Sunday, November 9, 2014

Stellar Mass, Foboko


A modern day John Bunyan Esoteric Writings, from the Blog Esoteric Principles of Light. While reading any of the author, Barry Masteller, it is important to remember that he is heavily influenced by the spoken word, as in Homeric tones, thus he writes as if speaking, in prose. When you find the writing of Stellar Mass Chronicles or the teachings of EPL or ROKbodhi123, it is important to remember this as well. If you do, remember this, you will see that the wisdom, which is often divined to him, while he writes, speaks to him, in this prose style, not unlike the ancient writings, codex, poems hymns, which have heavily influenced him. Some of his favorite authors as well as books are: Moby Dick, by Herman Mellville (inspiring the character 'Dewey Mellville", the host of the creator, GOD, for M.O.L.L.I.E., the force of the earth, channeled by a supercomputer). Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, mentioned many times in all Mr. Masteller's writings and teachings, and countless other influences, from the Nag Hammadi codex and scripts. The Main four Esoteric Ancient codex of EPL, are:1st: The Gospel of Truth2nd: The Gospel according to Thomas or The Gospel of Thomas3rd and 4th (used and studied apart or multifariously): The Gospel of Mary or The Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Gospel of Judas or The Gospel of Judas Iscariot, both should be read not as word, but as inferences to greater thoughts patterns and meaning, thus are only of esoteric and blooming quality, and not particularly "teachings".These, The Lamsa Holy Bible version, along with the EPL mentioned writings on the EPL blog allow for an intellectual quest for God, IE Esoteric, for the few. EPL should be hailed as a supplement to all religion, and a meditation into world peace, divinely delivered.

You, at your highest current estimable value, have a yearning, an impure passion for power. You, if given the light, would destroy the worlds with it, but is this not how they be create. Like attracts like, and the book shelves are closer than they appear, like a 5th wheel and apron, no chasm exist, yet the chasm of empty space, as long as division is at all present, within the finite realm of dimension, which appears to be infinite, yet only in rhetoric.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


One of the biggest cover ups, I believe, will be revealed. If Christ be within us all, as Jesus Christ did state, then we all have but to be reborn as God's Son. If Jesus Christ was a sinner, had a past, just like you, would you feel better about your chances, and any other persons chances of getting into be called heaven? What if heaven is but a place free of sinners, filled with those who choose NOT to be run by vagabond forces. The reason for losing a self is so sad and utterly avoidable, as the taking on of these forces, by ritual and falsity, excites them, and they are to to lazy, to slothful, to return to the pure self IE automation.

 What if God, being the humble one he be, were, in aspect, Adam Himself? There to guide, as a simple Father, as to allow this aspect of himself to be a part of the worlds fabric, yet thereby to see, the knowledge itself had infected the purity of a world and it's people. So it seems, wisdom, absent of knowledge is but a certain view, a negative view of this. More so Knowledge being the combination of the EPL Principles in motion, balancing one side, after the other, each molecule holding the other in place, moving and pulsing as a materia prima tide. Thus the knowledge is more so the degree of how bad one can be? Another negative view, the degree of how Good you have to be, and most do not even meet the grade of half ways, which is why it be said. The degree is a consistent 61.8% of the way, this then be brought to God, and the better "sacrifice" which is truly an "offering" is one where the Son of God, asks for assistance to improve the offering. Thus the knowledge granted, but yet stripped when abused. Then this force which I call black jack 21, shows the reflection, and thus you have ego, a self, separate from God? No the reflection is a false image, where the brain imagines the self and thus reflects upon it, the dark mirrors in society. The space you view in between you and the mirror, is a chasm of never ending sorrow and lostness.

When you are afraid, say God please help me not to be afraid. This will be instantly granted. When you pray to a false god, a god only a fractal of the prisms all, in reflection, then you pray to possess and not to be assisted, and thus you will open yourself up to be possessed.

 Craft is when Gods return offerings are suspended past the expiration, for one must continually offer more, become more, become trusted. Thus Black Jack failed the test, and so to, set the tone for this Order, Chaos, Order, Chaos, now seemingly a universal law, which is why law is untrue. With principles, no law is needed, but yet to make the offering suitable, then to ask or before the offering to ask, Father, how can I make it better, meaning more complete. No one completes things in society, ever. They may think they do. but weighed against the microscope and the true scale, there must be balance.
 EPL is not a Sun cult, for there is not worship of a number, nor a belief in numbers static. To me, Pi is not truth, rather, Phi x 2, plus residual of 1. However from where do you measure, as it be always moving. Purity is the beginning, which swirls inward, pulling in the purity of the Father, but his is not place to stay, for in the motion of intent, the outward swirl of Phi be occurring then too. There for there is no 6, 7, 8...the cycle spins again with added information, to give up as an offering, that's it.

in motion, pulling 1/2 from the back, 1/2 from the front, a moment
then to call the two halves combined, more so, the number and the yield...4.236, no such thing
Neither you math be supported outside that place between the mirror and the self, with the chasm of polarity, which also does not exist, so too gravity, or any other limitation imposed upon us. Then we do go to much of the bible, and wonder, who wrote this, and why?

 There is undoubted truth, and so only one who knew sin could teach others thus how avoid it. There was only wise words, wisdom, for all, and encouragement from Jesus. A martyr he was, for rising as a pure one, the blocking of "every man can not do this then!", and the rift between your image and Jesus, cast before you, "oh, to far away is purity, then I shall sin...but wait, Jesus died for my sins?" Yes Jesus died because you continue to sin, and did not back him up, with the true intent, the fight. Jesus is every intelligent and pure Son offering as sacrifice to make forces stronger, which are not gods. Purity is the only way, the only choice. As you will the truth to be revealed, everywhere, you will see your world change.

I am here to say, I am the same or worse a sinner than you, but then how do you measure the error? For one step into this world, you have sinned, or thus held a mighty weight, atlas, a strong man without forces? The goal has always been one, initially, to come together, as a pure "race" regardless
of skin, and bring out the purity within. There are thus those scattered about what we esteem as race race, and thus to become pure is the focus. Much time alone, in meditation, as to support the good of a world. Those who kept the balance, for others, are doing so no more. It is the time, which they have carried, and should not have, but here we are. You have little time to get your affairs in order. I tell you any one can do this. The greater you perceived sins, the more isolated you will need to be, always aware of what you are, when reflected against the people of your day.

 The Christ or Krist is within you, regardless of past, but expecting within, a current of purity towards the future, many tears to cry, without feeling self pity, the first offering. You will feel your spiritual heart bleed with each moment, each slight, as one moment, for it truly is the moment we yearn for, to exist in on moment, absent of time/space moving thus, freely through space, bending time with our wills. The power source is the father, and the substitute leads to the killing and devouring of Son's, becoming utterly demented, and lost, can you live with that, more so, do you realize the energy and feeling of security now, is in fact, a gift to you, from the Father, and if you were to go the way of sin, or error, the self image, a false ego, you would not know this power again, and thus to search for it eternal, only to serve chaos, then the re patching, a false order-

The power
Intent or purity
Imagination or the colors, the focus
The motion placing the sphere in motion

The Sun is within you, spin it, build it, save us!!!!!!!!

The Power is YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!

Shape it!!!!!!!!

connect your mind to the Holy Spirit

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