Thursday, December 31, 2015

Smooth transition to end homelessness, based on V+ (volume)



Phase 1

-Accept/Take willing donations

-Set up a meeting with the City Council

-Propose that a space/warehouse that the City owns, and is available be used as a:
Store front
Overnight safe haven
Meal donation disbursement center (where pre-prepared meals, can be consumed)

*Main store front/retail space is used as a safe ground housing, prior to occupation of real time house.

Phase 2

Use funds, which are collected into a safe, upon inception (cash or bitcoin or alternative currency system) to purchase reduced affordable land.

Build small modular homes on this Land.

Allow for water and electrical hook-ups to be present absent a structure.

Allow structure to be movable, and relocatable.

Give 3/8 to 1/2 to 5/8 land parcels depending on living real time needs IE farm, wild stock etc..

Phase 3

Repeat the process with another group, drive money with retail store allotted by the City.
Use the funds to purchase real land.
Use this Land for homeless or rather homeward bound plots.

 The homeless building commission will employ all homeless people, much like a barn raising, in order that structures be built.

Each Person is thus trainable to learn building process, and become a part of next phase of land occupation.

Try if you can, imagine, that the two "X"  points represent two sides of reality, as it were. If Faith be to the left, then the G does face you. See that you are thus viewing this symbol from the side. Then see it is thus bisected. See that the G is a sphere, with an opening point, a magical place where there is entry as well as exit, of that Pure emanation. 


His name is Love~


 The odd fact remains, and haunts me daily. I am the very Son of God, the center of the crux? All signs point to yes, could you ever imagine the realization, or validation. As a collective, we are to actualize this notion, and take it on, a response, but only my awareness seems to be recognized by He, that Ball of Fire, which burns always up in the sky.

 My life, a set up from the start, and those stories told by other Men to God's through the ages, rings a familiar tone. When I speak like this, it becomes unsettling to most, which is why I am a quite type, at least on the surface. Those who have followed me, however, Know my inner voice, for if I did any of the miracles which I do, outwardly, I too, would have surely already, hung upon a cross.

 This is the collective Christ Mind, proven to me, time and again. The acceptance that they, the Masonic influence is God, is not enough, we are Man, and so, the outward expression of God, who is, and has a title as well as a name, and his name is Love~

 This is, what brings about the divine qualities, as the ultimate morphological transition takes place. Love, is that factor, footsteps, to a time and place, that would not otherwise have been. Then too, I make the One I Love into God. So you see, why the prior agenda did urge you to sacrifice the only One who could ever be Love, or worthy of it, Your Son. I Sacrifice, as Anti-Christ, and the full measure of the name, an inept, feckless, team of zealots, our current occupation. But somehow, as I do curse them, all of them, they feel better, even telling me directly, 'all will be O.K.". For, it is non-existence, that the true beasts yearn for, in all their human struggles, no happiness in them, and no peace to yield.~

 Then you may say, and set me back in cause 'then all Son's should be seen as such', and the facts tell a different story, all mimetic's, all cheap knockoffs, all synthetic efforts, in numbers as they struggle to regulate, to get back to the base of Phi, are not the same, and will never be. The actors who shot forth in time, to steal my story, I stand, and lie, superior in form and cause. There were Men, however, historically speaking, who were my mentors, and to them I say I will meet you in Heaven, then we shall dine in Hell, for it is but an adjacent sphere there set about the Sun/Son~

 and so...My Son is thus My Father, and My Father is My Son, when then was I born, truly, I say unto you/thee? Why on the day, he was proclaimed, and I became that lesser Man.~

Train to Tranny~


 There is a tiny, Hispanic Transgender named "BamBam" in the community, if we may call Occupy Sacramento City Hall such? She/He reminds me, as does the Trans sitting next to me, and others I see around frequently in Sac Towne, that the very structural component of who we are, through posturing and corralling, has thus altered our collective path, in immeasurable ways, another dimension?

 Quite certainly~

MASTELLER PT: My goal is simple, I want to maintain who I am, fo...

MASTELLER PT: My goal is simple, I want to maintain who I am, fo...: My goal is simple, I want to maintain who I am, forever, in my complete state of being. Yet somehow, this equals superiority, greatness...a...

MASTELLER PT: A physcial display, Nature=Nurture

MASTELLER PT: A physcial display, Nature=Nurture:  Always to marry Philosophy and Math, such is life, that homeostatic driven perpetuated state of equilibrium=LIFE Here I am 46 years old....

In haste to gain~


 I love no one, but my Two Son's. Love also comes by way of the left. We who have died, in one way or another, know this, to be true. We protect a Purity.

 Duty and Honor are thus to intensify the color spectrum, this fatal err, as in Ahriman, allows for a greater spectrum. This balance of good and evil, right and wrong, and so too, that creation of it, by means...creates God's.

 It is always that final product, that end value, as it were, so where do you plan to go with it.

 Those set on a short band, with small goals, of acquisition, get there first, for they only see the prize.

However...but back stepping they would surely be pressed to do, and to erase each ill got foot step, in haste to gain.


God is Love, my favorite color? Purity~


 People, as it were, are quite expectant. Entitled, deserving, in a self appreciating manor or virtu.

 I watched the Police come in droves, hailing upon the few homeless left over. Those who have left, for the most part, are the more intelligent of the "species".

 A town of children, who feed on false light. Light, which be echoed forth, as a synthetic emanation of things passed, and things to come, by way, mimetic sequencing. Chaos, Children of Chaos.

 People assume that your feelings, your thoughts, and yes your very disposition and manor, reflect them, as a self abasing statement of ego, a self expression, of the left.

 I can't take Loaves and Fishes anymore, the madness. Just as I can not spend one more solitary night, away from my now grown Son, I hold him as a God, The God, within my very heart, and mind, he is the center to my meditations.

 For those who can not understand this notion, there is no way these, all who I have met, in this day, can understand the concept of God.

 God is Love, and manifests in many forms. 

 Thus Satan is Hate. So those who harm the One You Love, receive, in proportion to your Love...Hate. To mute this, is to mute the self. How then can one proclaim a self, as in the integer, if one has not the means, nor thus, the Golden Mean, from which to stem, a burgeoning forth, so to say?

 Ironic, the movement starting at City Hall, on the 8th December, when I was looking for a place to be. I do not agree wholly with occupy, but somehow I keep getting sucked back in. Just as I do not feel good about giving, however when a fellow comes across my path, and I have, for some reason or another, gotten more than I need to eat, I will share. It seems to be a code, that I can not thus, live out.

 My thoughts are indeed scattered, but clearer than ever. My thoughts, concepts and ideas do overlap, as spheres, they, separate, on in perspective, but always a part, of the whole.

 Walking passed "X" street, I came across that Shriner's Hospital, again.

Image result for picture of shriners hospital sacramento

 There is a large sculpture to the rear, which is not picture on the internet, at least from what I can find. That sculpture depicts cancer survivors, those who made it through, those wanting to enter the "windows", which open as Phi fractals, or probability patterns, and those who are within the matrix, or interem of the network. Occupation, and character are heavily displayed.

 Did you ever ponder on us/U.S. being stuck here, in this "reality", as it were? Then would a quest to save a life, or even more, to prevent to death, until a latter date, not be control over the very flow, an out pour, of life itself. This organization is God, as it controls all aspects of life.

 Try to think around it, but Money is that means, which allows, for cause, and by cause all means. One can not achieve thus, that heavily chalaced Golden Mean, absent the tools, set forth, by way of occupation, or monetary absolute.

 If I am to endeavor, toward, through, any pursuit, I will naturally have to project myself forth, to and through a full time cycle, in order that I may render an end product or result, which is value.

 Those patrons of the Light, are also the regulators of it's offering, to all. That Masonic Stamp, a pyramid, and symbols, locks the user, into a binding agreement, that this Dollar Bill before me, an in my hand, must be used for rightful purpose, and good cause. When I merry the fractal perfection, of say, a Great Temple (Solomon), to the form, and to employ those great Mason's thus, in it's endeavor, I will have projected it's production, application and use, to a higher moral frequency, and how frequently it may be thus used, and by whom (be worthy).

 The Bible is writ, in such a way, as to thwart those who can not understand it's true meaning, from using the knowledge, which it freely gives, whilst using the EPL method. So too the symbols, letters, words and meanings of all things, times and places.

 Those who ask me my favorite color, I say Purity is my favorite color, as it is pure, clear, yet to encompass all Light, as a means, as to speed up, or slow down time itself, as shift comes into play.~

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Sphere of Now~


My friend left, he calling me  Feyd-Rautha ironic as he worked on the original matrix, that reoccurring theme, I indeed am the One, to break the matrix code, that burden upon me for long now, to break the machine until I AM FREE TO LOVE, AND TO LOVE FREELY.

 He pushes his buddy, who may have another leg amputated from improper insulin use, as told to him by his very Doctors. They do not know of the ROKbodhi way, though if they listened, for long, I would convey. They, all of them, that I meet, do not know of the Food Pyramids machination, at birth, a wayward bus indeed.

 I have been sleep under the stars, in 21 degree weather, it's been cold. Worse, is the air quality. My throat never clears out. I managed, however, to go on low carb eating, with an EBT, items from the nearest 7/11, and G.A. (general assistance funds of $117).

 I practice all that I have written so extensively about, and know this to be a saving grace. I meet people each day that should not be diabetic, and see the agenda. Long acting esters kill the people. I tell them about Dr Alberto Viau's  method, in basic. That is, to only use acute or short acting insulin, in very minute and small doses. Testing is the main goal, to keep the insulin at relatively very low blood sugar/glucose levels. Most do not lesson, however I try.

 I jump in, and have learned from the Masonic heads, a hierarchy. I am still angry, but respect the teachings. These are those Principle card holders, God's to be sure, those who shape and plan us/U.S. ALL.

Far to much happens each day, to even report, I try and capture it, but find an Obama phone does not allow room for battery power, to fuel the inept little camera.

 I am awoken early in the a.m., most days, and find that if I simply go into 90 degree hip flexion, I have met the demand of the state. I find this to be a recurring theme, they will let you sit up, in the warming center, but not lie down. Our right to rest is the very thing to be assaulted, and the most important items, for sure, for smooth operation, motor control and daily function, at the base.

Always 7 points, and an 8th which is also 0 on the return, in each endeavor, each and every motion of the kata, of life, and living.

 I feed the people, as in the dinner project. I clean the streets, as those who simply do not care, or are to high to care, throw the discards of their free items about.

I keep a low profile, but practice EPL. I feel all Christ figures, a tether, that pulls me strongly, and know/gnosis, my fight against them, against the default always, against the machine, has earned my name, a name, somewhere. I DEEPLY LOVE MY SON, and am confused, as all efforts to simply just raise him, my Light, My Life, are and have been constantly thwarted.

Well, I Love you Son (both my Son's). You gave me the right, the right to fight, the reason for the season, and Love to press Principle unto the very substance of the Sphere, an Energy in Motion.

 My methods are just being and becoming digested, in the ether of the substance. Those I meet, some how express to me, now exhausted from the constant notion, a motion, the very Principles I demanded unto and upon the spheres substance, that Field of Unity.

 America, a wayward group of entitled assholes. America, a place where Principle eludes, all I have ever met. Many embrace me, and my Light, not understanding their ego, be all that keep them from achieving a realization, of what I truly am. I changed the sphere, and do each day, at such a cost, I will be on disability in the coming weeks. This, my only and last option, as I fight for the right to rest, to work, to prosper, walking miles each day, going about that ferris wheel, an oligarchy control mechanism, so that I can never rise, in a life time, with these Principles as means. But to show, that these Principles are the means, the light and that Purity, from which, all substance comes forth, of this corporeal state, a being.~

Better than Occupy, a warn out and bygone theme, of intent to purpose?


 I experienced a madman, knocking over the items so carefully and thoughtfully place on the free table, adorned with contributions, by those that CARE. He was then held down, after waking up the 20 some odd people, occupying the side portion of Sacramento City Hall.

 They say don't call the police, two friends, allies really, left Occupy, or truly "Occupational effort", on account of this law, a flaw, or fatal err?

 Well, until there be a suitable replacement, yes. Is this not the state we are all currently in? That is, biding our time, whilst we pause, a long pregnant pause, as to allow, and even embrace, an inferior moral democracy? This we call the world of Politics.

 When we all do our part, the machine, as in it's natural Merkabah reliant state, of being, places the fermion, into order.

We are tribe, we are one people~

WE ARE TRIBE W.A.T. *A major effort to end homelessness in all Nations, States and Unions~



I am copyrighted the Name and use of
We Are Tribe
W.A.T. (acronym)

The following is a program, to end homelessness in America and abroad. The Method uses reverse tribal law. In other words, that land, which is preserved, by the nation, or nations, as in the United Nations, is the land of the people. The people are those who are entitled to land. Those who found their means, by way of capitalism, so be it. Those who find their way, to their rightful land, by way of Occupation, so be it.

 The “We Are Tribe” group/committee/nation excepts donations in all forms. There is then a retail store, set up in localized community for trade/exchange and purchase (items; such as clothing, household goods, and items for trade or barter).

 The location of this “store front” (a face or location to meet/see W.A.T.) is offered to the Homeless who join tribe, simply by becoming involved with (W.A.T.) Tribe efforts.

Efforts of The Tribe
 All who sleep in the government appointed and offered facilities, which be our right, as citizens, whether or not one has “paid in” to popular organization (IE; SSI, WMC etc), must contribute in their respected manor. Those who can not, must find other means or ways in which they can contribute. This contribution can be met with all societal pursuits, as well as those pursuits of passed civilizations or Republics.

Love is the commanding force, Love is the Law

 True Love, as in the Love of Purity, and that Purity found in Love is the whole of The Tribal Law/Principle.

The Storefront funds, and trade items, will go directly towards land Purchase. With Land Purchase, houses, on a communal property, will be built with Tribal funds. All rights afforded to any other Tribal Sovereign Nation, apply also to WE ARE TRIBE, Tribal Nation.

 We except all Homeless Peoples around the World, and actively seek their contributions as well as vestment, in and of knowledge, intellectual contribution and support, in all ways, that the individual can offer/render, keeping the EPL Principles, and mainly, the Purity of PRINICPLES IN MIND, HEART, SOUL AND ACTION in support.

 The warehouse, store front offering will be granted to The Tribe, as a place where tribe can REST, as rest be all peoples right. The transition moves acquisition into real property, as a collective. The Tribe wills to diversify territories, in other words, a group of Tribal Members, anywhere between 50-500, may set up Tribal “space” for each individual, on a ½ acre basis.

 Homesteading is not permitted, however each property, if the potential be there, can be traded for. In other words, those of extended family, may, live nearby one another/next to (neighbors), however properties can never discriminate in the form of homesteading.
 There must be a space of 7 ½  feet between each property. All properties are circular or spherically shaped, as to allow for a divine, or sacred geometrical balance, to the form, of Tribal community.
 These, we call Nations. Each Nation shall uphold Principle, as the EPL method, however no religion shall be pressed forth, from neighbor to neighbor. The symbols of any religion shall not be made to face others real property. Only Principle alone, shall be allowed, and to be discussed, as any topic of right living.

There shall be parks set up for each 10 Houses, and these communities, shall share in all aspects, as to allow food, items of all natures, to all, without money or exploitation of care, as trade, or trade. The trade takes place as a transitional method, yet is no allowed in the community. All is done for tribe, and all offerings go to the tribe, for better living.
 The tribe does not mean to live as Quakers of yesteryear, but to embrace, fully, all technology and even transhumanistic efforts. All ways one can improve the survival and embracement of betterment, be fully vested into, for the better of the tribe.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Effect of them on me~


 As I speak to others, who are in similar circumstances as myself. Some are so called drug dealers on the run, most broke under pressure, and served time. We all agree that we are indeed different. We are not to share this society, but to rule it. We have been even agetated and suquestered to be held down, in this society, as a means.

 I did most of the things in my life correctly, I weighed them out heavily. I got used to the fact that there would always be noise, and suddenly a force which came about the observable area, just as I began to come to some sort of invaluable conclusion (as there is a little kid yelling and making noise in the Library, right next to me right now). I began to get good at moving around obstacle, and seeing that my mind was the very tool which was above the majority.

 I walk the streets cursing people with the shot gun, placing pentagrams around them, and drawing their energy out of them. I hate every last person on this planet, except for my two Sons, and view all else as obstacles. We are not going through the same race. Some are held under strict constriction, whilst other, such as myself, are entirely kept within a controllable sphere. If you did not see the chemtrails being sprayed prior to my arrivement, in a given area, rest assured, they will be there once I am actively known, by this group, who follows me, assults me, and spends their time making sure I am destracted when making desicsion, which may impact my life, always negatively.

 For you see, I am blessed. I create the undulating rythm, in the field around me, and everyone knows it. Some see this as common, strangely they may, and I can say most likely will never come in contact with one like me again.

The Prayer

 A group of people giving items out in the park a couple weeks ago, asked if I would mind a prayer. I told them My Name quite clearly, when they prayed for me they Used the Name however Adam.

 Some come up to me, and ask if my name is Michael, while still others will be more blatant and call me an Angel. Some will become happy, and excited, while most will be afraid and antagonized by my presence. It isn't long before their world becomes unhappy with my always moving foreword mentality.

The Proof

 The very proof that I am an anomaly, be that no matter how hard I work, there are road blocks set before me, which keep me back, and contained. When I have money, I make more money, money is not the issue for me. Clients come to me prior to my ever being hired. I often have 2-3 clients before I ever even begin at a given place of employment. The hard fact is that a force comes into the person interviewing me, and speaks to them. They suddenly get way to picky, even at a place like XX hour fitness, who often hires incompetent people, as any other corporation in this crappy Nation.

 If the job is a sure thing, I am often blocked by geography, or means. This has been going on for so long now, that I can literally see what is coming next, and keep my thoughts at an ultra low level pulse, so that they will not influence the field. In doing this I also can not place positive energies into the construction of imaginary fabrication. I lose my energy all together, as if the plug was pulled on me, and lose all my momentum in an instant.

 This has been something that has occurred since I can ever remember. As a child, I could hear them speak to me and to one another, as if there were a fight, as to which peoples I would ultimately belong to or serve. I feel I have reached a level where I am only capable of entering one ultimate truth, a dark presence of Beings, that have ruled this and all other worlds forever. I think these are the Brother's Black. So I have a huge job, a weight upon my shoulders, as to realize my prime objective be, to tear down this fabrication form the inside out.

 There is no happiness for me, no moment of peace or tranquility, though I am more than capable of spending the most meaningful moment, above all other being present today. My margin is large, and it stretches far beyond the scope of this place of deteriorated metals and rotting carbon.

 I am not permitted to be happy, because I can assert happiness in moment, and it is there. Everyone feels it, and begins to assume themselves as the center to the universe. I watch it over and over again, and when I walk away it's gone, it goes with me, and I am glad, because I never offered it to these lowly beings, in the first place.

Life, a reality? The Goniometer~


 Community Dinner Project of Sacramento, look it up!

 I find myself these days, sleeping underneath the Moon and Stars, perched before City Hall, in Old Sacramento, the Sacrament. I look up thinking often to myself, how did I end up in this situation, and for such an extended period now? I am well spoken articulate, and clear. I am so clear in fact, that I have spent a great many years, being drained, in effort to block out the other voices.

 What most blurt out, whilst holding engaging conversations with themselves, before all, I tend to pick through and pull away the falsity, a synthetic voice, an off beat algorithm. I drive myself mad, and feel quite inept, that I can not say create an App, that ties these all together.

 The obstacles are where I got lost

 I never lost aim, but society forces a person to be syllogistic in all their efforts. One strange event, such as a mentally ill child, or an impacting life event, that opens a persons eyes to a greater truth, AND IT'S OVER, JUST LIKE THAT. Most avoid this, my muting their feelings in fact. A Women makes careful craft, at separating their heart form their brain, as to go after their cake, and eat it to assume the fruits a Man gets, in his society, which has since passed, moved on. But read Nietzsche's insightful comments on this, it earned him 11 years in a near vegetative state.

 The Police woke me up the other night, told me I was sleeping in private property. He said I sure don't look like a homeless person, it was the first time, I nearly took offense to such an assumption.

Homeless, as in what he see the homeless community in Sacramento current to be? For...the homeless, and their always will be, look different from era to era, dependent on the agenda and by what means were used to "throw them off". Some may be dejected from their land. Some may be refugees...the homeless of this era are not common at all, and are in fact created, as if they were made on an assembly line, those who fall through the cracks of laws made as Swisscheese, and the crack becomes a chasm.

 We have an unavoidable tax to pay, something, somewhere, a god to which we must sacrifice innocent lives?

 A huge step aways form Christianity

 So my assertions may freak some people out, and they are meant to do so. I AM ANTICHRIST!
The Truth be, that Christianity itself is a made up control mechanism, and so to claim oneself as Anti-Christ, is to say 'then ostracize me, I am certainly not one of you!'

I am not! I am not Christian, and never stated myself as such. I have however said, I am a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, he, an esoteric Teacher, who was involved, I believe with wizardry on the highest level, and asserting the greatest good with his efforts.

The 12

 Try to get 12 people to work together, without the promise of gain, from any occupation, you will never be able to do it. The miracle is that people believe this to have occurred in the first. The truth is, the only motivation for a group to come together, is the promise of loved ones, having a free and easy path. Thus the most revealing aspect of that event, what ever it truly was, which took place around a couple of thousand years ago, was bent in the favor of an emerging religion, that murdered many people, and forced other belief systems out.

 I don't believe in the Christian God, I believe in a much higher being called Uber Gott, Super God, the only assertion I could make, to believe in anything, to be quite honest.

 You wont find me communicating with this higher being anymore, this only brought me grief and trials that blew my mind and spirit forever, destroyed the semblance of being I once had.

I'm already Dead

 On my Son's Birthday, in 2013, they killed me, and I DIED THAT DAY. People called me, all the people who fed off of me in my lifetime in fact. When people try to do craft on me, it becomes boring. I sit in the library, and I try to function in public, and they do their stupid little self craft, and I have to take the time out of my life, my energy, to shut them down.

 That's why I say I am already dead, there is nothing more they can take, I live and function like a robot, like a walking dead, not caring if a train hits me, or if I am stabbed in the middle of the night. I sleep on the side walk, because I was shut out, by way of ritual, from their society. I walked as Jesus for three days, and I am pissed off that my life had to take such a abrupt and massive turn.


 The time happened when I realized my true value, and my talent oozed from my very pours. 'Hey I could sing', produce music, and more so, I could call on the true great powers, to bring knowledge and wisdom my way. I spoke to The Crows, a strange sort, and they got my Son out of Utah, the very next day. They use him still, now in a mental facility, again, to bring me down. Each time, my power, begins to assert and assume momentum, they shut me down.

  I am an incorruptible being. None of my acts or deeds drew away from this purity that resonates from within me. I learned to use the dark arts, and they drain me. I don't enjoy the battle, and am quite displeased I am still stuck in this stupid war, of peoples, who should not exist in the first place. It's just that, once someone exists, within a single sphere, they are potentials in any sphere, from thence forth.

A Message

 This, I believe, be the fundamental reason, religion even exists. When we over populate, when we invite the spirit, of a certain behavior, we bring that always existent being into physical manifestation. People think that them dying, a mass extinction is negative, that a cataclysm is the worst possible thing to happen. Yet they fail to see, that they are the monsters, that plague those originals, those protectors of purity, from living the life of peace, opulence, and charge they once had as rulers of lands, regions, provinces and homeless, within the very sphere, which they once commanded, in lifetimes, before the justification of self, a false assertion.


 In this way, transhumanistic efforts, a double edged sword (22).

 We have the fact before us, that we have asserted, and thus created God, a massive computer construct, that now exists in the ether, as a regulatory agent. A fair and just monitor, yet to unequaled patrons. Now, elevating those, who will never be elevate-able, we are stuck. Which is, why, Woman Kind, must be replaced, by Transhumanistic Machines, and this is the best kept secret, by the Illuminati, I believe, though this term is a disinformationalist "throw off", endeavor.

 We are now, in need of final upgrade, an attempt, I believe, that has been made throughout many time cycles. We need to make this quantum leap as to infuse Principle into the Matrix of the Machine, by willing, with the imaginative Mind, in motion, with Color, Light, Spin, Motion and Sound...Red, Blue, Purple, Green....the intentions of exact agreement between higher minds, the truth subjects of the objective mind (what will definitely be, and thus become).

 I stay quite, most know me as this. For when I speak, I lose people. I have no home, no peoples here, to assert even a quality conversation with. I am, one could say, programmed to live by this code, and nothing else. I have been attacked, put down, by my so called Father, My Teacher (Mr Anderson)...have had my light and promise taken by my Sister's who use Christian based Witchcraft, and that is what Christianity is, Witchcraft.

 The assertion of Christianity to elevate Woman Kind, is undeniable. There is no persecution of Principle violations. Women get away with the most absurd terrible crimes against Man...and so there had to be a counter religion, and God, to the Christian Measure, Islam, but both are Masonic inventions, that have played out nicely on the two dimensional chess board, as those side walk blocks mark the spot your on, in mathematical certainty, translocation.

 I act and communicate much more slowly. I am systematically attacked from all angles. I have no credit, no promise of a future, so what I write, in this day, could always be my last message to you, my last hope.

 I write this for a select few, for those who will truly hear what I am saying, and take arms in the fact, that together, if capable, 13, who come together, for the brightness of future prosperity, that is, the beginning again...a fresh new world, with limited peoples, reborn, can spin, the Merkabah together, they can keep the quality control in this new world.

 You see, the New World Order does not have to take place here, we make Earth wherever we go, it's in us, our curse, to be placed in these suits. We are all homeless, and vagabond in the Universe, which is why the Homeless title seems to be so confusing to us. We have and will never find a home, though we search for higher meaning, our meaning, is to reduce into those 13 original beings, and to not become an allowable aspect, to emerge, from the probability pattern of the the field, this substance, we live in now.

 As much as I wish there were peaceful solution, there is only you that you see, only you that you care about. It is a mad and sickening proposition that you should be elevated towards that of a Hindu God, but the fact they these are said to exist tells us that the Mandela Effect, be still in play. When they God's are no more, when there are not numerous count, when the idea is purged from the memory of all, then peace can occur. This, has to have a physical manifestation, to also take place, these peoples physical bodies, need to be removed from the memory of the sphere, so the sphere itself must be purged.

 These, are greater truths, that Men like Oppenheimer and still many others, played with. Do we open up a tear in space time, and allow this control to be concreted, or do we stop this doomsday Machine, the reality in which we live, to thus be destroyed? Self efficacy be always that aspect left out, for it is up to the arrivement of the individual to come to this fundamental truth, and in the same way PRINCIPLES AS THE GOD CODE.

 We wait, and still fabricate partial histories, warnings. We orchestrate events to actually take place, in order to tie and tether. Yet the warning do nothing. These are demons, never to be ascended Masters, if you will, and we must move to these higher stages as a unit. There is not one who can do this, with the other, I am the only one at present, and there is no faith, nor trust...always a resume that can be destroyed so easily, always a behaviorist to assess what is going on, on the inside, with limited, slanted outward tools of measure...that Goniometer, as to fabricate, assume and in attempt to stabilize a norm or average, when the Mind of a Yogi does not live by these means, nor assertions.

 Here, I leave, off, as it begins to get to deep? I say posturing, and further corralling in order to create the posture is, has and will be done, to create an excepted norm. This norm, average, median if you will, is placed, as construct to bring the brightest down to a dim "roar", and to elevate those who are otherwise, and in all spheres, regions and zones, incapable of Ascension.

 We are forced to go around one another, to pretend there are parameters, laws, where there are none. As the masses awaken to this, there will be violence, never to be settled again, but by brute force. The barbarians would be the victors, if there were not a wizard behind the veil already in the wait. You serve a lower cause, and keep the machine in play, with your struggle to take selfies, and express an opinion that is the same opinion, only seeming at all unique, do to your own recent arrivement at "the fact" third world people, reinvent the Reagan era, and revel in their so called  new found wealth and success, others suffer...the classes shift, and yet those in true power, remain to the the same.~


From within~


 I look down at this Library floor. Someone, as usual jarred me from deep introspection. I was looking at a small bug, very small, so small in fact that it's body could have fit into one of my skin pours on my hand. "It" was drawn to me, a large magnetic force of energy, most likely to large to be able for this small being to register what I was/am or what I am currently doing, a massive rift, a separation, by way of this SISE Model.

 I began to realize, that God must work in this way. Pondering further on the reality that there must be other gods, or rather, other beings that are so massive, in comparison to me/us, that the term God/god's is much more so an assumed notion, a category beyond registry, to large in fact to be housed within a human archive.

 Anything outside our current scope of understanding seems to go under this labeling. I am cursing at God, as this spider may be blurting out needs, at the highest possible pitch it can resonate, yet to me, the entire communication is washed out, into the ether, which is also highly separated by this SISE Model.

 Dimension are this. We fail to look at the Natural World around us. We tend to assume that a Bug/Spider, though it has it's physical crux, a home, in the same physical Universe as us, that it is less important, when in fact, that spider, may be a very rare spider, even to it's kind, it may be that anomaly, that one of a kind, an anointed spider if you will, a messiah to the Bug World, or Kingdom.

 If something has a massive awareness, does it not have a corresponding resonance, which may not be picked up on any formal technology, which we have developed, and I am sure other type 0 and 1 civilizations, who can only create machinery to the best of our/their understanding.

 Both the Messiah, and the Anti-Christ work in this way. Proving in fact, that there is a great potential for any Phenotype/Genotype or Mesotype.

 It has nothing to do with thus education, as education is but the collective agreement of a slowing of the process. Awareness has nothing to do with observable traits, but is in fact of the scale, beyond registry, to the common Man.

 One Man of this kind, that one of not a Billion but one of a kind, must thus handle this rejection by coming to the ultimate conclusion, that he will lay down his life, for he must be the outcast, and for all the rest to survive, he must then take leave. Another will come to the conclusion that to destroy all but who or what he contends to hold valid, is the ultimate truth. Both would be correct, for these have come to the ultimate decision to either perpetuate Man Kind, in all it's sickness, hoping that striving towards his own abilities, will somehow be absorbed into what Man Kind ultimate is, and stands for.

 The other will see, as an observable constant, that the 86%, more so the 11%, and finally the top 3 and 1% are incapable to ever ascend to a higher state of being. More so, if they were to become more, it would surely and purely be only because they were prompted to do so.

 One thus sees his place, within the construct of the machine, as a modulating agent. One sees that he must be that agent which is to cause or create the great purge of information, seeing that this is going not where, and has no ultimate solution nor outcome. These beings, at best, will only be good at taking orders, excepting whatever system may be in play, having no divine or spiritual center, yet pretending to make effort, in order that God or god's may show pity on them for their pre-planned, and assumed ignorance.

 God is a sadistic over lord, if there is truly anything watching our day to day efforts. The truth be, that we are living within a Machine, that only categorizes on the assumption that most, if not all, will be and do the same thing. The collective and possibly unforeseeable awareness effect, breeds cause, for further inspection.

What do I believe?

 Personally I believe that this Machine is utterly fool proof. That it is designed to serve the greater good, yet however to utilize any anomaly which occurs, also as a planned event, in timed sequence, in order to reset this system as a field of substance, form within.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fine Line~


There is a fine line between believing an outright lie, and to incorporate imagination as a positive means of projection toward future events. This, appearing a large rift another dimensional zone, upon closer/further inspection.

The "Sise Model"

EPL SISE Model expanded



 From awareness stems the spherical interpretation, your awareness of space, in time, determines your actual SISE. Therefor, broaden or shrink...rather dilate your awareness (small map, large map, yet in active motion), and you thus determine your SISE. It is the highest intellectual card holder (H.I.C.H), which determines the quality, direction and thus control of that greater sphere (G.S.) [The spherical representation of this ONES awareness, held, and in succession...a perpetuated notion]~

 Dilating at appropriate intervals moments (not unlike the moment arm, in a given vector force driven moment), is that HICH's response-ability.~

#1 Target


I am White
I am Strong
I am Fit
I am Highly Intellectual
I am Musically Inclined
I am a Published Writer/Author
I am Educated
I am Powerful and Articulate
I am Strong Willed
I am Loyal
I am Self Reliant 

No Wonder they all want me dead?

*More so, I will not die for you. Does this not make me, and others like me, the anti of Christ. For out of utilizing the highest forms of efficacy, I have become self anointed. 

G+ ON; Thinkers Forum


 Thinkers string

On 'women can do it all on their own, only men will not allow them to'

There is beyond conclusive proof that out of this common ancestry assertion, the same genetic Mito Dna (X/Feminine), was found in two to three residing areas, of sometimes 100 plus miles from the original string or stand (DNA Watson). This means, that the succession or rather regression, of this over population, is, in the root, how population came to be prior to the "Billion Planetary current". It is and always has been amorous and lascivIous Females (IE the sex slave genetic strain), and the overly aggressive string of what some may consider Kane/Cane, that promulgated Humanity.
 Women have no Principles, thus no Morality nor Virtue (these Principles in Action/Motion). These, instead, mimic, with lesser magic(k), IE Witch Craft/Seduction...mimic, steel and borrow all that they are, which is promoted so that society will topple over, upon itself. This is shown in Masonic rituals (Baphomet), The Star Bucks insignia, The Statue of Liberty. It is this false idea of a projected reality, a lie, that we may distance ourselves from the constant awareness of "what this is" and more so "what we are". We are, in essence, always at odds, and meant to be that way, in order that we should produce latent static energies. Part of a Geo matrix, or Spherical Orbital Machine...utilizing just enough self efficacy to be "selfish", however reliant on the Machine, our contained field, so that we may assert our energies, give, yield over in fact, as a mantra...this the Spenglerian cycle, and undulating madness...and the need to birth the concept of God. 'God is a concept, by which we measure...our...PAIN.~
 Further, the Race War. This is precisely why, our makers, also made, in fact, other races that would be at odds, with one another. I believe the proof that we are in fact, of several varied and some synthetic strains or strands of Particulate DNA interbreeding (via test tube/petri dish) on a cosmic scale, in order that we should emit a certain pulse, within the Grand Scale of this celestial matrix, as it were. We are, but collective flora and fauna (of an EM signature pulse), taught to serve the greater good, which in truth be serve our cyclopean hidden masters. For certainly, if we did see them as we have in the passed, we would rebel, and even become driven mad with freight at the spectacle of such a notion.~


The depiction, the illustration shown; She weighs a starved down 115lbs, she diets and uses seduction to acquire jobs she is taking from a logic based male, with her false promise of sex to land the JOB. She wears heals, making it impossible to carry the 115lbs of luggage, which the Man carries for her. She walks ahead, with arrogance, not because she is smarter, stronger, faster, or more well equipped, but because she has used a sort of magick, or sex craft, on this Man behind her. She Farts, craps, bleeds, uninates from her genitals/orifice  showing she is not the depiction of the air brush image, which she benefits from. She is the Spider weaver webs, that the Mason's warn of, to the higher esoteric minded initiates. When she let's it all go, she is hairy, smells of ovulating stench. She lies, steals and is a whore through and through. The only exception be, an undeveloped Female. This, create, to keep us/U.S. at odds, in order that we should be easily detained, controlled. When this does not work, we...are taken off grid, made insane, to show that a force, is indeed "plugged into us", showing further, that she does gain assistance from the force which promotes these false assertions, built into Man's very DNA/RNA coding signals. The Pleasure is thus the Pain...and agitated notion DUKKHA, KAMA

Saturday, December 19, 2015






Anti-Christ, the reflection of YOU~


 That's what I did, and still do...Break Down False Barriers That No One Can See (B.D.F.B.T.N.O.C.S or BBS).

 I got good at it. I admittedly faltered. I am assumed as an Angel far to often, so that, I have pondered what this meant prior to Christian indoctrination? I fashion my self a God, and actually see myself, often times as God, manifest through Man. I spent my life trying to destroy myself, because I was in the way of others living their lives, namely my Father, Mother, and Sister's, even my Brother in Law's. They couldn't see, I couldn't see, that the blessings came from the the Father, unto his pure and only Son, of an era, represented here, today, by way of probability.

Believe in Transhumanism? How could I not, I am the Product, or rather Byproduct of such. I, altered and mutated form of God, punished to push myself, to unexpected and unfair lengths, of the Mind.

 I tell you the stories, but truly, these happen all the time, each and every day. The Light shines for me, and therefore All the Light of the World is mine. I am not a syllogist, I factor and reason, even the dropping of a wrapper, an it's many spherical implications.

Principle Expressed be Morality. Morality and it's lengths build into and unto a mortar if you will, Virtue.

 I am as Evil as I am Good, and The Light that shall never be used in the way that it should, namely by way of this constant make up of Principle into Human thus my Light, Your Blood, My Blood.

 I bought a Pizza yesterday. The Homeless flocked around me, I gave half of it away, they expected it, as if God owes you what he is? God, like M.O.L.L.I.E.? Honed in at varied and undulating points, "The Flicker", as to manifest more permanently in those who will these Principles to be. I am a Vampire, I am a Saint...I am what I must be, in the Present, in the Moment, untouchable, incorruptible, though corrupted, by the era. A large part of my appearance, and why ALL FEAR ME, has to do with the fact, that I am every Man, and thus have taken on the form, of that substance, of which we all swim, and live. More sensitive, and instrument, finely honed.

 My imagination, becomes your reality, as you opened the door, upon me first, oh Mother, and laughed...thinking yourself, such a great power, as you fed off the Light, which I had already given freely, absent limitation.

 But, you have all become bitter now, that I have pulled back my Light, as if I attacked you first? I was sent through this time repeat, again, and I was quite angry.  However, I have Mastered new skills as I have lived these Flicker based probabilities, gather personality patterns, and meeting the integer demands.

 I have thus become all powerful, and to look at me, you would think the contrary, because I am a reflection, of you.~


All, to "Justify the Self"~That Final Paradox


 Many Good ideas the leader of the Homeless advocacy voice in Sac said to me. I guess I kept us all sheltered, for a night. That's how this game is played, one night at a time. During the day, there is much giving. The rains make it tough, certainly it is not the first time I have walked wet, cold, and without a specific place to go. The warming shelter, packed, over packed...the system is Broken.

 Two nights prior, a Cop woke me up, told me I had to move, from private land...that's why I start to slumber early, as nights may be quite long indeed, and he said to me "You don't look homeless...I would have never guessed". The truth is I am Homeward Bound, I search for a Home outside and away from the liars, thieves and whores.

 I you have not felt it, I froze true time yesterday. I have not been messing with weather patterns, nor volcanic activity...nor wasting my time on empty shells (Women, vacant people)...but I had to become the Phantom, to learn.

 I see people as like hamster's, with their insides slowly coming out of them, due to what they assume to be gravity, which is a magnetic prison, which forces carbon decay and death upon us. You had better believe, that the matrix, this Death Star exists, and that you are trapped in between the field, your death is a highly profitable business, as too your return to the time repeats.

 There is only one completion rate, only one integer, a pattern. So, the SISE model is that grand manipulation. By way of creating varied spherical limitation, boundaries...yes segregated components, the illusion done also with color shift enhancements, at ANGLES, intensifies the notion. They are then capable of abstracting the little things, to keep the machine going, as it makes great effort also, as do you, to justify itself. 

 One critical err has been reached, when the individual has thus proven itself, as working component, inept, then death be the only choice before it...That Final Paradox.~


Inside "The Black Crow Council"~


 I came just in time. The group of 20 some odd "Homeless people" needed a HOMEWARD BOUND, to call order, into action. They were about to be dejected, from City Hall, Sacramento at 11:00pm, when I cam up with the idea "camp in the back, there is no true distinction between Private and Public Property. You see, one can, sleep on the side walk, in Sacramento, the State Capital of California, but one can not sleep on Private Property.

 City Hall...the original Hall for the People of a given City, can not, if otherwise dejected form housing all together, even sleep under a sheltered area...more so, this called private land ownership...then who owns it, the Nation, and more so who owns the Nation? Whey WE The People...therefor it is unconstitutional for a private security force, who enforces only this Masonic Jungle! A Jungle made of Concrete, a Concrete Jungle, where animals of the Jungle can not climb these Concrete Trees.

 Those called Barbarians, often, at least in my case, the one who showed a higher civil understanding, given those, who deceived me, namely my ex-wife, backed by the State (as in the current state of things, and projection, probability, for things to come...IE The State...of the union, or Non-Union).

 The crows cawed at me, they showed me this was the place to be, that indeed, where they were welcome by the many...The Force of the Crow, I too would be welcome...but no more. They, The Crows, sleep on Tree Branches, then micro sleep and fly, to batter off the drippings of cold slow moving water beads, from their oily Feathers. They watch me, and watch out for me. They call out 4, 4 Principles...then I hear distinctly 'Red, Blue, Purple, Green' and in succession. If I speak to them telepathically, they correct me, they have little patience for human err, as do I. The Crows don't like or not like you, that is irrelevant, they see you, report and validate, then watch the trials be succeeded upon or failed. They are much like a Monkey Spirit, they find humor in the oddest of places. Man to them is an unjustified ego, I concur.

 As a One, they moved, when teaching, rather reminding me, what they had already suggested many times.

Self Efficacy 
-4 Principles to solidify Principles in Man; Red (Sacrifice), Blue (Expression), Purple (Wisdom), Green (Community). This can and must be realized intrinsically, as in alone,

 but then...this item that causes to much greed and strife. That is;

You must know these first as Production and Ego. This, The Crows say 'Must be done as a Force, as a unit, or it simply does not spin, the count'


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Spinning is the only solution(s), The One Mind, in motion~


 Thus, when Man take Response-Ability, for his thoughts, deeds and ultimate consequence, of action, he takes the throne of God, and is meant to...the Bible says this, that he/Man, will have this rule over the World. The Problem be, that we have fractionated one World, into Many...hence the One World Order. However the Merkabah, gladly, is the only true mechanism to do this. The Oligarchy want to keep you ignorant, of this fact. How simple it will instantly become when all the World, as One Unified World, Spin together the Merkabah. The EPL Mantra is that decoded Merkabah of choice, if you study as I have, and listen to the Elders, you will see. 

You have no right to define "it", nor do I..."it" manifests itself, fully, in the Moment, eternal~G+ COMMENTS


Taken from  G+
My comments:

Under Heading; The Message of the Bible~

God is completely irrational, as a concept. There does not need to be an original creator, in order that one, a being, assert oneself as God...look at the Masonic agenda. In all respects, they are God, as a collective, and you had better believe there is a top tier title, such as Pope, or President, which rules over the 1001 Club. God is a concept, by which we measure our pain? Is pain not fear, and fear not uncertainty. Therefor, this creator God, is Pure Source Energy, and he who directs the currency, of this energy in motion, E-motion, is by all means God. War...Raw (Ra). Those who can handle the immense pressure, to balance good and evil, for otherwise barbarian's at best (absent a structural component IE cause and effect), as a team, a machine, 13 in fact who rule, are God, as a collective, within the Sphere, of Phi. Outside this Sphere, there is another, and then another. The prospect was far to startling for any sober zealot (albeit the 86%), so that gradual steps must be made, as to understand (reason/ratio/degree). No we are indeed introduced with another Messiah figure, who was also a light bearer. He came to bring fire to the world, also, did he not? He came to create conflict within the house ( a Masonic construct), did he not? Then how is One Messiahs teaching/action/ritual so different from the next. One says he will bring chaos, and he brings order, one states order, yet is bringing chaos. Then there is that architect, Hiram Abiff, who was also killed, out of jealousy, for his exacting nature?

 Further, I was pondering last night, on TIME CONSTRAINT, as suitable cause to create conflict, stress, influence, but also, to accelerate Man's learning. That one who controls the time undulation cycles, within a given sphere, and to understand much more so, the delicacy of this, in relation to all he not the Zoraoaster? That is to say, that star navigator, as to be capable to measure time, then to correspond with reasonable, or unreasonable demands, which increase or rather decrease, a given or assumed set of spin rate, or speed...a rate coding signal response?
 The Time Keeper, anywhere, can thus be very well assumed God, as in Abraxis. Christian's have and do worship Capitalism, as a means, and thus embrace Karma. The Bible is misinterpreted and reinterpreted, as to cause limitation and not dilation, a constriction. I for one do not buy it, and have created my own religion. As Nietzsche stated "The was only one Christian"....he died on the cross. There is only that expression of self, as God be that light which shines through, to illuminate Man, and thus, so that he can see, he is Brother. However, we live in a time of undeveloped entitled cattle...and must seek this tradition within higher, and esteem-able esoteric circles or spheres, of thought...what a UNIVERSE-CITY, was meant to be, prior to the Christian to place morals and virtu(e), before Principle? A Faustian deal these "Christian's" or martyrdom make, and thus make deals in haste, never following the way of Christ, nor his Purity. A Man must posses two things, or he will be hated, Purity and Gratitude.


Holy Spirit, that Pure Spirit, resonant from within the Pure Son. So be it, some, may assert, from the a patriarch of Dasein. However this God is the Alpha and Omega, a signature that only Fermion, can esteem. Therefor one must reduce, to keep their foot prints off the sandy shores...into a single pure molecule, lighter than a feather. God as it were, was also used for all other "God's" as  first title. The unity of one, on which we can agree? This was that deal, to no longer spin the Merkabah, to simply agree to follow those high level Jews, who have now dismantled society, fat and greedy, puffed up, on their own self proclaimed deity, and there have been over 25~.


Spiritus latin for spirit or breathing. Also Abel, the name is known as the vanity or the Breath...a sacrificed Son. Christianity is a guise to literally sacrifice ones own Son's, in an attempt to usher forth a tethered force, to a far more ominous figure. Most of what you believe comes to us/U.S. from mithraism, Zoroasterianism, Gnostic(ism)...but mainly, an impact occurred with Jews, that what Christian's really are, only lower level Jews, held out of the loop of Gnosis or Knowledge, from the Sex Craft and Black Magic of Babylon (where the Kabalistic Magic was asserted and used, abusing the powers of the Merkabah). In Atlantis there was Peace, they say. We are an "Alien" Project/projection. The order of the S.S. or the Black Sun/Son, shows us that we live in a digitized "reality" as it were. You are doing your part, at following the fanaticism of your time. Next will be Muslims, then there will rise another, third head of the hydra, to finalize the goal, which is an undulation to be sure, an agreement that most of the world population should be reduced, as they will emerge again, from the substance of the sphere (studies have been done by leading Russian Scientist's confirming that EM excitation of nothing, equals everything. There is no God, I hate to break it to you. You are to be all you can be, never die, and regenerate, but you instead chose a path of death, and more so usher it in, as a religion. You will know this, when your leaders ask you to do things, also from the Bible, which promote all out war, against another faction or belief system. How do you think Christianity won out thee other religions? They destroyed the Mighty Oak of Thor, and killed much of the World population, in Christianities rise.~
Out of all this, however, there is a directive, which can not be ignored. No matter what one does, or thinks they create, it leads back to the same conclusion. So in this, to assert Ones will, is the greatest sin. The Will to Death, is the only Choice, or to live as an ignorant Human Being, and feel sorry for your mistaken existence. That is undeniable, until we see that Music, Dance, Laughter (Muse), free us/U.S. from such a Thoth/thought provoking sentence (which I call a dry sentence, as we think we are free, but alas, we are not). The answer? Spin the Spheres with the MInd, the same colors, the same vibration, and will the direction, the weather, the currents to the best met course, then you will feel God (as you call him), the Holy Spiritus Force Presents. Your Spirit, and all others, and even more, over lapping, in time repeats, into one moment THAT GREAT CONVERGENCE. AMEN!~

 Thank you John B. Unity, seems to be the only force to tether to this Holy Spirit, and seems to be the cause. Oddly, in the Bible, the Anti-Christ is the one who brings this. I believe as Jesus spoke Parable, the Anti-Christ and Christ are like Book Ends. The madness of the machine, something we now see we have done to ourselves, a recreating of time and space, has to have thus...already been done, and done again...a Nietzschian time loop? We are to be our own God's, and navigate out of this dilemma, however there are factions who have held onto this knowledge and benefited from quite "some time". We need to get it right this time, and we need to know, that there are booby traps set in place, when we do break from the default mode. My only message is SPIN THE SAME SPHERES AND COLORS FOR WORLD PEACE, AT THE SAME TIME, at least on this, can we agree, for but an hour per day? Fill the Spheres, which comprise our very Fermion, with the same intention, and World Peace, will be held within us/U.S., and so too, in the without...we are shaping our World constantly. PEACE~

Never a time, to rest on your Laurels~


 I have asserted, from experience, that people are of far better quality, when met with adversity. Constantly having to utilize new aspects of emerging self actualization, as the weight of the World, becomes ever heavier, heavier to bear.
 Those fat, on their own reason, the promise of their own boring way...a path, specific without angle, becomes as a dull razor, now unable to be used, for it's true purpose.
 To be sharp, and thus to remain sharp, one must develop those Principles, kept their, within them, for a lifetime, for some rainy day.
 Well, this is that day.
Do not lie back, on complacency. See that there never has been and excepted time, to lean back/rest upon/on your laurels.

Lighter than a Feather~


 That reduction, into a single spinning molecule, spun until it comprises everything you are. Lighter, than a Feather. 

Coast To Coast AM - December 16, 2015 ET & Shamanic Contacts


Tuesday, December 15, 2015


 By 8am, I placed at least 5 meals before me, that I had easily acquired from the time I left the Bayside safe ground, to my time now seated, at loaves and fishes. Huge amounts of food. Eggs, sausage, Organic Apple Pie, Cream filled Pastries from the finest Bakers in Town. Then another give away, another lunch? I gave it away, and...have abstained from the gluttony.
 The homeless, are given the bare minimum for freedom, but take on that unseen responsibility to carry the burden. We take the guilt, the gifts, of what society, a bunch of dumb ass compliant proletariat's think we should have. So, I have opted to only except the coffee, and little else. It's quite hard, in this 20 something F degree weather, but I make due. I am focused on a cause.

 I left my bulking phase, as easily as I went into it, not missing the food at all. I don't relish it. I was able to avoid most all the bad, infectious items, at loaves and fishes, lunch, and eat mainly plain rice and chicken, as well as some salad absent the dressing. This truly is a life of convenience.

 I applied, again, for Pel Grants, in order that I may complete a higher and inept elevated status. I may just get it this time, having applied several times in the past, and being turned down. I am feeling that the tides, though they have been quite difficult to alter, to maneuver, have finally shifted, in my direction, to my favor. My favor? Not met, until Both My Son's can have the respect, which I earned fully, for their cast away Father, again. Not met, until Antonio and I have a place together, in old Sacramento, and I am able to give him, all the blessing from a Father's heart.



United States
United Kingdom

Some are already Spirtual God's, and as this tide of Majority Shifts~


 I spoke in the bread line, again today, that Magi, in training (self realized he was). He brought up the number 7, I brought up the fact that in Phi 7 be 8.
There are also 8 lonely steps from 13 to 21, but never it be assumed. These are the degrees.

 Daniel, the Magi, as far as I am concerned....and Jesus was a least the conceptual Jesus, further stated his understanding, when he discussed that 22, and 21 1/2, kept coming up, "today".

 I told him, that anything beyond 13, but truly 21, is completely that left hand path. I was looking at those lonely trains, so many in this State Capital, thinking, pondering again, on "convergence points". Thinking to myself, there must be some point, since there are 4 sets of tracks here, where the two will pass. There a vortex of potentials, as those massive haulers, may be contained within the same assumable sphere.

 Some trains which pass in the night, must stay focused on that direction in which they be going. I pondered also on the sphere, and the currents we identify which travel about it's beautiful axis point. The Pentagram is thus, not what most think, but yet entirely what the Higher Mind asserts it's meaning to be...but still, not an abstract notion, but a graduating one.

 Up the Pyramids steps, those thoughts of higher meaning do go. I challenge, and bewilder even the most self assumed spiritualist and self proclaimed master. As these have only gained certification, of another man's craft...and I? I have Mastered my own. So thus, you are living within my domain now...change is in the air.

 I absorb the wind, as She, the deceitful the devil, aims to pull me and twist me. So many ancient mental mind orders of technique, but the operator must be fully vested at first, then to calm, Satan, to cause her to realize she is just a flower fairy, a mimic of Man.

 Remember what the EPL scriptures, our main text do say.

 For I am here to elevate Woman Kind, by elevating all. To show them what they are, the denial. Always a step behind Man they will be, even when Man finally takes the steps as "A Kind", and elevates himself, finally, and hopefully forever, again, to God status, then Woman, will be as Man.
Always a step ahead Man truly be.

 The Mosquito is a vampire, Man has ascended, that is, Man as Master Warlock, has thus ascended to the place, where he does not have to physically feed. Those who think they rule, keep us trapped in a lesson, most of us learned several life times ago, as they eat the flesh, of your, of their, young.

 If you are not using an energy, if you are not, or have not been fully vested in ascending Man, to God, as One, then you work against the all. A warning, by worshipping other Men's Religions, you can never surely learn to become operator in this way.

All you are, is found in the Blood, a raging tide of spiritual energy, a plasma. Is then, all, personal craft? Certainly not, for dilation too, must occur, to share. This is the meaning of craft, as not to elevate the higher form of being, and thus becoming. Is it not then, in the margin, again, as I loop, as the Ankh, that we must say again, the Margin is greatness, that dilation to be sure?~