Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"THIS TRANSENDENTAL NOTION" The One Mind, seeking our True Home, could it be real?


 I have got to say, I am not afraid of shit now, and forever. I do avoid the seldom come "ons", by peeps. tryin' to display a certain challenge, as they do feel this presence. I am however capable of surviving in any situation, now and forever.

 What is Money then, if religion be based around strife, of this quality and nature. The ones chasing their tails, owned by this particular Demon (some assert as Baal)...yet Demons, as titles, don't last, there is far to much competition. So the anti-Christ would be that feared one, who does not cast away the notion, but hails toward inevitable advancement.

 We know that people pray over money. Absent this particular type of strife, what would a church, of any kind be good for? In order, that we may secure some sort, a semblance of order, we must then turn to a set method, a shared and common Principle based algorithm, which may control the masses. This algorithm be a force, this tempo set.

 We draw, we challenge, we as a people agree on things, items, of a certain register/registry, a contract we sign, as straw man, of which we have no idea, of it's benefits, nor consequences...only that we have fed our bellies for a day.

 A shared one mind, thus is that ascended substance, this field, a solution...swimming, within the pleroma, an EM containment field. So too, I know that she has awaited my manifestation, that I may be now heading south, to those parts where I was born, in order that I may ascend those steps, and meet that place where I dreamed the 8 hour dream, as a 9 year old child, who was not stuck, in this life, stuck to a specific and particular life...why I was coupled with such demonic parents, in the first, so that my life would thus be a of controllable nature.

 Ask me if I believe in God?

 I believe God to be anything larger, faster, smarter or infant, we see parent as God. We soon realize that she be far from it. Only a vessel, to keep Man alive, imitate the notion...suspend it.

 Absent society, which be the God we all truly follow, and thus pray to, we are left in a depraved uneducated state of being. It is thus down time, boredom's which we break, the silence, by thinking thinking/imagining/thought/'thothing" our way out of this set and stuck "mind state".

 So truly, most can not, and are thus entirely unable to conceive something so grand as a higher being. The proof is where the mind be, always, fixed on money based solutions. No one but that one, who is willing to hang on a cross, that Pure Son, is even capable of understanding that this machine can be broken, or rather overriden, as the default, a wave pattern, no longer be needed, to dictate those lines, angles of longer a concrete jungle, to call God, or Home.

 Meditate then with me, as I ascend to that Bell, on that flat, over looking the city, a perfect 360degree panoramic view, my Dream, where that Anu told me my entire life, a path to break past the very notions, of left and right....on linear direction, like the testosterone molecule, straight, directed, but never pure beam, an ejection, from original pure source form, we are the life, imitating art.

Meditate then with me, on celestial tide, each day an adventure, as we over write the system NOW.~


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