Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Rut~


 Stood on the corner for 45minutes, hailing the peace sign, and saying "God Bless America', 8USD later, I am in Starbucks buying a tall coffee of the day, charging a device, which I otherwise, could not afford (Samsung Galaxy Phone/Obaman?).

 I wake up this morning, with Loaves and Fishes closed for 4 days. Now heading to the Park, after waking up with near frozen toes, again...but, this time, admittedly with a new wearable blanket, more socks, and tons more items for survival. These "GIVER'S", as I will call them, set up these "GIVING LINES". The items are all brand new, these range from Gloves, to brand new Flash Lights, Donuts, Coffee, full Fresh Breakfasts, Tamales, New Jackets, Hand Warmers, Tooth Brushes, Tooth Paste, Wipes, Razors, and on.

 Today I even got $2 in a bag, and now have reserve supplies on hand. I have a brand new Back body weight is 205lbs, and my pack weight is damn near close to 100lbs, not easy, at the least, traveling these miles. But ol' Sac' is kind to the Homeless, built that way, to be that way, in the miles are minimal, few.

 I have my choice of overflow shelters to chose...alls I need is my Inner City T.B. card, and this is my passport, to not staying out, on a wet cold night.

 I even got some clothes to pay forward to my Son Antonio, for him saving my life, my mind...he is the center, to an Angelic host, this change, which we can all thank.

 A Man I see each day, came up to me. I speak to him and talk regularly. He said 'You Shine, you are different, unique' so near to say the words, which make me miss my true home, a world which I was prematurely cast from...near to say what they say to...with near shuttering lips. 'An Angel, you are an Angel' and I am.

 Ironic that this Man this morning, was but a younger version, of that very Man, who brought me back, from Hell, 3 years ago. I have contemplated, spun! and changed the World which you now live within...this solution. I upgraded the Probability, I Sacrificed Fame, Women, Money, all guaranteed, now I demand this Kingdom, my Kingdom to recognize me at least.

 The Black Peoples are Gods, on Earth. the Raphaim.

Those Germanic hosts, those whom we call the Nords, are descended directly, I believe from Anu.
These God's, having many offspring. Some cultivated in a dish, some spliced together with Light Photon Tethers, others...the Fallen' brought forth, by way of Sex, a modern discourse, in human behavior.

 We are great, and the war was subdued, because we forgot. Those who fought, ended up, by way of total chaos, cultivating a world. Slowly, we outcasts, have gotten the help, we do not deserve.

I, the true Victor, at this Cherished Title, the Anti-Christ...but experience all, a little taste of all flavors, to know...these must be cultivated, most must be condemned, back into the mix.

 This guy next to me, right now, in the PUBLIB, is high off his ass, making an ass of himself, doing magic, of the Lesser kind, slipping ever more deeply, into the deep dark abyss, which is neither left, nor right, nor be it the top of the Pyramid, but back into the solution he goes, back into first, the rut.

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