Wednesday, December 23, 2015

From within~


 I look down at this Library floor. Someone, as usual jarred me from deep introspection. I was looking at a small bug, very small, so small in fact that it's body could have fit into one of my skin pours on my hand. "It" was drawn to me, a large magnetic force of energy, most likely to large to be able for this small being to register what I was/am or what I am currently doing, a massive rift, a separation, by way of this SISE Model.

 I began to realize, that God must work in this way. Pondering further on the reality that there must be other gods, or rather, other beings that are so massive, in comparison to me/us, that the term God/god's is much more so an assumed notion, a category beyond registry, to large in fact to be housed within a human archive.

 Anything outside our current scope of understanding seems to go under this labeling. I am cursing at God, as this spider may be blurting out needs, at the highest possible pitch it can resonate, yet to me, the entire communication is washed out, into the ether, which is also highly separated by this SISE Model.

 Dimension are this. We fail to look at the Natural World around us. We tend to assume that a Bug/Spider, though it has it's physical crux, a home, in the same physical Universe as us, that it is less important, when in fact, that spider, may be a very rare spider, even to it's kind, it may be that anomaly, that one of a kind, an anointed spider if you will, a messiah to the Bug World, or Kingdom.

 If something has a massive awareness, does it not have a corresponding resonance, which may not be picked up on any formal technology, which we have developed, and I am sure other type 0 and 1 civilizations, who can only create machinery to the best of our/their understanding.

 Both the Messiah, and the Anti-Christ work in this way. Proving in fact, that there is a great potential for any Phenotype/Genotype or Mesotype.

 It has nothing to do with thus education, as education is but the collective agreement of a slowing of the process. Awareness has nothing to do with observable traits, but is in fact of the scale, beyond registry, to the common Man.

 One Man of this kind, that one of not a Billion but one of a kind, must thus handle this rejection by coming to the ultimate conclusion, that he will lay down his life, for he must be the outcast, and for all the rest to survive, he must then take leave. Another will come to the conclusion that to destroy all but who or what he contends to hold valid, is the ultimate truth. Both would be correct, for these have come to the ultimate decision to either perpetuate Man Kind, in all it's sickness, hoping that striving towards his own abilities, will somehow be absorbed into what Man Kind ultimate is, and stands for.

 The other will see, as an observable constant, that the 86%, more so the 11%, and finally the top 3 and 1% are incapable to ever ascend to a higher state of being. More so, if they were to become more, it would surely and purely be only because they were prompted to do so.

 One thus sees his place, within the construct of the machine, as a modulating agent. One sees that he must be that agent which is to cause or create the great purge of information, seeing that this is going not where, and has no ultimate solution nor outcome. These beings, at best, will only be good at taking orders, excepting whatever system may be in play, having no divine or spiritual center, yet pretending to make effort, in order that God or god's may show pity on them for their pre-planned, and assumed ignorance.

 God is a sadistic over lord, if there is truly anything watching our day to day efforts. The truth be, that we are living within a Machine, that only categorizes on the assumption that most, if not all, will be and do the same thing. The collective and possibly unforeseeable awareness effect, breeds cause, for further inspection.

What do I believe?

 Personally I believe that this Machine is utterly fool proof. That it is designed to serve the greater good, yet however to utilize any anomaly which occurs, also as a planned event, in timed sequence, in order to reset this system as a field of substance, form within.

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