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On 'women can do it all on their own, only men will not allow them to'

There is beyond conclusive proof that out of this common ancestry assertion, the same genetic Mito Dna (X/Feminine), was found in two to three residing areas, of sometimes 100 plus miles from the original string or stand (DNA Watson). This means, that the succession or rather regression, of this over population, is, in the root, how population came to be prior to the "Billion Planetary current". It is and always has been amorous and lascivIous Females (IE the sex slave genetic strain), and the overly aggressive string of what some may consider Kane/Cane, that promulgated Humanity.
 Women have no Principles, thus no Morality nor Virtue (these Principles in Action/Motion). These, instead, mimic, with lesser magic(k), IE Witch Craft/Seduction...mimic, steel and borrow all that they are, which is promoted so that society will topple over, upon itself. This is shown in Masonic rituals (Baphomet), The Star Bucks insignia, The Statue of Liberty. It is this false idea of a projected reality, a lie, that we may distance ourselves from the constant awareness of "what this is" and more so "what we are". We are, in essence, always at odds, and meant to be that way, in order that we should produce latent static energies. Part of a Geo matrix, or Spherical Orbital Machine...utilizing just enough self efficacy to be "selfish", however reliant on the Machine, our contained field, so that we may assert our energies, give, yield over in fact, as a mantra...this the Spenglerian cycle, and undulating madness...and the need to birth the concept of God. 'God is a concept, by which we measure...our...PAIN.~
 Further, the Race War. This is precisely why, our makers, also made, in fact, other races that would be at odds, with one another. I believe the proof that we are in fact, of several varied and some synthetic strains or strands of Particulate DNA interbreeding (via test tube/petri dish) on a cosmic scale, in order that we should emit a certain pulse, within the Grand Scale of this celestial matrix, as it were. We are, but collective flora and fauna (of an EM signature pulse), taught to serve the greater good, which in truth be serve our cyclopean hidden masters. For certainly, if we did see them as we have in the passed, we would rebel, and even become driven mad with freight at the spectacle of such a notion.~


The depiction, the illustration shown; She weighs a starved down 115lbs, she diets and uses seduction to acquire jobs she is taking from a logic based male, with her false promise of sex to land the JOB. She wears heals, making it impossible to carry the 115lbs of luggage, which the Man carries for her. She walks ahead, with arrogance, not because she is smarter, stronger, faster, or more well equipped, but because she has used a sort of magick, or sex craft, on this Man behind her. She Farts, craps, bleeds, uninates from her genitals/orifice  showing she is not the depiction of the air brush image, which she benefits from. She is the Spider weaver webs, that the Mason's warn of, to the higher esoteric minded initiates. When she let's it all go, she is hairy, smells of ovulating stench. She lies, steals and is a whore through and through. The only exception be, an undeveloped Female. This, create, to keep us/U.S. at odds, in order that we should be easily detained, controlled. When this does not work, we...are taken off grid, made insane, to show that a force, is indeed "plugged into us", showing further, that she does gain assistance from the force which promotes these false assertions, built into Man's very DNA/RNA coding signals. The Pleasure is thus the Pain...and agitated notion DUKKHA, KAMA

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