Saturday, December 19, 2015

All, to "Justify the Self"~That Final Paradox


 Many Good ideas the leader of the Homeless advocacy voice in Sac said to me. I guess I kept us all sheltered, for a night. That's how this game is played, one night at a time. During the day, there is much giving. The rains make it tough, certainly it is not the first time I have walked wet, cold, and without a specific place to go. The warming shelter, packed, over packed...the system is Broken.

 Two nights prior, a Cop woke me up, told me I had to move, from private land...that's why I start to slumber early, as nights may be quite long indeed, and he said to me "You don't look homeless...I would have never guessed". The truth is I am Homeward Bound, I search for a Home outside and away from the liars, thieves and whores.

 I you have not felt it, I froze true time yesterday. I have not been messing with weather patterns, nor volcanic activity...nor wasting my time on empty shells (Women, vacant people)...but I had to become the Phantom, to learn.

 I see people as like hamster's, with their insides slowly coming out of them, due to what they assume to be gravity, which is a magnetic prison, which forces carbon decay and death upon us. You had better believe, that the matrix, this Death Star exists, and that you are trapped in between the field, your death is a highly profitable business, as too your return to the time repeats.

 There is only one completion rate, only one integer, a pattern. So, the SISE model is that grand manipulation. By way of creating varied spherical limitation, boundaries...yes segregated components, the illusion done also with color shift enhancements, at ANGLES, intensifies the notion. They are then capable of abstracting the little things, to keep the machine going, as it makes great effort also, as do you, to justify itself. 

 One critical err has been reached, when the individual has thus proven itself, as working component, inept, then death be the only choice before it...That Final Paradox.~


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