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The Human Larvae~


The way we think, is the way of the insect. In order to take on a HIGHER MIND, the TRUE ELITE (The Markers EPL), must first take on this MIND of PURITY~

"This (Pure) Mind will teach you from within, then to see, this has always been before us, always the reason for fall"

The Human Larvae

    The Ancient Lie~


    "She has always been mentored to kill Man. She, taken as another learner, of witchly ways, since but a plotting little demon. None today are pure, none are worthy, none are born with nor unto Principle. She speaks to the voice into the night, and on through the day, it is the job she relishes...to destroy Man, the very Men in her life. Often, then she pretends to speak to God almighty, and her master says it is quite an acceptable notion, for now. She is fully aware, and smiles for her bread, and all she steals away. If you could see her true face, and not the one she calls borrowed, still showing the shine and radiance from the Male soul which falsely illuminates the skin. "They" think they are smarter, wiser, yet are, but lowly workers, drones, within a hive, to which, these are entirely kept ignorant of the Production, and...will never gain an ego to shine forth from. This, the deception towards womb-man, from an ever lying and continued trail of broken promises...when first she took into her, the alien spirit, of pure evil....the localized rule, control and slaughter of Man, betrayed by his own jealous "other half", which is not connected nor a part unto him The Ancient Lie~

    "What else do you want but the truth? Is there some other keen or brilliant observation, more revealing than this? Are you so enamored with your own undoing and self loathing? Is this where you received those two shackles which you rub together always, as to make the sound to forget?"

    At the highest recesses of Hive living you will see (if not blocked from you geographical vision) the consumption of human flesh, sex flesh feasts of orgy, taking place as we speak. Lower than that, the common pill be offered, to the always misleading CEO's of deception (*salesmen of today/all). We have all been called forth, in secret yet obvious initiation ceremonies, of dark alien demoniac and foreboding luminescence, as to take up arms against our now hated neighbors. This was and is the plan to "community", for it does not exist. Boredom only comes when the focus is rattled, for long enough. You docile many, still have within your power, to silence the spells, said/set against you...FOR YOU ARE MAN! And now you were. The truly dull, the jealous, the vindictive, the evil, are now those smiling patrons of light, who are your preachers, bosses, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, daughters, children, friends, and all other titles (intentionally denoted to the dullness of the titles shine). For, COMMUNITY DOES NOT EXIST. Only the deep oneness and contemplation of Uber Gott should ever captivate a "ONE". And so you see, a society, a community, built for and around "The Voice", for she, now you, is/was only willing~

    Friday, March 27, 2015

    Prodigal Son


    Luke 15:11-32King James Version (KJV)

    King James Version (KJV)
    by Public Domain


    11 And Jesus said to them again, A man had two sons; 12 And his younger son said to him, My father, give me the portion, which is coming to me from your house. And he divided to them his possessions. 13 And after a few days, his younger son gathered everything that was his share, and went to a far-away country, and there he scattered his wealth in extravagant living. 14 And when all he had was gone, there was a severe famine in that country; and he began to be in need. 15 So he went and got acquainted with one of the men of the city of that country; and he sent him to the field to feed the swine. 16 And he craved to fill his stomach with the husks that the swine were eating; and yet no man would give him. 17 And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired workers are now in my father's house, who have plenty of bread, and I am here perishing with hunger!18 I will rise and go to my father, and say to him, My father, I have sinned before heaven, and before you;19 And I am no longer worthy to be called your son; just make me like one of your hired workers. 20 And he rose up and came to his father. And while he was yet at a distance, his father saw him, and had compassion on him, and he ran and fell on his neck and kissed him. 21 And his son said to him, My father, I have sinned before heaven and before you, and I am not worthy to be called your son. 22 But his father said to his servants, Bring the best robe and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet; 23 And bring and kill the fat ox, and let us eat and be merry; 24 For this my son was dead, and has come to life; he was lost and is found. And they began to be merry. 25 But his elder son was in the field; and as he came near the house, he heard the voice of the singing of many. 26 And he called one of the boys, and asked him what it was all about. 27 He said to him, Your brother has come; and your father has killed the fat ox, because he received him safe and well.28 And he became angry and would not go in; so his father came out and besought him. 29 But he said to his father, Behold, how many years I have served you, and I never disobeyed your commandment; and yet you never gave me even a kid, that I might make merry with my friends. 30 But for this son of yours, after he had wasted your wealth with harlots and come back, you have killed the fat ox. 31 His father said to him, My son, you are always with me, and everything which is mine is yours. 32 It was right for us to make merry and rejoice; for this your brother was dead and has come to life; and was lost and is found.

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    "The only point here, is to fully disclose the fact that there is no point, and silently slip away, with some semblance of Purity intact, knowing nothing *exists, without it"~

    "Any Universe, universally speaking, is, inherently evil, absent Purity, as the reigning and consistent energy, source and cause IE intent/reason for being, else there be no reason"~

    "It is the loss of all power, under the proclamation of LOVE as Law, which teaches a One, that Love is not sufficient enough current of source/force. Absent Purity & Faith, Love is but Lust of items, possession and title....Love must also be followed always with Hope...and not the sacrifice of Purity, not for Love's sake but The Pure Intention of Sacrifice, which births Pure Expression, not death, but Life"~ 

    "You are guilty of killing your brother's and sister's under the simple contention of how easy it truly is to abolish death, through common will of purity as intent...hence all live by the ways of fear, loathing and greed, at the heart, else there would truly be no suffering, and for how long?!"~

    It is told in parable, Jesus spoke in parable, to show that all words of divine wisdom must be met with the same. Thus wisdom must be within the cells of a Man, to prove, he is the very offspring of the original Purity. We may call this Adam and Eve, for parable sake.~

    1. a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson, as told by Jesus in the Gospels.
      synonyms:allegory, moral story/tale, fableexemplum
      "the parable of the prodigal son"

    Cain's Wife: It Really Does Matter!


    The doomed Human Race~


    You can either perspicuously go back to your very origins with Adam and Eve, or to Noah and his Son's as the root. Each will give you a far different point of origin, but that can be your generational origin. http://io9.com/5791530/why-humans-all-much-more-related-than-you-think

    You are the same, whether you want to admit it or not.  I view people as a successful breed of inept feckless robots, killing one another off, and in lust for the excitement of death. We can continue to go back further and further, as it turns out, we can be related to but a few common ancestors, 3,500 to 10,500 years agohttp://www.livescience.com/9578-common-ancestor-blue-eyes.html

    The system is set up this way, that womb-man should silently do martyr based witch craft, plotting, machinating, and silently draining the life force from their very Son's, it makes it far easier to control the herd that way. Further the close real/sinful blood lines, would cause an illusion of separatism, and thus competition, which is highly dominant in the genes of many, and the docile nature can be helped along by the over lord's now visiting more frequently, as this era has become a hands on pain in the ass job, of keeping the slaughter in their set zones and specific tracks, default.

     For anyone to believe there is a divine order to this, is absurd. You began to prosper only when the heat of killing, or competition, is used as a form of craft. You then knowingly bullied, stole, set up, instigated or coerced another person into submission, assisted by a dark force of murder, that surged within you/U.S.....and, quite frankly, this is how the system is set up. One track road systems, with vehicles that are intentionally produced to be dangerous, off center, which go far to fast for speed limits, this is one of the consistent main fields, of many...used in outward blatant blood sacrifices.

    We must be inducted into the sin. We come from imperfect and impure source of manufactured human DNA. There is no divine count of "good godly people", rather, those proclaiming to be God's children, are in fact those Pentacle toting Jews, who are most likely the beta Man, sinners, with greed and craft in their very blood, "Cain, still today, using others with no remorse, hoarders on the take always. Becoming angry when not appeased, purity is the infinite separating factor. We see the class of peoples, and none are good, it is far to easy and stereo typical to break it down, one will only suffer the wrath of some idiot who believes in "self'", the secret harboring of superior genes?

     The truth is, animals attack. Intellectually superior beings only need to think their way to order, goodness if thus purity of intellect/wisdom, the separation. Many will mimic and pretend to understand, even taking on the personalities of others. Unfortunately this brings about original "sin" or sign, the beginning, the origin, all over again.

     We find then, that this expression of low quality shit for brains, selfish plotting "little demons", housed within the falsity of bio suits of human flesh, only proclaim a commonality, which does not exist. This intellectual arrivement, is that; none of this would be necessary, if we were not all quite different in truth, only placed within this environment or/for deceptive "good", as cause. It is thus apparant who thinks with the heart, or the head, the heart being essential, with total genuine purity, which can not be faked. The serpent children can be fully noticed by the craft, which is the "talent" to separate the heart from the head, as if the message or passion be thought, but not felt, hence the number womb-man/witch craft. Further that we all have varied hosts, within U.S., many in fact, and that purification becomes necessary, in order to actually own a self, only to then submit this ownership, to that PURE SOURCE common ancestor, thus to find Uber Gott only. God being the point of all creation, from where all creation first stemmed, truth holding much more in common with the Gnostic and Pagan belief systems, hence the old testament. Forced to use craft as a means of survival, until the pure and perfect spiritual host gives his life up to Uber Gott, in order that he should assend the sin, gaining is losing, only to gain freedom from the mad loop of this world, this universe is the true goal, most can only see what is before them, and they chose it, genetically they are impure, and prove it each day, each moment, each era in their acts/heart...not deeds. The heart and head must be unity, to be savable, womb-man is incapable of this, hence, "womb-man, must become Man, before salvation can occur."

    Death is only stepping outside the Man suit. Death seems like the end, only to those who this holds as truth. When a person does not own themselves, but is in fact a product, a compliant Satanic forcebot, like every single paid actor/deceiver, bar none, who has sold their soul for superiority now, to lord over others, for a day, but notice there is no King, no one can be King of anything, because a King is regarded as a god, and there is only one god left, here by choice of the people, and soon will be destroyed. He is the "alpha god", yet not the omnipotent or "Alpha and Omega", he is the one who killed all other gods, and forced submission of those who would/could rally against him. He saw the truth, as do the Pure Ones.

    All competitions, all acts, come down to one thing, Purity or it's breach. Ever occupation, every thought, every motion, into each action, which be ritual/act is tied to one single driving intention. It is this that you must hand onto a self, or to lose the self, and be filled with the Holy Spirit. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you will be attacked from all angles until you are dead, there will be no where for you to rest your head, because you will be a threat to all existence, if you are permitted to exist, this world will fold...thus "I have come to bring/set fire unto the world"

    The Anti-Christ is the return of Jesus, he is the returning Son, come forth, to destroy all the evil people who are the offspring to the original ancestor, who is, the devil. We are tied to evil, from within, and the only way this could be, is if the very base of our genetics were laced with satanic understanding. Our systems of belief, our underlying drive, when given freedom, is to conquer, control and destroy. There have been now chances for the "duplicates" the repeats of the same person, which occurs systematically, to play out this variable, We have reached the end time, because there is  now nothing left but to self destruct, for Man is tainted. There is no solution, only the mundane task to pretend. There is therefor no hope, those who are hopeful, have done craft on someone else, and are currently not in opposition to this truth. They are in fact, out to serve Satan directly, so that they may lustfully preserve their statement, "There family is superior" to their very brothers and sisters.

    Jesus has come, to not save, but to destroy, plane and simple. The Jews were the first to mock him, conspire, do craft on him and kill him, using their Masonic powers of influence, no different that having a computer push the atomic button, sin is found in the hearts of those who defiled Principle and played god with first law. Purity is the Principle, and thus the law. We were tainted, from our origins, unholy acts, as ritual. The Jews sold out their offspring, those families that have been separated for at least the last 10-30k years, at least. The wealth was always enough for them. All law is thus based on the survival and promotion of their Satanic families. for which, we are their very offspring, else the sacrifices would mean nothing, one must sacrifice their own, to prosper, I have watched it play out far to many times, and have been victim to this craft, to deny it.

    This brings us to one fundamental question, IS SUICIDE A SIN?

    If we are "the sin", and live within the sin, thus can only promote sin, then suicide is the wrong word. I am beginning to think of "it", as destroying an evil machine, incapable to do any true good, by chaos to promote self thus to claim "I have the order". I don't even claim this, I was given this information, the ability anyways. I have said it before I CAN HAVE ANYTHING I MY WANT MONEY womb-man ANY ITEM, AND IT IS ALL EVIL DEAL MAKING, TRUST ME ON THIS, NO, FIND OUR FOR YOURSELF.

     For, this world is a sin factory. We dream of a heaven, that does exist, and does not await us. We listen to lies, of people returning from the dead, having been to places they do not "deserve to go". Hell awaits the common ancestor, it is within him that we stem, from which we come. We have proved the "apple" does not fall far from the "tree". The is the fruit of Phi, coming from the fractal of Phi, which are birthed, and rebirthed, from sullied ground. There is not a place where the blood of siblings has not been spilled on this earth. Every spot of it, tarnished, ruined, destroyed, for the substance came of death, from the first OFFSPRING. What is thought of as "sexual energy" is not what we think it is, we give away our purity, now, it is the currency of energy/prosperity/money flow...sex magick is used to prosper/go on. Always another day bought, with a tally at the end, one can not repay, for one must own themselves to make good on the claim!

    Some however, placed among us, are the direct product of engineering, set among the living, to sway the pure human race~

    Any form can be made instantly from active alchemical carbon metal molecular composite, excited into form, through frequency and wave distribution, separation, transition, and containment...mentalism, like attract like, "above, so below". It is thus, the agitation, to mix together, two contrasting agents, that "excites" what we now consider life, which is the excitement of certain, painful and impending doom of death, as Jesus said "all things of this world go back into their roots" Our roots, are those defiled and evil Jews, I believe this to be true, the devils very offspring, for they take to syllogism far to easy, it is. far to familiar to them.~

    Hitler "Loved" Aleister Crowley, as well, "he" loved Madison Grant's contribution to "the race", for anything that directly benefits "the one" is loved, in the moment of absorption, yet not the one which follows~

    Wednesday, March 25, 2015

    Spirit Science 1 - 15 FULL MOVIE SERIES 2012


    97. The Secret That Was Kept From You - Full Length


    The Secret Covenant


    Illuminati Occult Secrets ~ FreemanTV - Seals To Bind Spirits


    NASA: We will find alien life within 20 years


    SHOCKING TOTALLY SHOCKING !!! Prepare for what is coming.


    Stanley Kubrick Shoots the Moon


    I long for the day~


    I long for the  day, when modern education is seen as nothing but a farce"

    The need to sacrifice others, is placed upon you. You live within a construct of this solution. One day Automobiles, which involve combustion and circulation are going to be seen as nothing more that a masonic invention of trickery, to the public, in that it will be found that technology on the appeared scale has always had a far advanced secret shadow government silently in galactic rule. Electricity will be thought of as the same. In fact, all modern arrivements will be revealed, as history be, a mockery to the masses, and a control mechanism. So, what are you doing? Those who work actively to break this cycle, must use the very thing this society aims to keep you from, meditation, calm relaxed mind, removed from the false screen of identity. There is no pursuit one can undertake that does not involve the satanic ritual of abuse, for not even a craftsman, can use treeless matter, absent the joint geometry, which is to produce yet another cube...all is ritual.

     The answer is again, quite your job, begin to work actively in micro-community sponsorship, meaning to live equally within one of these communities. We soon realize however, how we got into this dilemma in the first. We can not defend ourselves against the constant attack, therefor the only solution is to ascend. We do not need to die in order to do this, in my belief. I feel that when and if the One Mind of Purity be reached, and the Holy expression be heard, as it is today, the order will take form on it's own, and the truth, a reality, an earth, we never dreamed of, will emerge as if it has always been. Shifts in oceans, land masses, orbital patterns, influence by the star systems without, will reveal a truth about our God given identities we have hidden from, for far to long. This doesn't mean later, or when the time comes, it means NOW.~

    Losing the self, Taking on your true form, through affiliation "become what you are"~


    EPL was not intended to over ride, any Uber Gott given greater celestial faith system, we will not understand this, until we jump out of the time cube, or incubator, which ever you prefer. There is a time now, where many believe in Aliens, as many believe the same to be Demon's, it is thus the perception, which is how that being sees the contrast before them. Intellect can illuminate, however it can not change the cause. Many will fall to one side or the other, who were not cut from that cloth, so the wheel turns around, as if we are being assisted? One would say pain is the greatest teacher, thus your greatest enemy be your greatest teacher? Thus the prison we live it, is that of our growing perspective, until a point, where freedom upon revelation be not granted. To me, this is the beauty of the BOOK REVELATIONS. It will be a revelation to see, the final statement, the final outcome of "why a thing is the it is"...in other words, you find the sea beautiful, also Sun rises, Trees, what if these were all discovered to be parts of a machine, which work together, in order to harbor control over U.S./us, imprison us, enslave us, trick us into the enjoyment of a far less powerful statement of aesthetic and experience, that that of the larger scope, which we are being kept from daily...or protected from? Soon, these answer will be revealed, decoded, and most likely already have been. The answer is in the cause, the very pulse of information embedded, transmitted and expressed through particles, as the repeat to construct of all structure, a moment in continuance, dictated by a master fermion spinner, involving all spheres, set as planets, particles, expressed as thoughts, ideas, and expression itself, as a principle in motion.

    It has already been noted, if you have kept aware of this blog, and it's contents, that there is a code, repeating which we are all well aware. There are zones, of repeat, designated and repeated on ever smaller and larger scale, which create our reality. We are, as a people, from many varied angles, realizing the synthetic stamp within us, and without, be of a consistent pattern, the influence. Warriors are awaking from a long deep slumber, where it has become obvious these of Pure Angelic source, have been blocked, kept down, and assaulted by the very society in which they live, routinely, as sacrifice. We hold it undeniable, that the good from this, is little to non, knowing that in final we will not be know an identity, a place, a home, nor a fact of truth, while embracing anything of the world, only to come to clear answers within. Further not a dollar, nor title, will have a distinction of respect, when the pure truth be known, those who gained, will be seen as sell outs, robots, thus the highly educated, rich, and powerful, will be known as what they are, docile slaves of the machine. Spiritual warriors, are the freedom, make strides each day, but get no praise, not even after the veil has been pulled away. People are afraid, and demand to stay in ignorance, it's easier that way. Thus it will be their hell, and so only those warriors will benefit? To balance this out, the chance of fight, freedom, redemption, knowledge of the pure truth, must be extended to all. For now we still speculate, together, and advance the thoughts. It's as if we through out the shapes into the universe, and if the shape be right, it finds it's lock, thus to unlock the truth for all. This is why speculative growing pure knowledge must come forth. Strangely we find, that as the knowledge is realized and known, by the sphere, the information unlocks a hidden dimensional reality, increasingly, in what we now view as the without/a projection.

    It is thus highly important to influence, speculate, however those who take the time to sell books, and benefit, to exploit, are doing more harm. In that there is no information yet known, all that we think of as reality is to just, still see, the greater fabric of the lie. We have not yet peered out, from within the seems, as the living, only those thousands which die daily, know this for certain. I believe that it is the job of the living, to gain this freedom, which will in turn release countless souls who are imprisoned, every moment. This false God, uses Jewish/Babylonian/Sumerian/Egyptian law systems to judge the soul, always different each era, based on the community of the day. Breaking the machine should be the main goal of any organized unit of peoples, and I do believe it has happened before. As these demons/aliens are in greater contact with us, we are also awakened to the knowledge which they hold as common thought, which opens up a familiarity to us, as we were once the rightful heirs of this emoticon of thought, transfer into energy/acknowledgement/expressive form.

    There is, a refusal to reality, which is opposition, yet leads to insanity, or fundamental breakdown. When one presses forth, to understand. Not with lies, or propaganda, the science and education of our day, but to merge the metaphysical, spiritual dynamics, as to postulate source of force with faith, in knowing, gnosis, the occult, or esoteric side becomes undeniable. One sees things, experiences "things" from a multidimensional plane of exist. We are trapped, inside a machine, of spheres.

    The answer must be meditated on, no the problem. One most know what they want, through ultimate expression, before the Goal, or truly the self through self expression can be known. There begins a resonance, between like forces. The forces can seem to act as source, though seeming suspended there, alone, they are not. The active principles are always set into motion. There is no constant involve, just as you get up each day with a new potential, so to, does the mind need be held captive once again, as to control you manor, of influence, projected onto others. We are in a great since, playing out the saga of the very stars, however it needs to be known, which stars we are "permitted" to be influenced by.

     Whether we have been created, upheld for a purpose we do not yet know entirely, or have been abducted and held prisoner, is becoming more obvious to U.S. each day now. I believe that once we fully emerge, there will be a final manipulation by our governors, a keeping of control over us. We need to become self reliant, and the only way to do this, is to know everything that "they" know. We have in essence, eaten of the tree, and now must rise to the occasion of choosing which form of exist we aspire to, or come from...which seems to be the same, absent this false time dictation of synthetic laws. It should be wise, for U.S. to note/see that what has been displayed as Universal law, and truth, is but the projection of a machine, in a far more condensed space/region/zone. as if to display a need to control the planetary system with precision, leave way that there are many other "prisons" or "experiments" taking place, as we speak. Thus our biochemistry, our chronobiology, our ideas about law, are only isolated components to a far great, vaster and broader scope of being. We rely far to much on identity, as it has been dictated to U.S./us, "contending what a day/date/time be". We are faced with the statement we must make before going forth that is:

    "My place in the All is for the reason that__________"

    Do what though wilt
    Become what you are
    Serve Purity, or Impurity to it's extent

    Just repeating sequence of 6
    The opposing negative side, what if the reality projection came from the outside, looking inward, into Phi, as to project Pi/Phi abstractions, fractals IE lift as we know it to be?

    Neptune as 0
    Sun as 21
    Saturn/Sun time Cube, reality of matter shaping machine
    Sun-Mercury-Venus= Earth Light or 011 
    Saturn-Jupiter-Mars= Earth Frequency 011

    Creating earth reality

    A spiritual support, as well as inferred cancel/control mechanism, not seen nor available holding dimensional space/time and spin speed patterns

    Light/Frequency control
    The infinity loop
    The constant pulse from Phi 0 to 8, reset, 0-8, Saturn to Sun, Sun to Saturn

    Neptune and Uranus acting as barriers of the invisible prison as generators, creating "the number" system, or qualitative dictation of control/influence.

    Midsummer the Cancer sign, Moon child the Open window of the Time Cube, when influence over the masses must be at it's control mechanism height, as well as opposing Winter, Christmas
    6 month cycle repeat of interception, deflection...repeat. The time cube, ever smaller and greater spheres or zones, dictated by the number 6. In other words, from the perspective of origin, the planet does not count itself, in perception, Looking from the Sun, Mercury is 1, Looking from Saturn, Jupiter is 1. This explains the significance of 7 as well, Septimal "Law". 

    Neptune, providing the sonic pulse of hydrogen and helium. BLUE, expression Planet...thus Blue to Red Pulse wave pattern, Sacrifice to Expression. 

    Uranus a filter, noted for it's "dimness". Neptune is the Generator, Uranus creating a link and field, of filtering "The ice planet", 80% water, methane, ammonia, thus liquid, creating the "code"

    Sun acting as the light projector, image projector

    Synthetic modulation
    Placing Perfection as constant absent Purity
    Dictating binary information, in the wave/frequency form. The rings of Saturn are SPHERES, only seen as rings as the generator/planet's energy field meet in this mid-area, which dictates all within the greater sphere, which this creates, a quadrant or zone, an unseen ruler, perhaps Marduk? appears to be uninterested in Humans as any threat, we seem to be doing exactly what be dictated to "U.S."
    # MoonsOrbital

    Lady Catches Glimpse of Other Realities and Dimensions on Film




    The Seed of Cain, Heaven and Hell~


    So, what about those, who have sacrificed others lives, without remorse? What of those who have laughed at morals and virtue, only using these as a tool to dig themselves into your life, only to cause havoc? Well, I would think that the Holy Spirit would be there, then gone, upon the intellectual arrivement, by the pure one(s). That is, Man is the Mind, and the motion is the Holy Spirit. When Man, Pure Man, calls out, with all of himself, he must be the one, to place into action, this mechanism to restore order. This is precisely why womb-man can seem to survive absent the Holy Spirit, because she festers under the false light. "She", seems to react toward auditory prompts. Man is thus the Light, draw to the light, as in the intellect, of that higher mind. Therefor one could esteem that it is in the cracks of frequency "she" hides, and thus the light must brake though the frequency.
     Only in the vacuum can light speed be increased, hence the symbol of the cross as a channel way, of direction, and the four columns of all divine initiated thought/action, hence the four corners in "magic".
     You must bring your grievance to this place, seeing that time battle is the cost, or value. In that, those who take you time away, are assaulting you. Not unlike any animal who takes on a defensive posture, those who are at the same time in peace, and equally in wrath, become great. It's just, how Purity based the origin be? If someone abuses the law, to cause harm, then should not the law as well as that self proclaimed "individual" be thus absent the Holy Spirit? That is to say, there must be a "time", in time theft, when a persistent and delusional person, must have time removed from them, that is the life preserving effect of the Holy Spirit.

     In magic, it is thought there are many sources, but this can not be so. There are thus, far less ancient and original forces, culminate, from the illusion, but once the illusion is unveiled, those original principles "mandates" must apply. That is, All Principle/light, when allowed to move in it's order, within a pure solution, move to the EPL directive. The return is always found between the last and first step, that final yield or return from Ego to Purity in Truth, which determines whether the current of force be sufficient. The issue then arises, that those using false force, that force culminate absent the Holy Sprit, are always in frenzy of lust for more, and call this Love, as a highest principle. Those can justify anything to benefit themselves, and thus are in the company of the majority. So we essentially have an isolated and contained field of Holy Spirit absent force, which drives on that point before the ego offering, as to avoid the ego all together, but to have noticed that the sacrifice spins the Pentacle or Pentagram in circled, The goal is, for these malevolent beings, be to recruit more force with divine spark, the fallen.
     So essentially the better you aspire to be, the more focus you place on Principles, as set forth by EPL, and long before that, EPL tapping into the Holy source of force, the more under attack the aspiring Pure will be under, and there are mimics of this who capitalize on the appearance of Purity, the highest breach. There are thus those who live in direct theft and opposition to the Holy Spirit, which is a limitless and "un-contend-able" force, unlike the forgery. The power is in the conviction, and the number, or mass, involvement and openness with the Holy Spirit, will help support this force as a structure. This sis why Principles are essential, around the clock Holy Spirit connectivity, and why the Merkabah is the representation of this mass focused action.

     So the question be, when will we know EPL is working? The answer, when the Merkabah become an undeniable fact. Many changes will take place, and the return to the order which was always meant to be. In short the vacuum needs to become the solution. If light moves faster, within the vacuum, then the vacuum is our original state. Thus frequency will drop off within the vacuum, However what caused movement, as we know it, is that the vacuum draws through vacuum less space IE Phi Swirl. We do not know what would happen, when the vacuum becomes 61.8% present, but that it will become the very solution. Matter will cease as we know it. Light will no longer be bent, thus time will cease. There will be no longer contrast, so in essence, Heaven would be found in a vacuum based environment, hence "The Pleroma". There can not be considered a constant, because there is no longer a flow or movement occurring based on pressure release, all live and existence would take place within the vacuum. For the carbon form this means death, however the instant transformation, which takes place, be unknown, and this is precisely where the faith factor comes into play. http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/2015/jan/22/structured-photons-slow-down-in-a-vacuum

    0 Purity
    1 Faith
    1 Love

    The solution awaits the majority perspective, that is; is Love to the left or the right?

    Holy Spirit + Love = Son of God (Purity)

    Love, faith and hope = Purity Less intellect which is Knowledge/intelligence, absent the Holy Spirit
    "Do what though wilt" "Love is the whole of the law". Passion, Pleasure, thus truth outside the vacuum, hence gravity, and EM grid containment IE environment.

    It seems that "environment" more so "community" is the downfall. It is the contention of EPL to say, state of mind, determines the outer world, or outcome. It is of the Principle less, those of Anti-Principle, to say change the outer, or the physical and you thus change the solution and thus the Person. In other word, control and bring every mind state down to the Holy Spirit free level. This is after all what society does, which is force the physical world to destroy purity, and thus keep sacrifices of Son's as the fuel to the fire.~

     It is not unlike jumping into a pond, which is unknown, dark. The mind must become the force, and so the source, and then with culmination,the environment. This is why there are "parts" of the Holy Machine, which have gone unused, unnoticed, and at times not even "there", due to this major dimensional shift. Once the force is chosen, those who go against principles will be the unlucky, instead of the other way around, as it is today, or yesterday:

    Go against passion, or what is thought of as Love. Be in opposition to blind faith, based on hope of self attainment IE more stuff! Thus cause the greedy to experience a loss of pleasure, thus entitlement, and you are going against those current universal "immutable" or truly merely "sustained" law, "Do what though wilt" (Principle becomes enemy, or a threat self serving in pleasure). Those who thus are absent Purity and think they feel Love, are experiencing Lust, the anti. Lust for your offspring to be ahead of other's offspring, thus passion, thus competition=Got, or Gain (acquisition) thus to proclaim oneself GOD, GOTT or CAIN.~

    Current immutable universal laws are truly a statement that magnetism is greater than light, or frequency and location.

    For in the extreme, frequency exists absent of Light, and Light exists absent of frequency as these two prime forces, one, light being the source, cancel each other out, waves. So in essence, frequency takes from light, isolated, bent in zones, and mimics it, the sound. Purity is thus Light. God only then needed to radiate to communicate, slowed light to a crawl, outside vacuum, thus this "place" be a suspended containment field of this antithesis.

    The free zone
    "We can only name something a Principle, when "it" be in direct contrast to it's opposing force. When opposition no longer exists, vacuum, magnetism no longer exists, polar opposites."

    Playing with Principle, creating "nature"
    It seems, from all appearances, that the "agenda" be making great effort, towards replicating the Atomic world, particles, on a macro scale, architects recreating, dilating, principles into exploitable mass, by way of the observers relative size, within the isolated grid or zone.