Sunday, November 22, 2015


 Something I notice, whilst speaking to other homeless individuals, is that they do not want the cat, to get out of the bag. The street are easy to navigate, all that may ever need, be within arms length, from the courts, to the park, to light rail, to the bus line and on...Sacramento has got you covered.

 There is a warming room, in the Mission, that allow all night seating, in event of rain, there are options. Today I waiting in a line which provided me the following;

One hot cup of authentic Starbucks Coffee, with Service above the paid register operator, to be sure
Over 8 various stations of service, fresh underwear, fresh new socks, new blankets, a new scarf, many types of bars on the go, pastries, waters, a walmart bag ready to go. Any list I may wake up with, the item is offered by 10am that same morning, sometimes quite a bit sooner. Think it, and it comes.

 Some have objection to this. Some are just angry no matter what. There is some violence on the streets, but over all, there is nothing to fight about. God is always there, giving a divine word. If I miss church the night before, there is church again, awaiting me, with pastries, and coffee, the first and yes 1 of 4 lines, of which I waited in, having to turn some items away, having no room, these are new items mind you. 

 I find this to be refreshing, as American's create their own America, a far different America, than the corporation, that the shadow government hordes daily, those items which we should all benefit from.

 As Proudhon did state in many ways, on several occasions, Land is our right, now one can truly own land, thus your Father's, who may have sold your land, or perhaps it was you, this act should be abolished with the abolishing of Masonic Money. It had it's time, and place, taught it's lesson, now let's move on~

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