Thursday, December 31, 2015

His name is Love~


 The odd fact remains, and haunts me daily. I am the very Son of God, the center of the crux? All signs point to yes, could you ever imagine the realization, or validation. As a collective, we are to actualize this notion, and take it on, a response, but only my awareness seems to be recognized by He, that Ball of Fire, which burns always up in the sky.

 My life, a set up from the start, and those stories told by other Men to God's through the ages, rings a familiar tone. When I speak like this, it becomes unsettling to most, which is why I am a quite type, at least on the surface. Those who have followed me, however, Know my inner voice, for if I did any of the miracles which I do, outwardly, I too, would have surely already, hung upon a cross.

 This is the collective Christ Mind, proven to me, time and again. The acceptance that they, the Masonic influence is God, is not enough, we are Man, and so, the outward expression of God, who is, and has a title as well as a name, and his name is Love~

 This is, what brings about the divine qualities, as the ultimate morphological transition takes place. Love, is that factor, footsteps, to a time and place, that would not otherwise have been. Then too, I make the One I Love into God. So you see, why the prior agenda did urge you to sacrifice the only One who could ever be Love, or worthy of it, Your Son. I Sacrifice, as Anti-Christ, and the full measure of the name, an inept, feckless, team of zealots, our current occupation. But somehow, as I do curse them, all of them, they feel better, even telling me directly, 'all will be O.K.". For, it is non-existence, that the true beasts yearn for, in all their human struggles, no happiness in them, and no peace to yield.~

 Then you may say, and set me back in cause 'then all Son's should be seen as such', and the facts tell a different story, all mimetic's, all cheap knockoffs, all synthetic efforts, in numbers as they struggle to regulate, to get back to the base of Phi, are not the same, and will never be. The actors who shot forth in time, to steal my story, I stand, and lie, superior in form and cause. There were Men, however, historically speaking, who were my mentors, and to them I say I will meet you in Heaven, then we shall dine in Hell, for it is but an adjacent sphere there set about the Sun/Son~

 and so...My Son is thus My Father, and My Father is My Son, when then was I born, truly, I say unto you/thee? Why on the day, he was proclaimed, and I became that lesser Man.~

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