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CERN SATURN RABBIT HOLE OMFG!! Bell-Saturn / Saturn Accelerator??


Proof! Spiral Seen over Australia When CERN Was Tested!


Urgent - Insight into CERN's Time Machine


The Sith/Jew Martian Overlord's


God's chosen people meaning, chosen to sacrifice, by their elite, like the Reptiles the Jews do worship, as Overlord's, God' get stuff, and gain favor, now commonly known as modern society, the power play.

There is a balance of that Power, in the Powers entirety, as to use those same methods of Rule, whether be Light or Dark, by way of intention. Most people, are cads, using sex Magick, that very agitated fall of Babylon in fact. The energy ties back to a source, which feeds from the initiate of such Sex Magick worship, hence that worship of death, karma, a contract of sorts, pump by pump, step by step, which ultimately lands the initiate, of such base methods, in a home, car, and influence, that step by step, took them to another dimension...this is Hell. For when the beauty fades, which it has, and persuasion fails, the hag is now nothing but a witch, who must continue the sacrifices, by spoken word and spell, Principle is the only way to fight this craft, for it be superior...the Purity. Yet do not forget, that you are still alive, and living in this much, posing as substance, for it is all around you. This will all end very soon, as these Alien Overlord's have acquisitioned nearly to their fill, and must slither their way, to that point from which they came. There will thus be a division, when the illusion be pulled away, this is what people are witnessing, as the paradigm shift, that dimensional tear. For, the fabric is of a different cloth, entirely. Sex Magick, thus becomes foreign to the one who be supported by way of Purity.

Purity is the Holy Spirit, that direct link between God and Man, there are impostor spirits, many, as the frenzy of impure witches, as when these were alive, only want more and more, the sex, the pleasure the items, the title. The world is currently run by way of these Summer worship Pagan ideals. death sacrifices for the power of pleasure. That split is beginning tonight as we speak.

 Only with the advent of "technology", does law arrive. All schools are the school of law, here, now. Law is the governing, Lording, over other Men, for that possibility of trade. Trade is wanting what you do not manifest of your own God given Will. Since food and shelter, be all we truly need, trade is either a franchise to gain these God given items, free to possess for all Men, or it be the want of items, which are not needed, the Jewish Hording, greed, ushered forth this exploitation. Since the majority of Jew suffer, and the few rule, we can only conclude that the Jew first did this to their own. We idolize the Evil Jewish Cabal, with our worship of celebrity. The Jew is the very embodiment of Baphomet, that which speak from his ass, and shows a false face. All religions and orders tie directly back to the Jewish Cabal. This night, the world bank has taken over the world, casting an anti-principle spell over the world. When they refer to the dark ages, it is actually that light, which they do not see, nor crave. The Jew, is that alien invader from Mars, who was the very cause, to that fall of Atlantis. The Book of Law, is the Book of the Jew. Hence the Jewish Plato Machine. Shatter the world, shatter the law. Brake the Law, Brake the Bank, Brake the Jewish Plato Machine. When you reverse the meaning to what be stated as law for the masses, you clearly see the way of the Elite, the Elites very book, which we do not see. The answers are all around you, but fragmented, as the law. There is no law, and you are not bound to the law, only by way of trade. The Elite are thieves, who feed off of you. Shut down Money and want, shut down the system and the order, that easy. It is the need of community, and title which drives the human female to indoctrinate their family into this, with craft. She could not walk a mile, as to carry Principle on her very back. She will always turn to Sodomy, thus turn toward that very rate coding signal response, frozen in salt/action/sodium repolarization/depolarization (hence the Q wave pattern of our very hearts, what makes us tick)...that is opposing, life death being, all physical based life as we know it to be. Change the governing mind, instantly shift the reality and order of those Fermion and anti-fermion, where the energy be culminate in the body, as that smaller representation...this is a vote, living as you are. I can only imagine the world, and the transforming instant shift, a change, if Purity were to be known as the Most valued and worshipped presence. The Holy Spirit would be present at all times, there would be nothing we could not do.

Tonight, the World be shattered, like a porcelain cup, the united states shall fall to peaces, in months, with it, a planetary shift, unexpected, as the Universe itself, collapses into singularity, the loop must end as well. Money must become utterly unimportant, want must be set to rest at last. It was the community which destroyed the individual. Only in opposition does a community Will to be good. There should only be One Person, One God, and One force between God and Man. When you govern Principles, you become this One, for we all come from One common ancestor. God, the Holy Spirit and Man. Before the fall, all was sufficient, as materia prima, when dark and light, matter and anti-matter could not be separate. The Jew is to blame, and is that blame of all modern dilemma, for we do not have to be told of God, yet only after compromise, the corruption. The Jew destroys this purity in all Men, for he can not ascend. The Jew reveals how the Bible be written largely in reverse. For the Jew is God chosen to suffer, for his destruction of God's Pure and Perfect creation of Exist, without need. The Jew, as womb-man, is never happy, what be happening now, is that final corruption of all Men, so that Men will chose their own god's, those who rule, absent of purity, with only the Will to Rule. Go ahead and disprove this, by looking into what the greatest Men in History have repeated for the long, in their steadfast knowing that the Jew is evil in his and her very make, for this is where all craft stems. Babylon only revealed the repossession of the power which the Jew unleashed upon creation. Babylon was the Jews punishment, to have done to them what they did unto all creation, within the sphere. Those who call themselves Jews and do not agree are thus not practicing Jews. they are thus front Men, or Future Sacrifices, by and for their own people. Kill the head of this Cabal, focus on Principle in all aspects of Life and Existence, and the Giant will have finally been slain, all else is brainwash, all else is propaganda.

Infinitum Secretiore, to the infintite division

Does anybody really now will to demonize the destruction of this evil a prior. Will you simply look at the obvious, when you see a person dead, and not realize that person, would have sought his whole life or has, to destroy Principle. Through the eyes of Principle, that protection of Purity, ONLY does anything gain that true perceptive of balance. I can not escape the sin, I live in a suit designed for it. We live in a Jewish Hell, where Cabal Elite are our Lord's and Master's. I will not cover up or lie about this, or anything I do, for it would be as to cover up, the Jews very abusive, machinated, misdeeds upon me. I am flawed solely and specifically due to The Jew's tampering, and endless indoctrination. I feel that Hitler was of the Line of the Elite Jew, his mission was to Sacrifice those Many Jewish Son's, in order to affirm a strangle hold on the Solar system, for there are many planets here with active life, do not believe what you hear, read, see or think you know. This tying into a galactic rule, we are thus part of that dark side, where the very Jewish Sith, to Rule, the earth, a part of the anti-matter matrix. of galactic rule. This has always been a mind war, a spiritual based war, do not be fooled any longer.

The Bible is all Jew based literature condensed into a Junior Manuel. There are good points, yet the main point be, that you are inherently bad or evil, and thus must pray to the Jewish God, which there are many, for forgiveness, while your sins originated from the Jew originally. Again those who do not practice, yet call themselves Jews, which are most, have not taken the religion to those ascending degrees, they are not developed. When you do develop, whether Jew or not. you will be known, and the destruction of you family, mind and way of life, will instantly be threatened, until you are force to either die as martyr or sacrifice others. Thus Paganism, is Judaism, and these stem from far more ancient political spiritual system, which I do not discus often, but is without a doubt conclusively reptilian and Gnostic, though an ancient version of this, which is far to hidden current to even truly piece together. I drew on those indoctrination mind control experiences, to see into the past, and I have. We, of warm blood, cringe when in the presence of the true Black Green Anti-Matter Argon power, of the Satanic Pentagram, which be the very display of that higher degree of disagreement, and thus opposition to lesser forces, insisting supremacy over you, we all live in this current field and it is no longer capable of being of facade. Dark and Light are separating, at an ever increasing rate. Will what you are driven to be, this blog lays out clearly what those states and stages be.  


Shatter the World



 Let me as you a question, for a change. Do you think that a relatively unintelligent person (put that label on hold) verses someone considered highly intelligent person's God, is the same God?

The answer

Hell No, literally

So let me explain first what an angel be. An angel is an enlightened person/being, able to solve their own personal equation, a life. If you are born a mathematical thinker, then your primary goal should be to first solve the  Schrodinger Equation. If you are a Philosopher you will solve the great Mystery of Principle and what is true for all Men. When you combine these, you are combining the heart and head, and something amazing happens, you become a part, of that next larger, governing sphere of thought, You, are being tested by those of your like. Energy can not be destroyed, thus why would it sweep away suddenly to another sphere or zone, it doesn't, everything is happening here, it is why the dead will rise from the grave, upon the return of this great mind, comprised of what I tell you now.

  1. The Schrödinger equation is the fundamental equation of physics for describing quantum mechanical behavior. It is also often called the Schrödinger waveequation, and is a partial differential equationthat describes how the wave function of a physical system evolves over time.
  2. *Then solve the existence of God (or Uber Gott). So to see, that you must be part of the inevitable observer, which makes your observation of the all, your arrivement that you are both God, and not having ever existed. In other words, figure out the equation of all, and there be one probability left out, you and God, for there is no observer to factually state that you exist, without being observed by one, running the same equation on you...follow? The chain connects each living form, to create a matrix, or substance, but also that combined, unified, projection of Mind. You are a quantum particle, and the statement that other Particles exist, cause you to become a mimic, yet if the energy transferred, as consciousness (Like the new NBA pyramid tactical sequence) as the reactive mind, following either Principle or anti-principles based reactiveness...all is the same. There is no individuality, we are a singularity removed, and thus state ourselves as God, mistakenly, and not the all, as God, or Uber Gott, follow?
So I just solved a math equation, with Philosophy, the most important in fact. When the two however can be combined, like Gottlob (prior article).

The stupid person is merely that person who has no been awakened to this knowledge. They have not been made aware of the four sphere, which all basic Men must be construct. This is what sharpens and hones the very light rays of their like towards a receiver, that greater portion of masses as a whole. It becomes thus essential, as to weed out those lesser enlightened being, from being deemed a messiah, or Alpha of Enlightenment. 

If I point at any object, and ask 10 people what they object be, in detail each will have a slightly different explanation. I then take all 10 statements, and hand this is whole, to each person. I will leave them for an 10-15 min, to investigate anything they may have missed, and to incorporate the new knowledge of those other 9. If I go through this same process, over and over again, the information will reach a state of critical mass, so to speak. These people are now professionals in what ever I have laid before them, by the combination of combined bit knowledge, it's valid application, yet first, and continuous, those probabilities which emerge from momentive force. 

 The industrialist, or truly, capitalist, will take this one step further, and invite competition into a group setting, this is that point, when the ego has been commandeered, by those machinating minds, which serve only the expiration of life, the death cycle, this be anti-matter. I may have misspoken when discussing photons in prior writing, leaving absent those descriptors of Protons and Electrons (also sub-particles such as Lepton), as those bizarre information flickers, of exist. 

A person will have negated themselves, if within a sphere, and another presence, a near carbon copy intellectually, has surpassed them. There will seem to be a quantum tug of war, a test if you will, for the domination, or even secondary role. The Bible, in large part, is writ in this way, as to give you that opposing information. You see the Bible is written in many ways, one of those ways, is to reverse all proverb and parable, as to see, the left path, which balances out the center point.

We represent the stars, and the very basis for out own existed, manifest, in physical form. There are 4 stages the mind can reside. One is the center of the Body, which includes the reproductive organs. Be ruled by this, and you will not ascend. However learn true wisdom by way of this sign, or sin point, and you now have that knowledge, which fractals out, to the next level, The solar plexus, which include the heart. This becomes that right hand path, what woman think they feel, where in fact, they think with the heart/head (an abstract combination void of original arrivement) and feel with, as succubus with the loins, they are inverted, and engineered as such. The head is the 3rd point, and becomes the literal center point of energy spin. One can Physically create these astounding mile stones, with EPL meditation, I will be writing a book, edited, on how I learned these things, as I had to experience other worldly event, which impact my own arrivement. The 4th be that perspective of mind in motion, when the prior 3 be in perfect accruence, of balance, the pervading mind.

 There is a 5th, which represents the Pentagram rule, which you will be test for, when they unleash the hounds on you, quite a frightening event. This is the mark, which means to keep it's front line solid, all of exist that we experience here, be based on this barricade. Yet the door must be kept open a crack. There is a 6th and thus a 7th, and an 8th...which is the harmony of those 8 points of the EPL spheres, in balance, spinning, and full of there action potential. This is the freedom which can destroy a spherical realm or uplift it, all depends on the quantum events which take place once this singularity has been reached, there is no longer a veil or separation. 

All knowledge be those points of degree, with a rhetoric or return, until a unified wisdom be surpassed, which becomes common to all. What we think instantly manifests, yet, it simply be that validating point, which states that right or left path, shown in the majority of matter or anti-matter, that EPL 61.8%. 

Something amazing happens, the spiritual world suddenly becomes quite valid and real, in that, this great mind must project total purity through will, like an intense other worldly beam or ray of pure light and will, be cast upon the probable embodiment, God and Angels become quite real, as source and force.  

The spheres represent literal dimensional eras as well. The energy transfers exactly as the EPL principles state, when in that balanced place, and not the Physical center for, there is also a mechanical world of Hip, Knee and Ankle (which are not as common as the torso do you understand). It is seen as a math based process again, where that decimal point be drawn at the loins, that place, or point between common Spiritual Center, and Physical Center, two parties could be inhabiting the same space/zone/emanation of center, yet be of two entirely opposing minds, thus to have, and opposing physical and spiritual North, follow?

Jesus was not without witness, that is, he was great in comparison, degree, to another, which is Purity. Hitler could not have ruled, absent those to rule. Change one aspect of the self, and the self's projection, and you alter the potential or probable outcome, which does not exist. Do you see, that there is no arriving point, that there is no end? One only asserts to ascend, or descend, perspective, based on the awareness that they are indeed now seen as stuck in a loop, further, that there must exist then a probability of a way out, for how could one have the sensation of being stuck, if there not be a graduating sphere, of it's like, represented in perfect Phi order, outside of this

I see Angels all day, they fly in front of me, they are only seen briefly, but are quite beautiful. Where ever they go, they spread a sense of joy and light, aiding my hurt and anger, which boils at me from the inside, injustice. All the Universe compressed this act. My whole life pressed to the limit, as second class citizen, never to escape it, yet only in the very resurrection from further pain, to spark the agony of growth. Yet there, absent of you, an unthinking feckless lump, as to assume they share your seat, therefore you plight?

 This is enlightenment. I am often, yet not to late, spoken to by such Men, who I have named, seen by the larger yet smaller scope/view as evil Men. Yet these Men, expressed themselves, and their realization, the same as I, yet in different time sequence or era, which I have only loosely named. 

When people finally see, that most of what I say actually be true, it will be a hard blow, most will simply not except it, and it is better to prepare now. There will at first be evidence that Jesus was a Mason invention, of brilliance. Then, to arrive at the fact that Jesus was in fact a real person, that one who ignited the spheres, with Purity again. So we are, as said, now in the 3rd era of 987 year macro cycles, either Expression/Wisdom. The people are the New rulers, so the Elite are trying to figure out how to contain this very volatile mix, no different then the massive task, of handling and storing 1 gram of anti-matter. 

All perpetuated living beings, must have the flow through, to exist, else they wither up and die, in the science lab. So, perhaps we never left? So is the term anti-Christ truly only simply be  that messiah of that new opposing era or sphere?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


 The belief in God and Devil, is that belief in a higher mind, a higher reason, that higher cause. "This can't be all?" But yet, for us it is. We live, under the gun, those who don't, find themselves facinating, themselves privilaged, and prove to most, that God does not exist. For, how can a God, allow so much injustice, even to have created such an avenue. Then, to leave those who should simply ascend, the moment of their very birth, yet to allow the total destruction of the best people, in the most hanious ways.
 At every turn, injustice, and more, a force notion, that the only justice, be to place you faith, in a system that was created to corrupt and destroy, in a capitalistic seasick revolution. This is not impressive to me, not one bit of it. Those who can ignorantly look out into the sea, and not see, a chasm of mutilated earth, being brilliantly washed about, are ignorant. To see beauty is to project it onto a blank screen, that simply does not argue back. How many seductions does it take, for it all to brake, fall apart? Not one womb-man should be free, to work her witchcraft, weak, manipulative and aspiring all, to be worshipped by Man. For, Man be the only one, ignorant enough, by way his engineering, to find value in such a hallow shell. The earth, the moon, the sea are truly ugly and impure reminders of that projection. That something could be so void of true esthetic beauty, yet due to ones own boast, own denial that this is it, that life is a short and miserable burst, where those polliwogs ignorant enough to only feel a mistaken vibrace, as life leaks away from one and all, desperately trying to cling to something

"It takes 2"~


  1. ir·ra·tion·al
    1. 1.
      not logical or reasonable.
    2. 2.
      (of a number, quantity, or expression) not expressible as a ratio of two integers, and having an infinite and nonrecurring expansion when expressed as a decimal. Examples of irrational numbers are the number π and the square root of 2.
    1. 1.
      an irrational number.
    plural noun: integers
    1. 1.
      a whole number; a number that is not a fraction.
    2. 2.
      a thing complete in itself.
To the intellectual, which is that one which be alive
God & Jesus are irrational, to heavy to carry outside the scope of theosophic metaphor, hence the Parable
Then too, Satan and Anti-Christ

There is only Principle that be tangible, applicable, as a means, to make right, the self, to make right the nations, our projection, is/in what we create

We are the mind. What we think becomes
Enable each other, always, and the will be done

Gotta work together, or the whole thing will fail
Here is that clear sphere, Here the crystal ball
In the right hand, under the right projection, life one and all

But this has all happened before, the rhetoric, the mind has been hacked, only to isolate U.S. outside even the fiery prison gates, where we stood a chance to learn, this, however, be non-exist.

Be well and the world will be well, that means work together, for that common cause, of Principle means, that's all~

Over Population, a suspended illusion~


 Absent anti-principle, there would be no over population, for it goes against all Principle code. We populate based on false comfort, thus children born from those realities, which do not exist, for the same events if unclothed, would not have taken place. This absent of any contrast of clothed or unclothed, in other words, the ignorance of apron/concealment.

 Yet we barter, to live in the illusion, for one more generation, then we will gradually, go back to our Principle ways. The thing about Principles is they don't change, so now, technology, as spiritual force, wills to change us, this we call only today, illumination. Soon, humanity will not even exist. Do you think God will come from the clouds, or simply, that those who Lord over us, are anticipating this recurring event, as it laps time and again..we always have the chance to learn, develop, change.

 That pretty girl you love so much, if exposed for who she truly is, absent the makeup, the hair spray, the clothing, would not appeal to you for long. You would see the barbaric aspect of life, fully emerge, as wild untamed rawness of experience left only the murderer crawling or standing. The concepts we play with, can only be manifested, in a place called sin, after we have covered up. So ignorance to ourselves, is never something we can attain again, or is it? Should we not be raising our children in such honesty, as to cultivate their natural ways, shameless? Do we not run naked as babes and toddlers, until it is deemed no longer acceptable to do so? Hard to say, it is this clothing, which was that first technology of concealment, and continues on today.

 Yet his only implies a certain level of awareness. For if we gain total amnesia this instant, there would be concealing anything at all. So we see that the tree of knowledge be awareness, that connected suspended moment, which kills us off, in time. One would use the argument, that one should thus become ignorant of being clothed, and thus lose their shame, but it was source of force, which introduced the idea/ideal/concept, of covering. Those who are thus deeming themselves liberated, are thus entitled. Clothing is used thus as a means to entitlement, as is the covering of a flag, false, as to represent nothing but a principality, as with clothing. So one could say these forces of false knowledge infect the substance of sphere. The individual thus stands alone naked, ridiculed, abused and ostracized, Jesus is this GOD OF LIBERATION, shameless and naked, before the hoards who demand him to be shameful. Those who call themselves Christian's are not appealing to this purity factor, but are in piety, those who place themselves, with the technology to shame others are in fact claiming all can not be pure. If we were not indoctrinated into sin, we would not thus know what it was. So it is the idea of sin, void of Principle, that pollutes, that's all.

 I can toot my own horn, yet somehow enjoy being looked passed, as I fully understand that celebrity be but the tortured soul, always at the chopping block. This is the very driving force all around you, so thick, that it be the very substance of what was, is and thus wills to become.

 At any moment, I could relent, and I tell the secret now, a paradoxical code. If you want to end you suffering, it's height, or (critical mass EPL) be in direct proportion, to how greatly you have built yourself up, thus to destroy (chaos), is to release (energy)...then to provide a system, relevant and in direct, equal or superior proportion, to this pain releasing discovery, the awakening. Yet this is not the answer, only that buildup to, such madness, of awakening. If you want, to end the pain, at any time, then place that pain, onto someone else, now you are fully vested in that common event, ruled by the unseen force, the pentagram is your contract to this release.

Nations are ruled by this notion

 If you want others to stop suffering, then you will, in your last heroic act, take on their pain, as simple as energy transfer. The liberated soul, can only be as such, in the proportion of total release of this pleasure/pain system at all. We hurl around terms such as God and Devil, yet never to understand this describes life, and it's interesting quality, in/a contrast. Uber Gott, is thus this force combined along with all other forces known and unknown, which transcend this right, left struggle, that is that permeating mind.

 You will then be lawless, understanding that law be based on a false self subject to contrast a false society. The brain and heart create this mind. Tools are thus neutral, that are not subject to Purity or Impurity. Yet what do you know, that is not effected as such? All is either Pure or Impure, even water, even a crystal. We in fact base a tools value on this level of Purity. So what is your value, if you have sacrificed this purity?

 To stand and murder the oppressors, be only subject to your reasoning as to why. Many suffer, so that the Elite can eat eggs Benedict, and sip on the purest form of coffee, brewed with the purest water, while reading the news paper, of that very aftermath, due from their impure deeds. They would stand calm, insulted, if you were to come at them in murderous rage, yet to save a community of millions, so that they could drink pure water, and eat a sustaining meal. Yet we suffer, because we live in a reality that the Elite have assisted, as those physical architects to create the reality in which you now live. You have yet to make them suffer, to end the chain, it is undeniable, in the reality which they have weaved. Cut off the dragons head, rule, and thus enforce the principles.

 Yet in Masses, Principles do not work, for Principles restore order. So that you may see what appears to be a simple republic of peoples, unattractive to the polluted eyes, and senses of the masses. The force would yet emerged again, and whisper in that lowly peasants ear, I am sure how the Rothschild's had begone, and all those who seek power and domination, absent of the one mind, as the pure reason for it all, no more. We would wear clothing, that is functional, and does not allude to impurity. We would not pollute our environment, and think about the production and breakdown of such things. Each item built, be known fully, for it's spiritual existence and thus effect, on the greater mind. The thing to change it all, is to get control the what is called the Merkabah, which I call the One Mind in Motion, the matrix.

 The fact that most people do not have Principle within them, how many do you know, perhaps everyone, would die away, in an the very switch. No more ideals of progressing beyond your family, friend and neighbors to drive you, in silent competition. The most efficient way to fight and win, is to not fight at all, but simply become the solution, that purified form.

 So again, the concept of Jesus emerges, as the pure and perfect Son. It does not matter if he exists or existed, that is, to be a lie, for it does not make sense on any level. I will acknowledge however that I will a Man's like this existence, that I believe it can be. Yet under the construct of who and what I am and know, as polluted member of an impure society, it is irrational, to waste time/energy on the notion, I have not model to actualize his existence to, not even me, until these Principles are followed, to thus, transform.

 Without the global system, in play, once guard is dropped, those impure would attack again. So we see the preservation of purity, becomes not a violence free system.

 Yet, I urge you to try something, picture the simple truth, for a moment. In that, all is false. Go ahead then, and remove the very clothing of all you see in society, working jobs, bending, stretching, farting, pissing...picture society not unlike those many deer, running in a field, as part of the one mind matrix, and free, avoiding you. You will soon realize, that it is concealment, that causes Man and womb-man, to exist and thus judge one another on a false scale. It is concealment, that is technology, which gives others advantage, as in the suit, wallet, phone, and concealed weapon. In this society, the power lies in the ability to conceal.

 When we combine this fact, with what I previously stated, it become evident that to conceal and afflict maximum pain, is what capitalism, thus rule, be based upon, as law.

 Yet, when I look at all things not human, nothing works this way. everything is revealed, but only in vision, to obstruct the frame. I then move to see what is behind this. Law works in this way, that it should be so complex, at least to me, that I simply I not interested in reading is non-sense, yet it becomes essential, to keep our freedoms, strip away the concealment of such freedom, see the truth.

 Freedom be found thus absent of concealment, in total openness and revealment, healing, Principle above law.

 Advantage be found when concealment, induced pain, and law, be enforced with violent means, this is how you rule today, if you are so interested. If this comes natural to you, then I fear there is little hope, you will stand a chance to ever be more, and are most likely not reading this now anyways.

 It is thus that one, who can live knowing, that they must keep inflicting pain onto others, in order, that they should *experience, pleasure on their own. One would have to see themselves as superior, and not Principle, as such. The ignorance of such people, would be embarrassing, if it were not totally common today. People are thus dangerous, and will naturally reduce in numbers. The naked reality of today, should be likened, to 7 billions wolves, each in separate packs, battling against one another at all times. Population isn't the issue, it is the population of what? ~

 So what is clothing, but colored drapery, an illusion. Yet we place the spiritual clothing on as well, as a false armor. The Satanic rituals state the beast, who exploits this factor, shameless but to see your shame, as beast, who is aware. So we tune down our awareness, to those things totally within our control. It is thus a vestment, to cloth yourself, it is homage to what is to drive a car, it is slavery to work a job, it is worship to live in this system. The rituals are placed around us, with the shame, to thus state, we do not believe in God, so should God believe in you? That is, a higher God, than this one who pronounces our own shame? We would quite simply have to work towards being what and who we already are, and we would need the assistance of a Pure celestial being, who places will to aid us, in order to invite this Holy Spirit, as presents and not mere visitor, in a hostile purity hating savage tribe, we esteem to call community.

 The community would thus be small. A Man would be not unlike a pillar a temple, and one could us the argument that tribes today, which live this way, and quickly are not, are of this first pure mind. yet they are more like devils, in that, law, and code, and spirit forms, are there science, to be a step closer, is not to be correct. So to cause total easement, the dress smocks and robes, be favorable, as solution to all dilemmas proposed, with sandals which support the foot, and not cause further issues in that breakdown, with respect to our own bio mechanics. So everything must follow a pattern, a code, that is not debatable, but follows it's course, prior to application, to an isolated human based issue. In other words, we never being with, "how do we keep this, and make it pure", but rather "what processes are indeed Pure and follow Principle on through.~

The Paradox of Pain~


"Nephilim" Stellar Mass 1/2 done work 2015

 "It is not that God and Satan do not exist, but that these are gods pulled to Lord over that main sect, of forcebot driven humanity, in Abrahamic tradition."

While the struggle between dark and light, good and evil, take place within rules zones of spheres, there are greater and more exclusive events that take place, with those who have realized, perpetuate, thus to become a part of a greater force or understanding. Some, most, struggle against this Principality, as they demand freedom, in an exclusive member only club, or organization.

This becomes a statement, the rebellion, towards those who have ascended above this limited mind. The pleasure is undeniable. The cults, which arise, are planned, one and all. Those who through a particular belief system around, claiming affiliation, yet not understanding it's origins, will ultimately be defaulted into a "sacrificial system or belief".

The argument of God, in existence, keeps a certain type of person, of a certain mind "set" (as in the god, don't be fooled by lexicon, it is very planned). Thus for most who adopt an ideal or idea of Christianity, do so with an indoctrination of "what this sentence, parable or passage/message" may mean. When this is done, the omnipotent mind, which be free to all, for each individuals development, to affiliate to a larger group or energy force, which dominates. We are thus a single soul, the spirit is a far lesser, more localized event (a tree, a witch). It is thus more yielding, to the larger majority, which rules, to not waste time, which be actually effort, or impact to event, in timeless space, with those who are predispose, as mart of a weave/web or lower/carbon/physical dimensional based spirit form. The spirit of an event (Football, Church), is something we are told (indoctrinated with), and thus to join a simple rally, that seems fun, you are now a part of the frenzy.

I higher, more intellectually based affiliation is thus in order. These "orders" have been around since the dawn of time, what ever that is? Simply stated, as Time is again, bent light, traveling about a sphere or affiliation of it's own, so is but a fabric, to the will or purity, depending on what the sphere be made up of, or filled in with, the very substance. It all seems quite simple, when I explain it, and I seem to have a total grasp on it, even when I use fill in placements myself, for that which I do not excel in, but should and will to know.

When  this higher level mind force is thus entered into, by the natural, they can come and go as they please. Yet, there are no rewards for the understanding, or rather, there has been no barter of the accomplishments value, because the natural observer, is now looking onto that next level, or phase, or at the greater sphere, and is thus not bound to formula. Many do not realize when they have used anthers franchised information, as this information or knowledge, has taken the form of illusion, but is in fact indoctrination of a specific corporate in incorporated as in affiliated franchise system, which ties as ritual to the source, IE what the brand, product or system came from, and was intended for.

We begin to see the frustration instantly with physical life, in that absent of over eating, sexual pleasuring, entertainment, boast of superior methods or means, thus to be absent the statement "I am" as in, I am god, the world become a boring place. Most however are incapable to ascend to this higher level of awareness, as they are but spirit forms of those 3 divisions.

God's are not liked in society, not true god's. Those who call themselves god's or use the term, as an ascension, are in fact overtaken, or forcebot run, by malevolent spirit beings, who, out of jealousy, killed those Kings, and Rulers. Capitalism, is thus, a celebration of the destruction of those god's. Jesus hanging on the Cross, I see, from my many studies, is a warning, as to not shine brightly, if you indeed hold affiliated, to this religious affiliation as source of higher transcended force.

I often think "what are these people reading this for?", if you have read, then you are indoctrinated by my superior concepts. These places of achievement, took place, due to spiritual victory, over having to chose, not one side nor the other, but to see the long standing futility, of this multi-dimensional civil unrest. Stories of old, just as seeming fresh stories, are the same stories, and the same forces. There was, I am inclined to believe, a fall, very long ago, which the Bible discloses, in large part anyway, as to an event so impacting, that the repeat, of such, as a rippling effect, shaped space/time, as we know it.

 There is a polarity shift occurring, everyone knows it. However upon further review, this has created a spiritual and universal friction if you will, that has force an awakening/expansion/higher level demand of affiliation. I was never happy, always under attack, but had excepted there were certain things I would avoid, not unlock. The quadrants of understanding were set upon me, and thus I was force to ascend. There are spiritual leaders awakened now, in that, they are leading that newer and higher from of perception of what ascension means, on an ever larger scale or degree.

 The rationality of God, as said, is irrelevant, in that I needed be pressed to discount, not affirm God's existence, else this would be the most pressing thing, Man quests towards. It may seem that we are doing this, that is battling this concept out, but the truth be, that we are battling a preconstucted game, if you will, of this indoctrination IE the whole thing was orchestrated, and was someone Else's idea or ideal. For one to thus jump to, I hate God, does not see, that we have only been told, to believe, that God is suppose to be responsible, for aspects of our lives, inner thoughts and actions, which are mundane and expected in those actions of undeveloped beings. Once we assert towards our ascension, to this higher mind, we then see that we are believed in, thus we too, can believe. This reveals more and more the intellectual thirst and direction of the initiate. The term initiate thus be simply that once, who ventures forth, towards that place beyond life and corporeal death, then that place where one is but a part of that greater but very small and isolated spiritual force, as sphere or earth. One thus ascends towards a higher service, through that struggle of multiple perspective, and thus more and more, reveals their own inner workings or a  more pronounces scale/degree. We are now, nearly exclusively a part of one of those main energy segments of force, which we see manifest, in our interpretation of our own perspective or reaction, toward events, their meaning, as well as impact (Masteller Impact Force). We are now thinking exclusively in Mathematical or Philosophic terms or both, which apply directly towards understanding these Principalities, as a massive entity force rule or what is.

The EPL Principles free one from the bog of getting sucked down into mere Principalities, or those which called themselves Principles, only to set up a sort of rule or democracy or autocracy, yet where one aspect of the total substance has been changed, thus all which pertain to these 3 dimensions, are thus existing, a matrix, within a certain color, frequency, light spectrum and spherical representation, truly a projection of this mind.

 The Pentagram is what is, because it be offered to the Americanized public, as 5 points of rule, where the ego of this autocracy is hailed. This energy locks the people into a very small intellectual affiliation of arrivement.

Pain is undeniably the greatest, and only teacher. The truth of why we like sex, has to do with a death excitement. The pain of friction, of wanting but not wanting, of pulse and stretch the towards other natural phenomenon, where if continued, two forms of flesh would invariably consume one another. The female does not stop after the act has been done. She as witch as an earth spirit form, is succubus. She will feed off the living, as she is named as that daughter who learned to weave, webs, wrapping Man, in the matrix of false franchised space/time, a spiders web, if you will. He has been caught, as to validate, that which was never truly an event of impact or importance, she piggybacks on Man's will to learn all ways, only perverted by her sense of sustaining a community, which justifies her theft, as now represented as the teeter totter between good deeds, yet to play both sides. She was created for such a purpose, for she is he, in lesser secondary form, man incarnate within this Faustian perpetuated mental mind set, of limitation and far lesser degrees, hence the Pentagram does not signify womb-mans ability or number but the force or spirit she serves, in order, that she may receive pleasure and validation of existence, when she does not, in the grand field, where energy of Pure form, rules the celestial heavens.

All this is meant to distract you, from your true mission, NOT, to pronounce that you are God, which be also irrational, but to know that Rule or destruction be eminent. This, if used in carnal existence only, would be Marxist, but with Purity, becomes the factor of separation from such ideology, of autocratic means, the fascist.

I am, however, impressed, at what Man knows, what he reveals, and how the laws are laid out for all to understand, now only to gain the vision, to understand. We pray truly to see, be able to have the skill set to understand, our level of consciousness or awareness be essential to our experience. We are thus always praying for more power, yet to pray for the Principle, that be delivering this enlightened and energized state of being, as a constant flow of force. From the Pure source this is the Holy Spirit, all that we need to rationalize and to thus have Faith. We now that this Holy Spirit must function about an even greater level of awareness, and so this concept of Uber Got emerges, fully undeniable, yet irrational to waste time worrying about validation of existence, for this power runs us, and believes in us, when we follow these Principles. The evidence, will only be respected, long after the goal be won, and the order of true purity be established.

Many people have gone "insane" under the scope and scrutiny of God, as fact, along with all other hosts from "the book". The Book was created, and worked, for the unintelligent masses, as in solar deity, which provided the food from the seasons. These prayers, produced something called faith, which has scientific fact based Placebo effect, it's lack proves towards insanity, which does not exist when faith be present (faith as a separate constant that is). Whether God be real, those other hosts, which come by way of rationality, cause and effect, up and down, good and evil, right and left.

 That which we assume then as spirituality, is assumed thus, as cord connected to this concept of God. I will not go further, as to support an atheist view, because all you have to do, is go on any valid atheist site, to educate yourself on this. I find this measure to be important, as a valid argument of equal or neutralization, thus to leave a dial there, of current extreme, which demonstrates much more so, what is going on "out there", in this knowledge is power. That is, the knowledge of why things seem so insane, when insanity does not exist, but is create from conflicting final solutions.

 This is primarily why EPL stands superior, scientifically as capable of at least allowing one to gain back their primary focus, with mental mind application, on the multifariousness which does exist, the sphere, in motion. The fact that this table is black, before me, can be disproven, when getting closer, very close, to the table, when color no longer exists, or when the light which reveals the table, be somehow filtered or altered. These together, still prove my original hypothesis, that the table, dimensionally speaking, as a constant, for the past 10 years I have seen it, is in fact black, though by way of degree of it's color when exposed to this scrutiny.

 What I am saying to you quite candidly, is that proving God, to exist, is in fact not relevant, and is the cruel trick, placed on that sect of society, which can not escape this in born irrationality, thus producing a breakdown, insanity, when faced with those degrees of internal relevance. In other words, production is far more important than rationalizing God, in that the Bible was primarily produced, to keep the people looked down at their work, without being "polluted" by that unfortunately intelligent family member or co-laborer, which extended this Knowledge, onto the people, as valid argument.

 The argument will thus remain in your head. The argument will nag and pull at you, until you begin to hear voices, that are quite simply not there, based on the validity that they are not physically present to anyone, but you. You are arguing out rationality and the only things that are truly relevant or  rational are the very topic as Principle of higher command, which keep you going, towards a long fruitful life.

 Religion or dogma based Christianity proves itself as a killer of the gods of intellect, within you. However!...this does not discount a pure and perfect Son of a Creator, for in his actions he proved to be all that he seemed and claimed. It is just that the same rational argument we thus discovered to Father, applies to Son in that "The existence of God, and thus Jesus, are not rational, but to say that the Principles they teach, as aspects of self, within, and that greater morality, which should thus exist in others, outside of you head, are in fact held to these Principles". This does not mean that these are Universal laws, because they are not. Now whether or not our Universe is a person, planet, solar system, galaxy or Universe, is thus irrelevant, in the fact that the arrivement of this does not effect our physical science, in the immediate vicinity of need. Only when we ponder Light, and it's speed, and other degrees of this constant, which is bent, does this claim towards rationality or irrationality, come into play...through that application, of technology.

 God has never, not once, appeared. I have never seen Angels, or evidence that they appear, other than to appear as scary aliens, or other dimensional Overlord's, the documentation and evidence on this is such a large stack, a government disclosure be based around it. The problem arises, that we always must rely on the reports of other capitalists to validate what God said, or what occurred in their own lives. I have personally witnessed events, which would cause fundamental questioning, but only in light of taking that dogma of very early life brainwashing and education, as a means to totalitarian control. If God were in need of being rationalized he would thus appear. If Angels were what they are purported to be, messengers of God, they would appear. Now we have the unfortuneateness of technology to now cause fakery, around this vision/appearance based fact to the masses. Here we can thus only rely rationally on science currently as we call it, to once again validate the facts, by closer inspection of these scientific based fact Principles, EPL.

 We rationally have sphere as a unit before us, around us and within us, things we can see, and can not see, as displayed in fields. We can at least call Pi and irrational number, and thus see that movement, as a constant, only validates Pi, in dilation, or undulation with yield (as in orbital rotation about a body, as to produce a detectable and foreseeable outcome, as energy).

 Those of us stuck between these scientific understanding and thus the lexicon, or truly slang, of the time (when the Bible and other Holy books were written), must see that this was the science available to the time and masses, as food for thought, or scientific rational understanding. This all leads to mass hysteria in the end, because the masses now, those workers of lesser intellectual ability, are thus be educated and validated by schools, universities, based about irrational conclusions or means. As in the case of Psychology. in that personal alchemy, is all that can truly aid the individual from this madness, upon arrival of that application of rational thought. Thus psychology as a viable occupation, is madness in itself, leading towards one rabbit hole of assumption, in the way that people commonly work, when this as a practical means, hold no more validity that God being proven or disproven, is irrational. we have only again, to walk away with the Principles. A healthy diet, life style, and fact based conclusions, which support the modern trend, become our sphere in it's current form of dilated understanding.

What becomes obvious, which leads me to push this publicatoin away...deem it as near enough to done, to thus prove it's undeniable superiority and capacity, is that the whole things loops back round. God, to us, currently, is the Elite group which made us, governs and monitors us and thus cultivates the form. We are thus both being killed, molested and destroyed, yet only by way of the extent of that bondage of mental mind state, which we ourselves asserted to and chose. In this, painful even to say, as victim, for which we all are, is that pain be the course to total developement and expression. That there can be no murder nor death, because the gift is karma or life in succession, with the promise, only if discovered, of that ascention, to ever higher forms, where there is indeed a place of the most high, that is to be found through only struggle. The lesson is there, in all those things we do. That one who understands that success of any persuit, comes only by way of total involvement, which causes what is then terms as first a breakdown, or insanity, which is overload to the system. The form is not valid, and thus the crises simply be that realization that all that you thought you knew, was such a limited aspect or part of that total strain.

 What I discus here, if spoken with math as language, would held  genius, in the wake of Physiques, yet dangerous in the way of theocracy, in that, it threatens all threads, stemming back to the great deception, or franchise on human suffering. To say that all knowledge is thus yours, yet that the perversion of playing within one excrment is thus, to perform a statement, of ritual act, which takes the initiate back to a place, which is lower in developement, we then leave a track, or trace trail, of our very thougt. action. deeds.

Apha, Theta, Beta, Delta, Gamma wave patterns, can better destribe the pure form of these thought messenger affiliations, and how we become one force of the other, then onto owning the very zeropoint energy in that, I am the higher mind, of that which permiates and enters all things, spaces, times, zones and regions. I am that Stellar Mass, that is, until I have deemed, by way of degree, all that be held rational, as lesser to that final cause. Thus it is irrational to prove/disprove God, you do not have the tools, so a wasted life. Yet, it is entirely relavant, to chase and expand on ever higher mind concepts, which places you into that madness catagory, in that, you must now ascend by way of all possible spherical representation, becoming the best possible version of the self, in all ways. The law stands against you, as principality. The matrix is quite real, and this substance is part of a massive ever expanding awarenes, where we can only ever ask as a child, yet grown, meaning, we now know there are no facts, but ports, and while we remain, we are prompted to know that Pain will teach us, to soon move on, or become a fixture, as in carbon, to a dead and dying past dimensional represention, a reflectoin/projection of the self. So one could assert fully, that we are indeed, a projection that one self, only to place in our limiteless will, favor and privillage to that one which we call the Father, yet to be known as Uber Gott, the ever expanding God, to magnificent to rationally claim, for Uber Gott, is a term for everything (All that exists as the One Force)

An event to remember, the event, or abuse train/cycle~


I write as if it were my last moment, because it always be, the last moment. outside of drama entirely. This world is completely backwards, flipped. It has nothing and everything to do with the myriad of reasons why, as in the polarity switch, but in fact, it always come down to one thing, a massive political projection, by the people, for the people. The people are needed to react, as fuel, to any situation. The mind of the people, is likened to being able to harness the very horse power, in every cattle head around the club, yet in every dimensional aspect of the higher mind, and spiritual rule of force. It is painful to have arrived, and be preaching to the brain dead masses, which will largely discount all that you say. It be ever the more of a grievance to know, ahead of time, that there is not one I truly like, no one I really ever would want to save, that we are enduring this pain, alone, so that it will uplift us, to the status to but endure the pain, as a norm or constant. Anyone could have it all, any dope on the street, as in the celebrity. Yet, a very private corporation, which has been running the earth now for quite some time, does not see it fit, that one Man, due his own "God" given ability, should advance based on this promise.

 I had this promise, and it was my reason for this reduction into nothing, as it were. The blessing be the curse. This turns good Men, especially in times of war, to killing with the base intent of a beast. There is a teaching here, that no one should give nor receive kind mercy. More so, that Love and Hate are but two manifestations which are created from extreme. Funny how the world is so soft and quiet, absent people. Yet it is what the people are being told, which makes them all the more annoying. We hate one another, and hate putting on this show. No one is thus charismatic, now do they thus have a personality. We pick up on family traits, these become cruxed by way of familiarity and DNA meeting and unlocking, in those heightened times of elation, whether positive or negative. This sets the dial, on pretty much every aspect of you life, there out. Whether this be thought, as copacetic to the masses or not, that is excepted by the masses as palatable, be on a slightly different scale of social engineering.

 Just as, these thoughts, which I convey, would be considered extreme in the 60's, they are but a Man, seen on a cyber soap box, spouting out his mass build up of information and social injustice. Funny how only craft, seems to permeate the mix. There is a code, a sequence, when these three levels of establishing "what is" be done with the proper alchemical mix of blood, emotion and will, there it happens, the event.

 How many last Love letters, can a Man, write, when only a sentence understood be sufficient. In times past, not even the spoken word was expected, no this was strictly used in ritual and at last means. The silent, and focused peoples true, had their fair share to bitch about, but the gripe was different, far from universal injustice. The people will need to demonstrate, but only during a celestial event. The people will need to charge their social keepers, under the occult lit heavens. The people will need to take an action, as a unit, that knocks the World Government to it's knees. The rally of support must occur now, truly long ago, as the backlash of marshal law, is always declared each day. The uprising could occur any time, which is why the meter stays on alert. We are causing the Elite problems, hurting them, as they see it, separate, as species, we are not being good pets, food nor cattle, despite our idiocy to wait till another day, then another, in order that we should get this job done.

 People have no common ground, and thus united in nothing. Groups are nothing more than pleasure seekers, living as if it be their last day, always, and not in a positive way. Upon that realization, that a person in proper substance can and will live eternal, would you then become incited with anger, as to knowing finally, what you had lost. How about genius, being actually common among people, yet to discover there be technology, of the highest "order" employed for the specific purpose, to block you genius? How about if you saw the plan, right there before you, being used, with dates, events and outcomes, already having been written, such as 911, that was hundreds of years old? The point be, that this has become known, all of the evidence is there, yet people still fail, to stand united. One is busy and only places, oh, so much interest in the subject, no one cares, or rather places care, into anything but their own needs. Yet, as the Masonic Master Key points out, from the beginning, "people are ignorant of their own true wants, desires and thus needs". We need what we are told to need, that is all.

The solution be always that antithesis to the problem. To many Babies, stop having sex, to much corruption? Begin to implement Principle into schools, government, absent the religious hate. It would not matter so much what people believed in, if there were a manual, a code, to the the human condition, and there is. The EPL Principles, when applied for all their truth, can sustain a government that ironically works for the people. We as children, always waited to see if a grown up would smile, this indicated a happy and welcoming state, we were wrong, grossly. We learned that a smile is most often, if not always, a cover up, to a condition of manipulative will, this is why when you see a coworker, unawares of you, they rarely smile, if at all privy to the greater event, taking place now. People always play both sides, they play stupid, then are insulted, when you regard them as such. The one who spouts off the loudest, yet smiles a tells jokes, is now deemed interesting and eccentric, all based on the degree of costume to match the spirit, toward authenticity. "I am entertaining but false, still love me, as I am that whore of Babylon, the charismatic abuser". I knew from day 1 how this would play out, but like most buried my head, and waited till the frenzy would simply go away, and it seemed to, though in cycles, this is abuse.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015


 Undeniably I see that I could have taken what I needed, placed myself above other Men, and proclaimed a franchise on the meaning of "I", each time the Ego, said "I did that", this was so. So "I" searched for a greater meaning, only to find, that it be energy, culminate, that instantly deflates the Ego, to but a cog, in the machine. They are out afflictor's? Yet it is truly I, who subject and sentence myself. I hated the self, as the self is insufficient, yet this hate be either placed or misplaced, into me, or you, there are only two sides. The energy thus lay suspended, until that next part of the link in that great equation be again made aware, within this grid, a sphere.

 Man, no "I", in my desperate want to ward off further assult, further scrouteny by the frenzy of those in delimma, I wisely hid. For it would take a total rerouting, not destruction, of quality vital force, of but 13, to set the energy, towards the healing. This Holy energy will only come fully, to the 13 as 1, as that point in Phi, before the great chasm, of lost energies, never having realized the progression, towards order.

I saw law is bad, already criminalizing people, due to the plight, which is more often times a set-up. Yet I am here, healthy, fat, eating and typing away, able to at least think a thought, though mundane and limited, for another day. It is always the breakdown of unity, that be our main frame for objection, whilst critisizing "the way things be". In short, there is no we, there is "I", and until that I becomes identifiable as a singularity, the harm and support of mind, as a state, will not be known.

 I can not wish, nor will, to claim a superior stance, which be only motivated as an outward expression, based on my level of entrapment by state, and want to be free. If I truly had reached, the debt free zone, a family-less state, a friendless state, yet had only the Holy Spirit to fill me, I would miss the grand point, that the Holy Spirit is, to U.S., to lesser purpose, that culmination of combined soul force, which has learned to become a singularity.

 This be why we are here today. In order that we should learn, this single most important lesson of existence. We are to flock together, in that great union of the mind, absent any aspirations, to gain Kingship or rule. Do you not think by now, your very personality, in general form, has not been a King, a tyrant, a teacher, a Prophet? So do you think by the very evidence, that you, as a combined, or singular force have been successful in the least?

 This is why a Principality, hangs over you. I use the lexicon of the fallen, in Malevolent Being/Stellar Mass Pub, because I am fallen, and I am saved. I live as a duality, willing to justify itself, though to wage this war on self, within my own heart and brain, into Mind, in conflict.

 Those who were beaten, abused as Children, were indeed halted from their original potential and course. Anyone can harm a Child, threaten a Child, bend and brake that Child's will, does this make you more powerful. In that that Child grows, and is thus a Man, in his days equal to your own. Will you then assert those words, upon him, those blows, as you have but gotten to that well first. This is technology, that those who "gott" to the well first, should then make franchise of the find?

 Yet here we are, able to converse, learn, cultivate, think (thought blocked), and thus reason (at a limited level). We are not treated equally, nor is fairness a state common to this spherical zone. You have been given a world, and given this first message, that is all God, will do for you. If you pray for Money, or Prosperity, do not be surprised when it be revealed, that something else has answered your call. Those who could or would make an impact, are known, and muted with the law. There will be bills stacking up, attacks, from collegues, family and friends. The law will be bent around you, and you will see that your strawman, does not even resemble who you really are, in your heart, yet you deflate the heart, each time you press forth, with the head. The heart and head must work in unity. When this mental Mind focus be also felt, Purified, and ritualized, with great meaning, the mind, a spiritual like, a force, comes to you, wherever and who ever you are.

 This event does not pay bills, in fact it will result in quite the opposite. You can no longer compromise yourself, by deflating the Heart, so you allow the Head to lead the way. You can not function absent of both, because you are, two personalities, tied to ever greater force, of the same.  So now you press forth, affiliating, knowing others are too, compromising, and this is the society you live in. The length of time, by which you "stay under" determines you worldly wealth and you spiritual suppression. Unity is all that ever be demanded. For the Children of this planet, to, come together, only takes place in catastrophy. The good times, time and again, are those times, when the true prophets, those aware of this true homeostatic balance, and it is who they are, be the first to be ostrosized, deemed lawless, unworthy "losers", to the cause. The cause be always the same, in this built up civilizations, Money, Power, Rule, Sex. Those who thus find objection to the is experience based existence are not valuable to the cause, and will be left out in the cold, starving, laughed at, and isolated. Strange how many are thus subjected to this torture and affliction, yet they do not come together in their misery, only to try and gain a balance again, a footing to once again, just earn enough, just get ahead, then you will leave the game forever.

 The problem here lies, there be no where to go. There is not one space, one place, where the awareness of you prison tags, be not the very pulse and rythm of life in who your are, you are alive, and absent of service to the society which blood sacrificed many lives for you to be here now, you are vested, by the simple assertion, that you have the right to stay alive, and live on some scrap of land, that was long ago ruled, lived on, and thus shed blood in death, way before you came along with your near to similar demands. Always the same. To see it does not free you, as in being able to assert a norm in this life. You chase you tail to know, while those who prosper, just get paid.

Thus Knowledge, Will and Experience pays, it is what you are reading in fact now. When the Pureness of the Holy Spirit be but followed, that is the time when freedom will come. However this has never happened, and will never happen. Thus the tools towards this, in degree, breed corruption of the system as a whole. The system will brake, again, due to this opposing to this Faustian prison, called life in balance. All that you find beautiful, is due from this perpetuated lesser mind state. The victory would be an extreme, and no one is willing to sacrifice what they think they are

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Impact Force, and Time Travel~


Time is supported by perspective. Energy can travel at or past the speed of Light, because it is Light. Travel however is irrelivant. Reduce perspective. A photon like is thus a fixed perspective. The experience can only exist between the two "world" or Photons. There needs to be a grand unification which occurs, where the "traveler", be offered infinite potentials, all relevant potentials in fact. These potentials are fewer than one would think. Fill the spheres with Photons that are expressly from a single perspective, and the field thus Unifies.

 Meditatative spin works in this way. You are super charging the Earth with you. The earth is a series, as all spheres are, of 6 positive, 6 negative and 1 dualistic portal of potential. The "light", or the Sun's superposition power, from a specific "time signature" would be placed as particle stimulus on one side the "the center piont/door", as the total sphere would be supercharged with Photons of Like. This would not hold the traveler, in space/time however. The substance, once the field has returned to regulated state, must be the same Quality, and like quantity of that greater sphere or field. By mimicking then manipulating the greater body, to it's like, an object can thus emulate the larger sphere or body, as long as there is a chain, unbroken, which links those spheres, in sequence, as mechanisms of inverted and reversing projection. So the real question to time travel be, where does the reality projection come from?

 Quit simply this is the paradox, which is actually not a paradox, upon realization of control. Your perspective, in fact, the combined perspective is essential. That moment Adolf Hitler captured and will the attention of all the world, he had placed the perspective of the world, a part of him, within them all. The emitted fear, and internalized fear, set up a field of it's like. Rituals were done on specific days, following astrological patters, as ritual. The astro-alignment was that greater representation of the smaller sphere, as to create, with craft, essentially using an ancient frequency, by inititioning the ritual, as it had been done for thousands of years, the moment was linked to the past and future. making Magic essential, in it's basic air ways, of essential belief. In other words, the same mind is bring used, thus we are back to talking about forces.

 The force which travels at the speed of Light, actually the very that goes before light and lingers after light. In this, we see light, as a concave and convex mirror system, Light, thus time, is a projection, in motion, light speed in fact, unto itself. The fact that time can bend, states time will bend, as in Light. We must ponder Principle and Life thus.

 Principle states. Purity, as in pure form energy, and experience. Those three positions, are subject to knowledge and will. The knowledge to travel with the 4 position or four place moment is the Cross, spun as sphere, to light speed. This sets the track, or opens a track, of travel. The trail is deemed thus travelible, and unobstructed.  Now Photons, are able to travel through these windows of undesturbed portal, granted they are not influenced. This places the track, or trail outside time.

 I conclude thus, that we are in fact, outside space/time. That we are being contained, within an artificial field, a sphere, that is being intentionally kept separate from that greater and smaller scale of field like, or a forced, separation. We see these various belts, and feilds of energy, and call these natural, however they are not natural, they are in fact seals, to keep separation, or atomization, constant, between the fields. We would thus move and dilate freely, without restriction, and so would thus be only capable of being our true forms, of specific energy like. I conclude, that our personalities, a repeat, and our genius, the common knowledge shared between likes, represents the fact that we, as body based humans, are actually energy, trapped, as if being suspended inside a jar, withina carbon suit, and held there by carbon based like, the substance. We die due to our disimilarity to what this substance claims.

 The only way to thus, return to our natural state, would be to destroy the field. The field merely needs to be blocked, by getting between that cast or projection of the moment, by deflecting the projection of the moment. Carbon would thus need to be extracted, from the field, the energy, as living perspective, must then be placed into a field, or solution, containing like perspective or motive force. This is essentially how we learn, how information be instantly transmitted, and this energy is what leaks out, and slips away from us, whilst aging. We must instantly arrive at the destination. having no space/time between the two points. This can only happen by keeping the un-natural atomizing, or separation in tact. When the entire feild shifts, that like energy, must follow at the same speeds relative to those laws, in that spherical representation of domain, we thus travel around a sphere comprised of nearly like energy containment IE the containment field. Absent division, there would be no time travel advantage, due to the laws being common. We assume these laws to be common, universally, but are in fact not. Each sphere, works like a part in the machine, working, at a certain level of discharge and supercharge capacity. two extremes, out and in. The Black whole thus be made certain, as to keep these Photons agitated, and quite separate. There is simply no place, for the Photon, eternally attracted to it's like, to travel to, so the orbit becomes that capitalistic franchise, on the suspended moment.

 It is not the Sun which holds the power, but the Black Sun, or Black Hole. It is not the Black Hole either, but what is on the other side, of those Black Holes, places at specific regions, quandrants, relative to keeping the agitation constant. Thus as stated many times, carbon is that after effect, that which build real estate, in the Suspended Moment.

 We are indeed limitless, in respect to that energy of our like, and are goal oriented, to no longer endure the agitation, which we have assumed be life, but is in fact death, the agitation is killing us. This is the EPL Positional theory, that everything is rotating by a planned and syntheticly manifest agitation, which is being controlled, by geometry and those true Space/Time laws, which conclusively prove, that if one body or particle behaves outside of time, then there is an inconsistency, a rip or teat.

 Those Photons are that tear. Now build an entire planetary sphere, comprised only Photons, place their Like on the other side of a Black Hole, which is a bent time, accelerator, and watch the planets align, and agetation thus life to begin to surface. This same thing happens with varied sub-particles, so to say, all spin, thus orbit and rotation, which governs eveything we know it carbon existence, is the most common true law, that all is sphere, when in motion. That is, Light bends more commonly than we have been lead to believe, and is in fact, willed to bend, as to create another sphere Dichotomy. The Photons, end up behaving the same way, as their like, once the "return chain" has been broken by new experience, through the will, of a great force, or separation. Now the Photon, is relatively unaware that it even has a twin, only to sense it. The Photon, does not understand it's own whimsicle behavior, only to call it nature. I propose that thought can travel wherever it will to operate, as focused will. In this sense, alchemy is the greatest science. That there are items here, on earth, yet concealed, which have an exact like entanglement to sub-particles on the other side of a systematically placed black hole. We are thus taught a falsehood, I believe, of serving the greater good, but are in fact only serving what we are told to serve.

 This raw energy can and is placed, and displaced from varied bodies, or suits. There is thus no difference between a dogs energy, in raw form, and yours, as human. The suit is activated by the energy. These suits, as they were, are but produced machines, requiring this pure power source. To displace and replace the energy, IE death, is to offer this common energy field, which must be willed also to separate from itself, offers a temporary amnesia, if you will. The occurance of knowledge seeming to manifest a priori, that Gnosis, or intuitive knowing, proves that the energy came from somewhere, and is thus attempting a homeostatic mantenance, of like form. Rituals carry the strongest lure or form of alchemical force, in that it is imparative for them to stay the same, throughout thousand years spans. I done believe, however, that if time is not a constant, then the energy is merely revisiting, going into other body forms, as it can not be destroyed. We are thus "those Aliens of enlightenment" to the relatively unanimated Golem like form. for we are said to be made of clay. This highjacking of energy, as in we, is the base to all capitalism. The quandrants of time/space or the moment, is thus sealed off, at specific intervals of dilation. the universe, as we call it, is in a steady and consistently undulating state of flux. The Black Holes, would thus need to be unified, or rather, the substance, which causes the riptide, which is, more sub-particles displaced, with isolating energy field or anti-sub particles, as to create a state of normalsy, or separation. The black holes would thus need to cease from agitation towards rotation. the sub-particle likes, would need to be joined back, with their like, to cause this total singlurity, where all would be one again, IE The One Mind Principle, in full effect. I call this Impact force. Zero point energy thus, hold position, as constant, in it's filling up empty space, or continued separation, held in time space.

 The relevance to the zodiac, be that there are implications, factual, of when and where the universe will flux, in predictable unulating cycle rythms. Match the cycle rythm, in all spaces, small and large, cease the Black Hole Impact Force, and watch the singularity take place, that return to the sphere free zone, that place of limitless space and a totally unified feild, all things are consciouness, not marked separate by divided subtance of space/time.

 The past is a dead field, absent carbon, yet to exist as a single moment, in true will of all things in there maintaince, upon return. The future is a brimming field of countless possibilities and potentials, in fact to many to travel to. The energy of a person, would need to get into the future first, thus a Golem, type Machine, would have to wait, in order to intercept, at that specific space and time. The energy of that person, would need to travel to that point, intercepted by the clone carbon suit, a footprint. The energy could be used in partial measure, to create thus two forms, that are the same. The moment would simply need a like and willing host. Again, as to display ritual, as the superior method, for it has been her for the long, and thus will be long after. In order to not threaten this franchise, one must except their place within this agitated field, IE living a lie, must thus become natural. We seem to show all the proof, of such a theory, such as EPL Impact Force, but lack the proper inititative to challenge it, with the very power of jumping ahead of all this, by creating force will, through the unified mind, as to direct the feild. This is vril in motion. The Earth does not want to Spin, IE to remain agitated, as much as we do not, this is bound energy, and does not function from Principle, but by Principles exploitation. Which is why I ended the highly esoteric story, a parable of sorts, called The Malevolent Being, so crudely, matching equally those sustainable agitated energies, in the chapters, the knowlege/experience, as what is", be in contrast to that which is pure, to simply exist. The dichotomy of good and evil, thus exist in full expression, with this story, adult crude content warning.

The entire feild, be in a state of flux, not able to return to the moments past, but to return to the same relative time, is quite possible, a exceptor and and initiator, must be on those upward, or downward spike positions at an exact apex of moment, where the field between the two have no disruptions. This is way, the two should occupy the exact same relative space, then to sync time, with this energy transfer, into the future. then to create a paradox again, then way not the past? The answer then becomes, there is no future or past but two places which occupy the same moment, unobstructed. All thoughts, all actions, must be the same, and will create a harmony, as to become easier, more automated, the action is thus set to continue. The undulation of time, will cause the separation. This may be the connection with Equinox and Portal "travel", stepping out of our space suit, to occupy the same form on the "other side". Same energy, same form, same moment, same space...1, 2, 3, 4, the cross with loop, as to signify this franchise or energy pathway/transfer.  Time Travelers are thus, the Elites worst enemy, to their capitalistic reality. They simply follow the same routine from this foundational center position or point.

 If there were a secret organization, which kept a tablet with such information. Clones, and rituals at specific celestial events could be thus commenced, with this designation of moment, space, time and like. Sacrifices could simply thus be (though we know there are many spherical reasons), an ettempt at normalizing the field. It would then become an unanswerable question to answer, then where is the genuine original form, absent cloning. It could be thus possible to split this consciousness between bodies, that is, to exist simultaneously in more than one relative time position, yet the same, in the aspect of it's undulation quality, within the field. This may however serve as information which contaminates the entire time matrix, now teaching instantly those particle in the field, that there is no time nor separation, thus to first render liberation, on a sub-atomic level. The whole things would just stop moving and working, no more movement, The crack in the seam would not close, thus wrap around both time events, as event Horizon divided, the snake eating itself. The whole system would have to chose readily chaos, in conscousness to ultimately chose order.