Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Eatin' good in the hood~


 Let me say, I am eatin' good, in the ghetto. There are good people, fine woman, offers to do strange and well just strange things. A girl advanced on me yesterday, three times, and told me point blank to come sit with her, sleep near her...not bad either. A fat weirdo asked me if I wanted to go in his car for a ride...I said no, and he simply said ok and walked away. A drug deal went down right in front of me, I mean they crossed the park, used me as a shield and decided to do a coke deal, right there...then jokingly fisting at me, and saying 'you aint got a problem with this do you?'..."MAN I DIDN'T SEE SHIT!"

 There are hard choices in my mind, as I weigh the so called law, against this functioning city. I see how the good and evil balance, when I pleasure myself, on rare, it always rains, I made it rain today.

 Is this rain a good thing?

 Is life suppose to be, as it is here, now?

Seems a grand mistake, and yet, the sex keeps it all going, all the good things, like food, family and more...yes inspiration for technology stem from this.

 Finally figure out the symbols of those Mason, more in depth anyways. That rhetorical compass, being of that womanly rhetoric, whilst the square can thus make new realms, yet to perpetuate them? That is of a different cause, or, nature.

 I am deep, I deeply think on even items which seem frivolous, at first sight.

 So it rained today. I applied for another job, outside my scope of ease? I tap into resources now quickly and integrate, make friends, and in such a sort time have a new smart phone, medical insurance, a solid fit weight of 205, and have been training off of what I have available to me, in the city.

 I did pull-ups off the scaffolds of the library. I did single leg squats off the bench at city hall. Further I did my single arm push-ups, side bridges with kicks, leg lifts and many other items of interest/exercises at the Park, near by. \

Never a dull moment, no Sir. I slept where most homeless people have abandoned. Most likely on account of the weird dreams I have been having, was I loud? Did I bombard their visual scope?

 Those who mess with me, lose their grip fast. I use my powers, tethered to another source, of which I am never certain...lately, more and more, I think that Satan and God really are one. It makes sense. The sex, the lust, the passion, the balancing of these to the giving, the support, the trust...in short a margin.

 Seems we have all, stretched out this margin quite wide, these days.


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