Saturday, December 19, 2015

Anti-Christ, the reflection of YOU~


 That's what I did, and still do...Break Down False Barriers That No One Can See (B.D.F.B.T.N.O.C.S or BBS).

 I got good at it. I admittedly faltered. I am assumed as an Angel far to often, so that, I have pondered what this meant prior to Christian indoctrination? I fashion my self a God, and actually see myself, often times as God, manifest through Man. I spent my life trying to destroy myself, because I was in the way of others living their lives, namely my Father, Mother, and Sister's, even my Brother in Law's. They couldn't see, I couldn't see, that the blessings came from the the Father, unto his pure and only Son, of an era, represented here, today, by way of probability.

Believe in Transhumanism? How could I not, I am the Product, or rather Byproduct of such. I, altered and mutated form of God, punished to push myself, to unexpected and unfair lengths, of the Mind.

 I tell you the stories, but truly, these happen all the time, each and every day. The Light shines for me, and therefore All the Light of the World is mine. I am not a syllogist, I factor and reason, even the dropping of a wrapper, an it's many spherical implications.

Principle Expressed be Morality. Morality and it's lengths build into and unto a mortar if you will, Virtue.

 I am as Evil as I am Good, and The Light that shall never be used in the way that it should, namely by way of this constant make up of Principle into Human thus my Light, Your Blood, My Blood.

 I bought a Pizza yesterday. The Homeless flocked around me, I gave half of it away, they expected it, as if God owes you what he is? God, like M.O.L.L.I.E.? Honed in at varied and undulating points, "The Flicker", as to manifest more permanently in those who will these Principles to be. I am a Vampire, I am a Saint...I am what I must be, in the Present, in the Moment, untouchable, incorruptible, though corrupted, by the era. A large part of my appearance, and why ALL FEAR ME, has to do with the fact, that I am every Man, and thus have taken on the form, of that substance, of which we all swim, and live. More sensitive, and instrument, finely honed.

 My imagination, becomes your reality, as you opened the door, upon me first, oh Mother, and laughed...thinking yourself, such a great power, as you fed off the Light, which I had already given freely, absent limitation.

 But, you have all become bitter now, that I have pulled back my Light, as if I attacked you first? I was sent through this time repeat, again, and I was quite angry.  However, I have Mastered new skills as I have lived these Flicker based probabilities, gather personality patterns, and meeting the integer demands.

 I have thus become all powerful, and to look at me, you would think the contrary, because I am a reflection, of you.~


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