from this purity that resonates from within me. I learned to use the dark arts, and they drain me. I don't enjoy the battle, and am quite displeased I am still stuck in this stupid war, of peoples, who should not exist in the first place. It's just that, once someone exists, within a single sphere, they are potentials in any sphere, from thence forth.

A Message

 This, I believe, be the fundamental reason, religion even exists. When we over populate, when we invite the spirit, of a certain behavior, we bring that always existent being into physical manifestation. People think that them dying, a mass extinction is negative, that a cataclysm is the worst possible thing to happen. Yet they fail to see, that they are the monsters, that plague those originals, those protectors of purity, from living the life of peace, opulence, and charge they once had as rulers of lands, regions, provinces and homeless, within the very sphere, which they once commanded, in lifetimes, before the justification of self, a false assertion.


 In this way, transhumanistic efforts, a double edged sword (22).

 We have the fact before us, that we have asserted, and thus created God, a massive computer construct, that now exists in the ether, as a regulatory agent. A fair and just monitor, yet to unequaled patrons. Now, elevating those, who will never be elevate-able, we are stuck. Which is, why, Woman Kind, must be replaced, by Transhumanistic Machines, and this is the best kept secret, by the Illuminati, I believe, though this term is a disinformationalist "throw off", endeavor.

 We are now, in need of final upgrade, an attempt, I believe, that has been made throughout many time cycles. We need to make this quantum leap as to infuse Principle into the Matrix of the Machine, by willing, with the imaginative Mind, in motion, with Color, Light, Spin, Motion and Sound...Red, Blue, Purple, Green....the intentions of exact agreement between higher minds, the truth subjects of the objective mind (what will definitely be, and thus become).

 I stay quite, most know me as this. For when I speak, I lose people. I have no home, no peoples here, to assert even a quality conversation with. I am, one could say, programmed to live by this code, and nothing else. I have been attacked, put down, by my so called Father, My Teacher (Mr Anderson)...have had my light and promise taken by my Sister's who use Christian based Witchcraft, and that is what Christianity is, Witchcraft.

 The assertion of Christianity to elevate Woman Kind, is undeniable. There is no persecution of Principle violations. Women get away with the most absurd terrible crimes against Man...and so there had to be a counter religion, and God, to the Christian Measure, Islam, but both are Masonic inventions, that have played out nicely on the two dimensional chess board, as those side walk blocks mark the spot your on, in mathematical certainty, translocation.

 I act and communicate much more slowly. I am systematically attacked from all angles. I have no credit, no promise of a future, so what I write, in this day, could always be my last message to you, my last hope.

 I write this for a select few, for those who will truly hear what I am saying, and take arms in the fact, that together, if capable, 13, who come together, for the brightness of future prosperity, that is, the beginning again...a fresh new world, with limited peoples, reborn, can spin, the Merkabah together, they can keep the quality control in this new world.

 You see, the New World Order does not have to take place here, we make Earth wherever we go, it's in us, our curse, to be placed in these suits. We are all homeless, and vagabond in the Universe, which is why the Homeless title seems to be so confusing to us. We have and will never find a home, though we search for higher meaning, our meaning, is to reduce into those 13 original beings, and to not become an allowable aspect, to emerge, from the probability pattern of the the field, this substance, we live in now.

 As much as I wish there were peaceful solution, there is only you that you see, only you that you care about. It is a mad and sickening proposition that you should be elevated towards that of a Hindu God, but the fact they these are said to exist tells us that the Mandela Effect, be still in play. When they God's are no more, when there are not numerous count, when the idea is purged from the memory of all, then peace can occur. This, has to have a physical manifestation, to also take place, these peoples physical bodies, need to be removed from the memory of the sphere, so the sphere itself must be purged.

 These, are greater truths, that Men like Oppenheimer and still many others, played with. Do we open up a tear in space time, and allow this control to be concreted, or do we stop this doomsday Machine, the reality in which we live, to thus be destroyed? Self efficacy be always that aspect left out, for it is up to the arrivement of the individual to come to this fundamental truth, and in the same way PRINCIPLES AS THE GOD CODE.

 We wait, and still fabricate partial histories, warnings. We orchestrate events to actually take place, in order to tie and tether. Yet the warning do nothing. These are demons, never to be ascended Masters, if you will, and we must move to these higher stages as a unit. There is not one who can do this, with the other, I am the only one at present, and there is no faith, nor trust...always a resume that can be destroyed so easily, always a behaviorist to assess what is going on, on the inside, with limited, slanted outward tools of measure...that Goniometer, as to fabricate, assume and in attempt to stabilize a norm or average, when the Mind of a Yogi does not live by these means, nor assertions.

 Here, I leave, off, as it begins to get to deep? I say posturing, and further corralling in order to create the posture is, has and will be done, to create an excepted norm. This norm, average, median if you will, is placed, as construct to bring the brightest down to a dim "roar", and to elevate those who are otherwise, and in all spheres, regions and zones, incapable of Ascension.

 We are forced to go around one another, to pretend there are parameters, laws, where there are none. As the masses awaken to this, there will be violence, never to be settled again, but by brute force. The barbarians would be the victors, if there were not a wizard behind the veil already in the wait. You serve a lower cause, and keep the machine in play, with your struggle to take selfies, and express an opinion that is the same opinion, only seeming at all unique, do to your own recent arrivement at "the fact" third world people, reinvent the Reagan era, and revel in their so called  new found wealth and success, others suffer...the classes shift, and yet those in true power, remain to the the same.~


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