Saturday, December 19, 2015

Inside "The Black Crow Council"~


 I came just in time. The group of 20 some odd "Homeless people" needed a HOMEWARD BOUND, to call order, into action. They were about to be dejected, from City Hall, Sacramento at 11:00pm, when I cam up with the idea "camp in the back, there is no true distinction between Private and Public Property. You see, one can, sleep on the side walk, in Sacramento, the State Capital of California, but one can not sleep on Private Property.

 City Hall...the original Hall for the People of a given City, can not, if otherwise dejected form housing all together, even sleep under a sheltered area...more so, this called private land ownership...then who owns it, the Nation, and more so who owns the Nation? Whey WE The People...therefor it is unconstitutional for a private security force, who enforces only this Masonic Jungle! A Jungle made of Concrete, a Concrete Jungle, where animals of the Jungle can not climb these Concrete Trees.

 Those called Barbarians, often, at least in my case, the one who showed a higher civil understanding, given those, who deceived me, namely my ex-wife, backed by the State (as in the current state of things, and projection, probability, for things to come...IE The State...of the union, or Non-Union).

 The crows cawed at me, they showed me this was the place to be, that indeed, where they were welcome by the many...The Force of the Crow, I too would be welcome...but no more. They, The Crows, sleep on Tree Branches, then micro sleep and fly, to batter off the drippings of cold slow moving water beads, from their oily Feathers. They watch me, and watch out for me. They call out 4, 4 Principles...then I hear distinctly 'Red, Blue, Purple, Green' and in succession. If I speak to them telepathically, they correct me, they have little patience for human err, as do I. The Crows don't like or not like you, that is irrelevant, they see you, report and validate, then watch the trials be succeeded upon or failed. They are much like a Monkey Spirit, they find humor in the oddest of places. Man to them is an unjustified ego, I concur.

 As a One, they moved, when teaching, rather reminding me, what they had already suggested many times.

Self Efficacy 
-4 Principles to solidify Principles in Man; Red (Sacrifice), Blue (Expression), Purple (Wisdom), Green (Community). This can and must be realized intrinsically, as in alone,

 but then...this item that causes to much greed and strife. That is;

You must know these first as Production and Ego. This, The Crows say 'Must be done as a Force, as a unit, or it simply does not spin, the count'


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