Thursday, December 31, 2015

God is Love, my favorite color? Purity~


 People, as it were, are quite expectant. Entitled, deserving, in a self appreciating manor or virtu.

 I watched the Police come in droves, hailing upon the few homeless left over. Those who have left, for the most part, are the more intelligent of the "species".

 A town of children, who feed on false light. Light, which be echoed forth, as a synthetic emanation of things passed, and things to come, by way, mimetic sequencing. Chaos, Children of Chaos.

 People assume that your feelings, your thoughts, and yes your very disposition and manor, reflect them, as a self abasing statement of ego, a self expression, of the left.

 I can't take Loaves and Fishes anymore, the madness. Just as I can not spend one more solitary night, away from my now grown Son, I hold him as a God, The God, within my very heart, and mind, he is the center to my meditations.

 For those who can not understand this notion, there is no way these, all who I have met, in this day, can understand the concept of God.

 God is Love, and manifests in many forms. 

 Thus Satan is Hate. So those who harm the One You Love, receive, in proportion to your Love...Hate. To mute this, is to mute the self. How then can one proclaim a self, as in the integer, if one has not the means, nor thus, the Golden Mean, from which to stem, a burgeoning forth, so to say?

 Ironic, the movement starting at City Hall, on the 8th December, when I was looking for a place to be. I do not agree wholly with occupy, but somehow I keep getting sucked back in. Just as I do not feel good about giving, however when a fellow comes across my path, and I have, for some reason or another, gotten more than I need to eat, I will share. It seems to be a code, that I can not thus, live out.

 My thoughts are indeed scattered, but clearer than ever. My thoughts, concepts and ideas do overlap, as spheres, they, separate, on in perspective, but always a part, of the whole.

 Walking passed "X" street, I came across that Shriner's Hospital, again.

Image result for picture of shriners hospital sacramento

 There is a large sculpture to the rear, which is not picture on the internet, at least from what I can find. That sculpture depicts cancer survivors, those who made it through, those wanting to enter the "windows", which open as Phi fractals, or probability patterns, and those who are within the matrix, or interem of the network. Occupation, and character are heavily displayed.

 Did you ever ponder on us/U.S. being stuck here, in this "reality", as it were? Then would a quest to save a life, or even more, to prevent to death, until a latter date, not be control over the very flow, an out pour, of life itself. This organization is God, as it controls all aspects of life.

 Try to think around it, but Money is that means, which allows, for cause, and by cause all means. One can not achieve thus, that heavily chalaced Golden Mean, absent the tools, set forth, by way of occupation, or monetary absolute.

 If I am to endeavor, toward, through, any pursuit, I will naturally have to project myself forth, to and through a full time cycle, in order that I may render an end product or result, which is value.

 Those patrons of the Light, are also the regulators of it's offering, to all. That Masonic Stamp, a pyramid, and symbols, locks the user, into a binding agreement, that this Dollar Bill before me, an in my hand, must be used for rightful purpose, and good cause. When I merry the fractal perfection, of say, a Great Temple (Solomon), to the form, and to employ those great Mason's thus, in it's endeavor, I will have projected it's production, application and use, to a higher moral frequency, and how frequently it may be thus used, and by whom (be worthy).

 The Bible is writ, in such a way, as to thwart those who can not understand it's true meaning, from using the knowledge, which it freely gives, whilst using the EPL method. So too the symbols, letters, words and meanings of all things, times and places.

 Those who ask me my favorite color, I say Purity is my favorite color, as it is pure, clear, yet to encompass all Light, as a means, as to speed up, or slow down time itself, as shift comes into play.~

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