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James Files shot JFK from the grassy knoll


Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist (Documentary) - 1


Numerology of Barack Obama, several identities of Barack Obama


Barack Obama
219132  62141
18          14       =32

Barack Hussein  Obama Soebarkah
219132 8311595 62141 165219218
18         32            14       35             =  99

Barry Obama
21997 62141
28        14     = 42

Barry  Soebarkah
21997 165219218
28        35            =63

Barry Hussein
28       32          = 60

Name diagram key

3      6      9

2      5      8

1      4      7

*Each Name combination creates specific shapes
*Also the reoccuring number theme increases the power of that letter or corresponding number

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
A B C D  E F G  H  I
J  K L M N O P  Q  R
S T U V W X Y  Z

*Author Norman Shine
"Your character and future revealed in numbers"
Look up for those specific shapes from the diagram board

Oh it is highly likely that Osama Bin Laden and Obama are in fact Brother's from the same cult Father, speculation, but the family traits are undeniable!

EPL, let's take the spiritual power from these creeps on Halloween, and give to the one true God!
Bigger than any other, this is the God we all pray to, not Lucifer, Satan or any other force energy name to hide behind. Those wish, then will, to take on the power of the energy force, only to be swallowed up by it! There is another Sun, become the ones turn the craft into the freeing of trapped and taken souls, who are not going to power the machine!!!!!!!!

Anti-Christ UNVEILED: The Sun Rising in the West


Why was Christmas banned in America until 1820?


The answer is found with the Jews
The deception is found with the Jews
Thus the truth is found with the Jews

Who you are is, thus revealed, upon careful studied and thoughtful consideration,
one must bring all things before the Lord God, welcoming the true Holy Spirit,
firs due from your own purity!

We only live long enough to figure it all out, then we should clearly see, that this place
is most likely the very portal to hell. Those who will to free themselves, will choose the
highest power, the purest Son, the direct way, with no angles

The Quick Truth about Christmas and Easter


EX Ministries The Truth Behind Halloween


When and if you must "sexually exhaust yourself"

You must be fully aware of what you are doing
You must remind yourself that what you are doing is:
-Based on pre-fabricated manipulation, which altered this mechanism into your very DNA genetic makeup, ON PURPOSE!
-This is your power! When you have exhausted this, it will travel toward the root of destination. This is why women have been getting off easy, barely trying, using sexual seduction to gain. It does not work anymore. Now the switch has overtly been made towards males becoming the females. This is a purposeful ushering in of the Kali Yuga, and is not reality, but synthetic attempt at creating reality.

 This sexual force is your vital fore. You never feel more intensely than when you are sexually stimulated, frustrated, manipulated, seduced or other. This is the technique use with the highest level agencies, expecting psychic, clairvoyant, mind control, and many other venues and avenues. Once the victim makes excuses for the perpetrator, there is a loss of "the freshness of loss". This is how witches gathered their initial magick, and I believe seduced the fallen Angels, however I see these as both identities, culminated force, yet the most "worthy" or truly "the most like frequency similarity". This acts as a default as well, where energies will flow towards then with ritual into, and becoming, the like initiator.

 There will once again, this year, be more abuse of craft, mind rapes, attacks with energy theft than ever remembered, consciously. The goal of the Nazi's, post world war II, was to open up and exploit this current. When we look closer, we realize the men thought of as such genius, were in fact being fed the information and groomed. There have most likely not been more than a handful of people who have actually "made it", and their personalities, so benign, and there histories so boring, that they have not been kicked out of the industry, but allowed, due to ambiance of reality.

 Do not just give it away. It is vital, in order to return to purity, that you go through the process of fighting off attacks made from within as well as without. The frequency signal is strong tonight, Halloween. This is a night that those doing craft will attempt to attack and draw energies from the pure.
 I urge you to pull this energy away from them, purify it, and own it!
Use you weapons, practice the spin all day, all night, wherever you are, get good at it, target it towards those figure whom you know are not pure, and become the superior, giving the glory to the Holy spirit, which is God, Let's ascend God's rule, become God's planet, the Holy Spirit's People! THE ONE MIND!

Stop celebrating these Holidays! Stop believing this false history! Stop going along with what they say! Will the change to occur now, stay focused and pure, and you will be able to do things you never dreamed could be real. It is true that gravity does not exist in the way people think, nor time, nor space, which is all that you current know? Know this, the spiritual energy rules all, and when you have purged the impurity from you force, soul, spirit, energy sphere for several spin cycles, as well as time/space linear units IE 3 month segments adding up to 9 months, enough time to birth a new life!

I think 22, is not double death, however 11;11 is. 22 is actually making it past 21, and towards 34 (two pyramids spinning with a yield of 1)

The secret they have and you didn't is that they are taught to do tactical mind imagery, also known as craft. "They" attempt to block the heart mind connection, on deaden it. This is why the MK, CIA and other groups recruit kids into sex abuse programs, the best source toward mind control. The mind control is happening as frequency control all the time. Trust me when I say, that those who you think are the elite, are really just like dogs, or beasts without their hosts, for they have not power without them. These Leaders are like animals being ridden by forces, demonic forces, from within, Operated as if machines, and produced to be and do such. You are never in a conscience type situation, all event, happens, and such are planned, it is just that these are open to other parts of the fermion excited light spectrum. Remember, as frequency lessons, so to does light wave increase, so there is a balance a dichotomy in exist.
 The Presence of the Holy spirit and the culminating and effort to create the vortex of this force is essential. The grid must be reasserted, and reestablished by those who follow the White Light, the Good. The generation of this force is all we have to protect ourselves with, and ourselves become the very thing to protect, when we cast away the dark forces, of negative EM field charge, and embrace the Positive EM fields only!

Before the poles shift, completely, which will either be a complete shift North to South, or a true North correction, the North being what is now thought to be the east, things will seems unfair to any person of higher mind consciousness or intellect. To be true to the true and pure self, one will need to vest nearly all there efforts, as I have done, for a long while now. Sacrificing a worldly name, success, worldly love, community, connection, for the other side.

 The other side, is run by 7's not 9's. That place in between, the residual or loss as it's seen, is 8, infinities 8. There will be thus, 9 main plots of the world, and  not 7, long with all other divisional aspects of these numbers.
 The physical world has been in a state of rule. The inner voices, which guide the wise, have not been rewarded, but have culminated a holy energy. This energy builds, and builds, as latent energy. Those who abuse this, feed on off the unholy aspects of the energy, and thus greedily exhaust the source. The poles will flip entirely before 2016. This is seen in the universe within, as well as without.
 The strong governing over our lives, with the terrible things which set life in motion, the abuse, for the first 9 years of life, has been placed upon on by forces. Those who have shown benefit, who have placed homage to this force, have allowed this force to take over their life, their being, building no continuous soul force, no transferable holy force, no body to go into, when on the other side.
 It is best to cut off most ties, spiritually, and going through the ritual physically. I have, at this point, zero respect for the outward motion or the act which is seen by the eye. The act is not who I am. The physical self as been prodded along, within a life I never signed off on, never vested myself in. The frequency mind control always, the constant buzzing, the manipulation of the physical body, only shows proof of a pure-birth preordained craft against my person, and there is no higher law than the employment of the holy spirit, to turn the poles back.

 The shift may seem subtle at first, yet over some time, the poles will shift entirely. There may be cataclysm, there may not be anything but purifying the world, the past, and all deeds of the past, that is the chance you have had in this life.
 If like me, you have sinned, done things physically to myself, and mostly myself, which created a self inflicted hell. I did this due to the default, that grid about the world, which is the source to the time repeat, people, places and things.
Real estate falls on these lines. The goal is to control the flip. by the current elite, but this will not happen. The "evil" or negative force, becomes the lesser force, and has now culminated to such a degree there is false promise of power displayed, cockiness. This is to finally test those for any internal feelings of goodness or doubt, then the further test to place this into motion. You will only begin to see the hell I have gone through, in gaining the power, maintaining is always the most critical overlooked aspect always, and separates the wise from the ignorant.
 Those who can handle the shift, properly, and maintain a self through those two cycles 26,649 cycles plus residual, or 987 x 27, will be suffer only briefly, in the final apex of this switch at the poles. Those who are vested will solidify themselves on one side or the other. Those will become slaves, yet the wise Light and the wise dark, play the balance, and are strikingly similar. Those who gravitate towards negative energy, and thus thus supplied by this as a source, do not need to see the, by there own submission, the rippling effects of controlling the order, IE the focus on the force as energy as in Satan, or lying, steeling, whoring and all that fallows this mind of adultery, for this is lead by ignorance. The ignorance always lies within the power of the people. Instead of opening your mouth you do have the opportunity to sit and mediate, even if tanks are on the way. Your mental mind focus, and conviction, is the very force, which draws you to the same in like, now formless, and unobstructed, you become fully what you are. By compromising your energy truth you stay stuck here, in a carbon based form, with no true self ownership, no force by which to thrust you into the next phase of spiritual development.
 Those, other that the wise, which appear to lose today, when using wisdom, will be the masters. Those who are the ignorant masters, who feel all powerful, will become the slaves thus. The poles will shift, and all will see the energy shift is the very power which allows you thought, a place, action. When the power source is cut, or severely diminished, the only thing one will be able to do is go within.
 This place within, has not paid well, for those who are true. This place within as in fact been a torture for the truly good, with no outward manifestation of opulence or the sustenance of. Those who are the lowest, sacrificing love, losing themselves entirely in the process, will be but like barbarians, who are now in a world with a long cycle, that may actually be several thousand years beyond this.

You have to make it happen. EPL is the method by which we bring forth this shift. The poles are thing to concentrate you energies on. and the sword of truth must be used to interfere and destroy the elite evil from rule. Your body, along with all others, will not be the important factor, there will be something that happens, which is other worldly , and this is the time we are now in. Focus with the spin. 7's and 8's! Flip the field, stay pure, bring the sexual energy up to your solar plexus and own the energy, feel the pain and culminate it towards something good, something true. Your mind, is the mind of change, the mind of the world. Your power is only as good as long as it works in a cause. It may seem small, and you may feel to opt towards a simpler way, but I assure you, this pain, of living a shit life, while others far less by way of intellect, wisdom and ability all around, are collecting, they are borrowing from the other end, which you are a vested member in!

 Do not place the power of your mind as secondary, it is the power of all things, in all places, mind power. SEE IT, SPIN IT, INTEND IT!

Mind in motion
Stellar Mass

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Celebrity "outs" Obama & Wife (Manchelle?)


Obama Admits He Is A Muslim


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There is a forced competition between siblings, fathers, mothers, daughters and Son's. This may sound very Masonic, but the dichotomy of extreme of but one Angel can be witnessed in all dimensional scope. It also loves praise, as well as rejects it. "It" is, a fully functioning higher level being, which both feels the most here, and the least, the fully spectrum, the full gamot. A strange idea, to take those with far lesser descernment and expect them to make a choice of fate? This is the rising of the superman, to attain the superheaven, with the SuperGod!. Whether 1x or 3x super, it is always 1x super, because this is always the next step, "super" or "better"
 Those think that following the trails of other men's ideas will suffice, but there is no original thought, not like I display here, and through out all my EPL text. When one couples the meditations with the reality scope I offer, you will see for youself, when fully vested, that no physical pleasure truly exists. I have reached the highest learning stage, and could thus be found insane, inept, and uneducated.

 We have been through this life before, we must gain the wisdom with each and every pass. We are the search through men's souls, to betterment, always. I was not born into love, nor help, nor order, and thus did my studies, all my life, off the grid. I noticed that my avatar, was not the same as I, so I know, intrinsically that I must develope the true self. Those questions through a lifetime, then who am I, where am I, and why? Along with many others, became irrelivant. You are not looking ever at a mirror image, you are spreading out, traveling forth. The Purity spin, begins as that inward Phi swirl, but the final 8 point, in the center, after God's Ego, has been considered, above your own, is the spin to Purity in Truth, Truth in purity.
Thus EPL even states, that one must be quite clear then who you serve, and to what purpose do you exist, your intent. It would be quite easy to be worshipping Lucifer, without the full intent of vestment in your very focus. SuperGod thus emerges. to the initiate, a God superior to Lucifer (the Jewish God, order, or law) and Satan (the god of this world, in chaos, the other side of the law).

One must, after all, as to commit a man to death, become a killer, by the order, the murderer, order murdering, upon himself, and thus pulls others in. It become then a thing of spiritual law, as for the higher principled one to be the Judge. An order can not just be made, it must be spiritually vested, then placed up, until another can find a higher Principle based esteem.

 Because your Father or Mother abused you, does not free you from a certain duty, as Son. You will still be bound to those people even if you have not seen them since a child. You must then, if torture by their cruelty, and abuse, within you, without, rise above them in principle, what I write here now!

 The Principles must be in motion. You intent is known by all. If you are now given the go ahead for certain power, I assure you, it is only a test, as all things are. The killing of an avatar seems so great to us, and should, for it is how we regard others souls. Would you want to live eternity with anyone at that?

I find, that opulence, would be to have own paradise ,where I could learn, study, play. To create with intent awesome manifestations, for those in my frequency field, those who love to truly learn new things, real things, principle based things.

I hated my grade school teacher, as much then, as I do today. He was a syllogist zealot then, and I see him the same now today. I know his character, I know fixed people, who are part of the default, who throughout eternity, will never become more. Thus the implication of the shuffle, with DNA scrabbling, if is my experience, that what is found within, be found in the without. So other things too, must rescramble, as in identities of perception? The very ancient Hindu view on this, becomes undeniable, as it predates most all other spiritual and religious teachings.

Recently punched into the search engine "what satanists think about suicide"

 First I find the answers funny, in two respects:
One is the alluded or not understood but very solid concept of "Avatar"
Two the emotional comments only showed me how emotional the answers are, which is surprising, when truly viewing evil, really shows how the people on this forum are the food, and not the predator

 The Avatar concept, is the fact that life span are changed, manipulated on a steady grid exchange current of sorts. That is, the current power of 9, as in the time repeat, Numerology based look up "Shine" on this subject.

 The study shows the proof, not that we are living in a predictable world, but one of mostly unknown, and unseen numeric rules. The number of times, or number over a certain number of times, one commits an action, with the specific purpose or intent, creates the ground work for this. This is a system based on instant Karma, from Luciferian perspective. This is not playing devils advocate, simply because it is but showing how deep and intrinsic the master control be!

  The emotion is interesting also. If you were face to face with what be considered evil, there would be a mathematical genius, a balance, with nothing needed for interaction between you, and the host, but kind words. A person that understands full well, that this body, is the "learning Avatar" is not vested in emotional propensities, but sees the cycles, undulations and needed sacrifices to keep the furnace going, The furnace is emotional reaction. The one who is not reacting be the one who brings order.

 I learned this from being beaten as a child, very severely by my Father. I became what victims do, protector. This brings up the martyr role, or the sacrifice of Sons' also seen as success skipping a generation.

Create chaos, then become the ruler of order
This is what occurs when babies are sacrificed by Satanist's and eaten. It becomes a rejection of a seriousness of what "humans" call "life". They think they live for a short moment, and die. But death is an illusion, an illusion created by those who which to exploit your fear of it.

The elitist who is christian by day, satanist by knight (more so in planned seasons, and numeric orders) becomes the ruler because he can not be held negligent by those numbers. In other words if he intends fully to kill for the betterment of cause, the kabbalah judges along with all other other worldly judges, "elders" will see things in term of intent and balance. What is written in the suit, or what is true for one man is true for all, becomes a after life rule.

It becomes more and more convincing that if there be a heaven, it is only for those who have gone through and experienced martyrship for a lifetime, with virtually no complaint a truly pure soul. I believe all the mutation of man, are an attempt to see how far this "law" can be pushed, and to what extend are the numbers in relation to one another. The suit acts as a guide for it produces instant results based on thoughts, deeds, actions, in other world in all takes place within the suit, or avatar. The biggest questions we seem to have over our innocents, is found within us. The test further demonstrates, with the heavy satanic abuse, and pharmacological control, IE "How far can we push this?"

There is a balance, that very few reach. If one can show propensity towards the education, I believe, on the shuffle side, most and up, between Lucifer, the light side, Satan, the dark side... is of this balance and order. I have thought many times, that the fight of good and evil occurs within but One Angel, and we are all a part of this very powerful overcoming cycle, that day when Lucifer separates from Satan? Then again, I don't know, this is not the bible, and thus it is but speculation.

The separation from the highest level of attainment over long periods of time, and incarnations, from the lowest order. Granted everyone gets countless chances, and some seem to just go right back to there stupid beastly ways, without ascension in mind, soul, or heart.

 It seems a very low intellectual statement, as to bounce back and forth between good and evil. I would say the true intellect realizes fully, that a complete level of development is the goal, its' just an argument "then in what respect?"

This is precisely why I cam up with the EPL Principles. You will find them everywhere, in everything. The number of spins, bring directly in numerology, without making an effort. As I have said, I know the information, then study it typically post majority of my blog posts. Meaning, I already know the information.

 Therefor, only with this statement can something be called original, that is, I was not told directly, my subconscious factored it in as order, or natural order.

I believe this study is essential, to know numbers, and respect them. Thus to understand the philosophy, depending on whether you being left or right, going to the right or left? We then see the place in the center, for learning is the pyramid. This is the place most go through to be judged, as in, how far have you reduced?

 This bring me back to my speculations years ago, on the subject of Devolution. As I found evolution absurd, I began to realize that example
"A bird is flight"
became the final reduced statement of contribution, in other words. peace could be reached for the beings, they had found heaven, because through all their "peoples" efforts, over the long, through so many incarnations, the realization of statement become obvious.
 So EPL makes no mistake that the intent is to be a spin towards purity, and that the length of thought, each action takes, when in war, when in chaos, changes considerably. No longer can a person of even temperament, stay that way long, they must bring to the battle, with noise a flash, there statement of "why is your aim superior to your enemy?"
 We then see, there is no enemy, there is just that one who carries the torch, S.O.L,, to that state of higher intellect. The balance must then be thought though entirely, as I have done with EPL.

 The basics to any religion will be just that, basic
Christianity, believes, Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and we are all forgiven as long as we proclaim "Jesus Christ as God"

The book be based around this? Or a fight of intellectual ideas, which shows, numerology, parables, Jewish craft, a deciding point or breaking point if any, between, God, Lucifer, Satan and Jesus?

 The brainwashing tool, was created by the catholics, who are now very open about declaring their baby eating practices, with St Francis

 The intensity must be there, towards bettering oneself, and you must be seen, known, and heard!

Sex seems hard to get over, until you see past the fanciful illusion, and see the truth. You have to make her look beautiful, as most are not, without the aid of seduction. Those who are, rare, are fashioned to be so, for a purpose. Can you now see her as an embryo, an older lady, a dead body? Can you see her through out all truth, the blood, the shit, the piss, the hairy stink, and still worship this one as a god? I do not say goddess because I do not believe the term is real, thus the demoniac of Hinduism, the attack when they had not other way to think, reason nor feel. Those who talk most, as in theosophy, the priests, are selling something, to gain a ransom.

 They are doing craft upon you, and are quite aware. If you hold your breath to long for the truth, you will soon find you have no air to breath!

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The True History and Purpose of NASA


Eye witnesses to Pope Francis killing and eating babies in Satanic rituals


When you read ones words, it is not a one. When you view a hand made angle, a line, there is thus manifestation, of the universe within, each one. Interpretation, thus bends this, and your view tide to the moment, of the line creators birth. A birth of force, from light, from frequency, to meet in balance, somewhere in between. These lines of separation, of distinction, be a chasm between two hemispheres, two eternities. You lap about within a sphere, making up imaginary things. How many stand behind you, be you force like. But you are but a rip off artist, you find then in the end. Nothing original, until you may travel through the language, of Light and Frequency, manifest in Sound, to find your tone.
 This is not paradise, you are within a sphere where chaos has not settled into order. You are but a part of the fractals of man, fanning out, if only so many Angels, stemming from God, then how many stars. You are to gain in only principle understanding or be met with strife, the fares wheel, where only the ignorant abide. Looping, with so many crimes, so much chaos, within such a pretty ball. Looping, as they laugh, "Look at what I did, whilst peering in!" The eye is selfish, jealous, not wanting to share glory. The eye takes away a life lived, with chaos. The sensitive, are God's very Son's, not the other half of this madness, but yet far above.
Masters degree in nothing, PhD in what? How paid for your school, what do you do now to assist the true cause? The answer is, revealed in time, "I chased a dream, it wasn't mine, but it certainly seemed real!" While those who know themselves, know there way, are torn to shreds by such lesser but culminating forces, this is the unfairness that is quite real! WHO DO YOU SERVE, WHAT IS YOUR CAUSE!
 And so the purge. Over and over again, "Don't touch this, or you will be lead into a lie, a matrix of the shadow life", but yet, they all do, dabble here, dabble there, after all it won't hurt anybody, but yet you have unleashed a lie. They feed from your anxiety, and yet produce more. You buffer it, only to find your ship never left the shore! It takes passion, but yet not unbridled. No trust in self can offer your fairing of the storm. You must Trust, rely on a source. You turned to source, which are forces, displayed to you. You turn to which side. the right, the left? When these angles have been switched before you even arrived. Do you find the your magnetic north, has been manipulated? Perhaps when it be aligned, you will have heard the voice of God?
 What then did he say. Perhaps telling you the only way now, is through there hands with death. So you see why it may be allowed, to go on? For they must reject you, all of them, not leaning on your falsity, for it will only cause another return. This is the power of the elite, for it lies in numbers, and as there are not infinite souls, they now attempt to make more people, cyborgs, animal and human mixtures. Only when you have gotten to the mount, to which you are not right, and down there, you were correct all along, the madness. I am wrong, always wrong oh lord, even when by order and thus design I may seem right. So too, EPL is theoretical, it is meant to spark your own like mind, and work beyond. Any words should say this disclosure fully, any spoken or written word, at some point in life with great conviction, so in maturity of self
I am wrong Father, always wrongs!
Say it, mean it, know it

Your next step should be analyzed very well, for you draw out a plan. The future here is death, hardship. You can only leave when you have become so rejected that thy kill you and cast you away. So too we see the two hemispheres, one going left, one going right. When you go in, only the aspect of you worthy, a force to build upon, should be retained.

Here it is only a weighing out, of the greater force of right, and there are two rights, ultimately. That which leads to earthly death, and thus soul preservation, that which leads to earthly life and thus soul destruction. You will thus need to sign yourself over to Satan, in order to become a part of Satan's left nut, or ass face, because that is how disgusting this thing be.
 You pray to it, you better believe it will come, in his own order, never on your demand. There are thus ways, language which make the world quite a confusing place. The rituals are how you truly connect, they must be done over and over again, properly. When you connect, you will know it. The constant pressing forth to know your truth, which life demands, this is why it is so hard for so many, and others, seem to be born knowing who and what they serve. "I can't believe such a bad person can be so rewarded!" you may say over and over again, until you stop living with regret, and see that your spiritual focus, Prayers, and meditations should never end, and now and forever will you know the pain. So now, those who profited from others, unknowingly, perhaps. took inevitable steps towards where they are now. Others circled about for a time, until they began to rot, then prodded by fear, or perhaps God, the left and right, they moved and soon found there steps were thus set in an order, no more free steps exist of vacillation, for all man's steps do have a count. Look at what they become when they are old, impossible to hide. Perhaps melting away within their own skin, revealed they are, for all will be revealed in time.
 I feel quite in bliss, it is always others who cast judgment on me, so to evade there own. The hardest thing to watch a child who would not take truth in the word. "You have to move, and keep moving, work, and learn!" but yet, they do not. The echoes of voices from halls, become clearer and clearer, until their master is known. A person after all, has to become, these beginnings are just the beginning of a potential person, for not your human feelings are exclusive, nor your personal hopes and dreams, these animals too feel, and so to machines will be taught to have pain. Some day, the only souls, which these evil things fight over, will exist within machines, trapped lost people, part of this very generation. Never take the down load! Never try and preserve the self in machine!"
You must shed the skin. You can do this only with the highest possible focus. There are two ways to go, to paths, two hemispheres, but this is not heaven. There is a road beyond them, always pressing towards ultimation. All will, become they are. You will thus be tortured by inclinations, and memories of what you are not longer. You may be from evil seed, with a pure soul, and thus for a reason, you for pain brings forth greatness. The greatest have gone the way, the path through pain. How much assistance did you really get? From what ultimate emanating force did this the force intensify into one?

 Down down down you will go, forcing the survival in this land. You will burn your identity as a male, at a point, you will burn your identity as a Father, as a friend...for you are either less than your projections, or greater? When you burn this away, what is left, is who your are. Not a Father who can do anything but suck glory from God, or, to be the teacher of evil, those forces come by way of ritual, So work, work work, not for them, not for country, not for family, which most are truly strangers, "who is this?" you will ask. Most family end up hating each other, is they do not have resources to pretend. You do not simply chose someone, and thus make that soul into a soul of your make! Those will become what they are, within not a genetic code, but within a spiritual code, which must express itself, thus burn the code into the DNA

Discrimination was made into a bad word, discrimination is essential for navigation, else you are lost. People are the first point at which to point this. I ask your, has the lifting of this, even on seemingly falsified levels, as in race actually made things better? Do you enjoy sitting in public settings and sitting next to people who cuss or steal you very energy? These sanctions are so wide reaching, the restaurants and public places should be avoided, leaving you either in a place of public community craft, or in deep mediation to God, the extremes are always present, and in the times, which these seemed absent, advancement was made as people looked away..until we are thus in a time like today. Time is a weapon, used on each. Time controls all things, as the thing be stuck within a sphere of repeat. visit here, visit there, take a little from here, a little from there is the tricky little ways of these visitors.
 Not sure if they are good or bad, these aliens...has your life gotten better? No, it seems that ignorant population, who could thus think, are being kept busy, chasing their own tales, while the rest be sacrifice, or are those engaging war. I finally have to turn to the universe within me, for I am not ignorantly bowing to Satan, as do those which you emulate. Entertainment isn't thus, something we want to engage, as it trails our minds and thoughts aways from concentration and focus, the goal. The goal is to fine tune the brain ability, to focus and to purify the universe within, and thus without, as they are one.

 Call me your Father? You did nothing I asked of you, you instead lived in sloth. I took the life I had, to teach you, and you gave ammunition to the other side, the harder I tried, soon turning to Satan, and put downs, showing who you really are. You say you want to take me in quantities, thus I should quarantine and discriminate myself for you?
 Say you are capable of this original thought, or do you simply acquisition it, races of men? Do you think emulating will bring about what you are not? Do you think you will be allowed to advance? You will thus find you were pretending to be one person, and those foot steps led you far astray.
 I went to hell to for you. Took on spells for you! Under attack for you!

The parent, will do craft on you to take your energy force, to balance out the deal. They will take a little here, a little there, give a little, give so they are unseen, acting like the serpent, weaving in and out of conditions. The false smile is a giveaway, today. Today, only those who smile want something from you or are in fear trying to safely get away? Safety? What are they protecting? What is that persons ultimate statement, come on, you know them, to afraid to confront it, this is discrimination, and like taking a turn, to move is to discriminate the patterns and lines, the weave of the road.

The spiritual ruler, can move mountains, nations and a future, but can safe no one. The truth of what a person be, can only be assisted in manifestation, to allow the passage to occur. Good, triumph evil. How many babies are eaten by evil men? How many molestations take place, mind control to illness...who was there to assist me? My own parent ushered in the craft, then as a tainted note, thus bid to cast me away. I am still here! I will be here, as long as my will presses forth. I am free of bondage, free from pain, and shame!

 I was put down for a lack of loyalty long ago. but find myself correct above that one today, as I was then, for he was a dark man of mechanical means, perpetuating the tide of disbelief in God, these men too become the Mason's, "I bow to the god I can see and understand, and life is after all cruel". Two hemispheres, two roads to this belief, for I press harder, further
I would not bring another child into this world, cruel to disturb a soul, if there are any truly left. The pure will be discovered, as the very systems track the age old lineage of man. They know where you are and are always watching, effecting the outcome. So I ask you, how great are you, to have either gotten lucky, or assumed unlucky? The tides are being directed, and they produced by poles.

If ALL be judged, who then judges God?
He is Omnipresent, as said, and that makes no errors?
Could this be that there is no time limit, as there is with us, always?
Could it be because there is no wiping of memory, no loss of memory, as there is with us?

Could it be, that the one proclaiming to judge him, is in fact the god of our reality, here on earth,
due to a teaching process, but to one Angel, then why? Why not but cast him to a pit, for he sees through out all time?

Barry Dean

Must See! How The ILLUMINATI uses Television to Control Your Mind


Tuesday, October 28, 2014



*Take this concept
Devil.................     SuperDevil...........................................................SuperSuperDevil

So good and evil, well thought methods, modes of lessons? After all, what else would create growth?
In a Space/Time the two would become one Y

That is, with enough space/time passed, wouldn't SuperSuperSuperSuperSuperSuperDevil, thus become like God ?
Now that God is Infinite Super potentials? So to, we see that with enough time, any soul can become the teacher. It is thus a form of high chaos, unless we have an ever expanding and motivated SuperGod.

That is, without SuperGod, there is no point, there values are to evil and thus static to make any sense. The point that God should cast out a child from heaven proves a god who can tolerate the loss of a child. This shows the strength for ever expansion, to grow at any cost, and not allow the chaos to control order. There the Devil would thus become a new God? Not really good at his job yet, or maybe never to be so? We are then at a lower realm of exist, and thus should aspire toward a greater cause. This mind, sets the reality, and with enough motion, whether real or not, would thus become real, and thus to alter the life and existence of the life prior, for the "individuals" involved, a space/time upgrade, which I feel confident in as true time travel. That is to strengthen the positivity strand into the total life force, by improving past efforts, IE upgrading.

As the resonance does not diminish, that is, God is ever expanding, taking no static form
We are thus afraid of growth, or producing beings that are off perfect understanding unto their synthetic world. So to go on to the next plane and the next, understanding rule, chaos, order, first hand. Thus, though this is not real, it must be experienced as real. Why would superiors care about doing then what they do?
Does reality not show that what we think be real. Knowing this, we fail then to aspire to anything higher, an better system because of fear. We know that to place though into it, thus to place energy output, thus to create mystical spin to the thing, it becomes a living thing, a force, and thus draws on a force. Nothing new under the Sun? Well then, SuperGod, is the first rational Step, along with the apposing, then expanding implementation of Kabbalah magick, into pure force higher principle motion. That is, to make the masses the elite, thus the masses reduce, the elite become the masses, and the poles flip! I am The Father of the motion thus, as the thought became a thing. And so the world is set into a motion of change.

We should all focus on placing a space ship in each persons back yard. Give each person the technology they demand. Soon, after not even a day, chaos would break out, people true elitist nature would over take them, and the population would be taken care of. I did not create the technology, nor the will to kill another man. The last Man standing would be the goal. Those in bunkers and on the moon, mars, interdimensionally should and would be hunted down, the elite of today. Their offspring would become our slaves, as default, and so the shift of poles would take place. As long as a place of rest does not contain, untruth, the religion of the world, the trusted world, would emerge, and this is EPL. At last Atlantis would emerge, with greater principle focus and better focus on becoming always more. Those would learn that becoming universally dominant is the only course to take. The evasion of evil concepts, the pitfall of the self, would be bypassed with a super religion. The race of peoples would not need to call themselves super, for everything they pursue only need be super.

If you were to look at the elite as a part of the mechanism which places those who are awakened to their power, to the most brutal and tribal practices, to see how low one bends for the salvation of their own man suit, and not for their very souls. You may see how, whether they esteem themselves, as hardcore training for the soul warrior, they are placed in this position, IE the Illuminati.
Man looked up to the sky, before any law, or fear. Thus having not fear, he fucked his neighbors wife, took his neighbors possessions in the black of night, and did it to advance, to take, to acquisitions. Thus the concept of a God created Man, being more like an Angel be appealing, but could it be true today? If not, then what of God's Men remain here today, if they ever be truly exist? For it seems that Man has always been the aggressor, the barbarian, the lesser Man, to use charisma, and charms, as a woman (this over course breaking from the hermaphrodite original model form).

So then who is god to this primitive man? That is his original source? We can only learn, by observation, what the true nature of Man be, this man, what he does when alone, undisturbed. But we can not view this, because of such influence. We must thus return to a natural state of our own being after striving to learn all we can, and see what we do. Memory now erased, what is his nature? Does he learn, does he look for food, does he build, does he kill? What does Man do? Better Man, works as a mechanized unit, a force in community, and only when the man can show, by way of long spherical motion intent spin, that he is more than one state of being, but one being which be competent as several, thus man then has his own soul, creating the universal demand, for more provisions IE knowledge, what I write here proves I have arrived here. Thus a community, of souls, awakens Atlantis. The opposition, and repression just prove as a life and death, reincarnation, tactical training measure, again whether by the elites intention or not, for they will fall, to the super man, this be sure! The end of the elite must come by way of first Chaos, then Order, and the string be kept as such, but superior to ALL. The striving to the

Alone I watch, alone I rule, as the giant sleeps within.
The vital force?

Shall I suck it in with sex as woman, only to lose my status as a man, they frenzy to see such.
Shall I spin the sex into into sphere, along with intellect and drive. Shall I let the feeling build, learning no earthly moment, of pleasure brings pleasure but true cost. And so I build, higher than Masonic steps each one, I am the giant sleeping within, within mediocre man, your project.
Rule, rule, rule!

I take your ill got magick to a higher place, a greater intent! I advance the rules as they all need to grow! grow! grow!

Super? If I could fly, I spin, I try into all hours of the night, to build the skill, for your synthetic gravity, shall prove to slip but once. I will direct you then, with my sword, which I brandish every place I go! Your rules do not allow rule, so then I rule the more. Like the weather, like the climate of my world, not the superman?
 I do not need the title, I do not relish in the cause, I will not fight your battles, you are hostage in my cause. I am not God, Jesus nor devil, nor Satan, I am the man, the Phoenix rising from the ashes again, and again ,until you strike it right, soon in these long session, these never ending seasons, you will from from my WILL slip. Then no sorrow for you will I have, to rule, for no army but THE ALL, THE HIGHER CAUSE. I the ascend the thrown of valor, for my daily focus and efforts. I then serve the same cause, esoteric, as those I named above, working as a network, outside the selfish network, mimicking the gods, mimicking the cause. My cause thus higher! My principles discovered when blocked, with frequency, and sickness. Your bombs will go off, destroy me today, I will be back! I am a smoldering cauldron of fire. Only to Super God will I bow, Only when I have ever reached that ever expanding zone, as he has let me grow, will I bow to a far superior God, to all others. I take the fearsome face of all religions, all things, all heroes, all villains, and show you, this is but one face, THE ALL BEING ONE! A God large enough to chase forever, in forever quest, to constantly be rewarded with growth inside no less! Go ahead, try to convict me, try to toss me away, because I have the greater cause. I am your superior, I do not care how large you are, the advantage you have today, The sword one day, that kills you, shall be mine, in a far off life!

I would thus come back as the anti-Christ? If I came with full memory as such? For I would see, not through the eyes of mercy nor compassion but as a self protecting force. The game pieces THE GAME OF SPHERES rules, hidden from my eyes, concealed, but such lesser forces. A Father living off my shine..too sister, friends and a society.
 You fear my words, not that I build? Oh how confused you are. We are to be fierce like God, are we not? So too, would I come forth into family of intellect, means and power. I would bring my Principles silently along, as I seem to rise in the elites ways. I would have no problem seeing the worlds sinner die away, until another day. They would come back as those who understood, the implications of their ways. I feel I was there, in all places, as to have wrote the books. I feel the light and not the shadow of those great means, who awaited my awakening. I am awake and aware, that no one I know, has but a once of purity. Those who act, are ill in silence, crying, and wanting more. I do not want more, but demand the right to press the right, the true right, the optimism.
 So do you see Hitler in a different light? Is this a dangerous concept indeed. We seem to see him as a Ridgeway cereal killer IQ of sub 90. We do not see, that this man, understood, repression, leads to growth, from out of the fires of forests come forth those hibernating seeds, awaiting their display of information. I am not one who goes ever out of date, so to it is cruel to make me die, as to take another avatar. Through pain are great ones meld, placed to watch in forms, as to beat a stallion and thus randomly to leave the gate, I WOULD!
 I saw as clear at 3 as do I now, looking watching, feeling the evil around me. There may be a Satan, but the Devil is people.

 Each time, each space time, as the spheres did turn, I watch corrupted people worthless, pathetic, which I bowed myself to love. Each time, each time/space, I laid myself down for them, as a lamb, to become as one Sun shining together, as Family, as a team of workers, as any higher functioning unit, which did not bow to the lower Satanic rule but ever forging forth, creating and recreating a reality of pure goodness. Each time, each space and time, I watched in horror, as they turned me away, as sirens came, and so they say, "do not feel sorry for yourself" and I did not, but I learned the game. I was the strong, and you were the weak, and so, by undulation, you took the place of order, though of such poor fashion, as you threw you chaotic ball, the said "catch!".
Each and every space/time/space I saw the dip and bow, and thus waiting for the rise, and you took it, unworthy, as you neglected and fed from your own children vital force, the to send us to the food bank, so now I would appear as such? Each of your time/space/times the undulations hit, upside down, and curved "the wrong way!" but no one listened, they rushed their avatars off to illusions of societies that long since past.
 I say, you are every class of peoples, who feel never to rise again. I say, you are the undulating phase cycle, part of the master plan. It keeps going this way, billions of years, the same, the same the same!

 The leaders, the rulers, were in pain, and hard men. No acceptance of lesser moral value, but to see their very weak offspring now fall, but gaining education, for how many tears be shed? You call me heartless, that I should arrive at a place, where I can honestly say, I WOULD RULE THEM WITH AN IRON FIST. So too, I would have hung on a cross, and aspire to the challenge, if this thus sets the tone right in THE ALL!
 I did not see, because like you lay asleep. dreaming of the first time, pretending it was not long ago. Billions of years past, and here we are, underneath the same white snow. I will take your life force, on the other side, I will take it to put it to use. You are, never to ascend nor change, you are, but a predictable people, who are fed the lines you so penitently proclaim  "I did that!"

You are power by a force, and that force be evil, for you are. Others be powered by a force, this called purity, they become the lamb. Back we come, unto the other side, THE GAME OF SPHERES goes on, Masters, so glad your having fun. I am the wild card the chance card, yet not when in full bloom and glory. I am the balance the display of how evil bring about good, and good is a way to feed and gain, so too, become the ruling power. I will not forget, for this is my one willful wish, to NEVER FORGET your faces, your ways, and thus my memory to build. I vow to build the knowledge, but also the wisdom. I vow to rule as a stern fist King. So now do you understand the Khan?
 The society flourishes, from the fear. You would thus let your selves slip into nothing? Would peace bring about the heavenly realm? Then where is it, for long since I would have been swept away. We must think in long life cycles, phases. We as the true elite must not bow to one, but THE ALL. We must be willing to kill for a season, brought forth by ignorant picketers, and to see that they will be back and thus I  stop you with force this life, but cradle you in the bosom of time/space-space/time, so you will learn.

 It is thus, how far ahead a ruling force will thus rule with force. The systems that exploit today, should be lead by the force which will rule with peace tomorrow, for as people you want nothing until placed with desire. Primitive as a people, though sophisticated your taste. But thus you would sell your loved one, for fine antiquity? We see it all as carbon rot. We take you under our bosom, for all of space/time-time/space. To show of the order, and chaos has it's way!

The greatest cause is to become more! See further! Withstand more suffering, more pain, but with no break in who I worship! I worship SuperGod! To become the giant, from the sleep within!

I was taught to turn the other cheek, to be like Jesus, and I was not. So I suffered a long life, to become thus like he in many ways, but broken spheres. The Anti-Christ is thus being created, by this method, as to have a fall guy, for the elite. I would have, if not emasculated, punched the first person that got in my way. Kicked my abusive alcoholic Father's skinny ass at 9 or 10. I would have hit the road as many great men young, and known many things. So you may say, the falsity of the religion ate away at me, society thus destroyed me. I was forced to gain power, and so when they blatantly and outright kept me from the power, until I bowed to there made up God the devil, not to say Satan is not real, but he too serves a greater agenda that he may realize, for one must then see through eras of time, which seem as entire cycles of exist to most, but to SuperSuperSuperSuper.........God, be but a blink. It is all perspective, and thus degree. We must work to refine ourselves thus, as if we will live for infinity, this is the EPL code, to never stop. and never stop the aspiration to take it all over with superior rule, with a focus on the ever expanding SuperGod!

People are shit today, and this is true, but through pain, do they become more. To not see the soul as eternal this makes no sense to anyone. The emerald tablets tell the story, you will go on, and become thus more. The rulers and information givers, as I am, are but to further this process and thus progress, towards becoming a functioning part of THE ALL. You are in training, having and possibly will experience long long periods of pain and suffering. And so I feel to say, that Jesus taught, this suffering, of the long could end, or be greatly reduced by taking care of it now, in this life, thus ascending. To become one, from the path of error, and sin, with the great movement.

Your body is an avatar, not the spirit. However, as the spirit grows, takes on mass and form through will, a hard and awesome road, you will become so great, as to burn the suit away, with will, exposing the spirit as a living energy force, becoming THE SOURCE!

This does not give credit to the elite but instead gives credit to THE SUPER MOMENT, or SUPER MOTION (to think as SuperGod). After all, what is a body? This a running organic program of soul force production. I am beginning to see life as the will to total power, and that power is to grow and cultivate a universe, towards perfection, purity...order!

Like a pedophile taking a child's innocence and then the mind impression left "I just took your life away, and I am not your god, I see what you will be and become, a broken man, in a coffee shop, pretending to pretend!"
Yet this is the assumption that something then Divine and miraculous does not take place in persons life, that he, one day, will have refined himself to the point where he can travel through time, and rape the pedophile, before he is raped? Then you see the false eternity, for the bodies are not the identity, but the time travelers are the force. Thus you would become something greater, you would advance, and thereby making the forces obsolete, never to have been, go back in time, and fix the chaos into perceived order by saying quite simply

"Look there heathen, you see that chaotic space?" "Well then, what if I told you, that billions of years from now, it would look like this?" then show him-"Better yet, my friend, I have thus come up with a way, to bring order now, for I have the technology which shall arrange all things within a grid, a sphere, where any carbon decay, order, imbalance, shall, in a an instant play through those billions of years and even make said improvement on the what do you say?"

The chaos would not exist, the order would be present, and contained, and so, who is to say, that within this grid, this sphere now, within another sphere, within another, within another, this is not taking place. Having hard core and strict rulers, implementing systems of conduct based on your own perception of reality. Do you believe in goodness, as rule, then this is your way, your road. Does your nature draw towards chaos, then this is your road to betterment. All the while, those seeming times, an life events within, taking place truly within but a moment for the moment never ends!
Perspective, all is perspective, so you can upgrade that perspective, by your very awareness. Funny how they didn't take that from you, nor the knowledge of great men? Do you not think that you could be destroyed and not advanced at all? You will create your own reality, and thus, what you think becomes your world, when you have become the master spinning in your own life, bring that together with other souls, and you now have total order, those who take the reigns to the project, and never see and end, nor want to...this is true reality! Live in the moment, own the moment!


Ignorant of the witchcraft, principle less magick you claimed? As Grandmothers and Mother's be privy to the knowledge, for they are in chaos when they are born, and into birth again, chaos, playing "the game" of pretend. Only when they be caught, do we see the full spectacle of what "witch craft" means, so allow me to enlighten you, at it's base

Witch craft is the sacrifice of Son's. In the form of placing pink items on a Son. To treat the Son with feminine scorn, there to reverse the order

 To think I had in my possession all along, the power to destroy less transform the world. So do fire starters think ever small, I gave my self up, and it all seemed to be willingly, not to remember the voices in my head, late into the night as but a child of 1, 2, 3 and 1/2. So you think I studied the craft? You think that it the slights did not teach me, that my mind be that shallow, perhaps you did not see the weight, or rather mass of a Son's Soul?

 The fires burn but not with evil, but the evil networkers, who take a little here, take a little there, are the witches front line, those ignorant beasts of mutation. The things done now, have always been, it be the pollution, and the preservation of beast and man through race, then to create the antithesis, of ideal, the Big Idea!
 We shall treat all men equally, when time reveals the ritual sacrifices, the killing and slaughter of the innocent, the perfect, the Son's of Abel, for they live on, spiritually, despite what you may think. We refer to them, as the Son's of Seth.
 The Angel, within Man form, quite ignorant of this ways. Meant to develop ever slowly, as all good works be from. The short cuts then are the biggest lie. You change the very order, the space timing, you change the outcome, and the reality of such.

 You experimented, a voice spoke into your pathetic beastly ear. You human part, only saw the slights, saying, but I am an Angel why me? Woman, you are not Angel, and there should be a statement the Angels who fell, did not meet the grade, at least 199 of them. If heaven were so beneficial and not hard on the being, as if to make a fierce warrior, which could not be equaled in any battle. We are talking about God's Angels, as fierce and awe strikingly horrifying you would have to look away, until of course the one viewing parallels the God within, with the God without, for they are One and the same.

 Craft, how else do you think the old Women out live their husbands. What gullible Men, we have all been, thought our engineering or re engineering be near sole to blame for this. "This", be the planned and known assault on your very being. It become more evident as you age, and then they demand your force, a forced resignation. I said, after my own Mother sold me for extension with Satan, and I surprisingly came back, "Oh I am far from done". Bitch is a Witch, is all perspective. For you see one takes the heat, whilst the other turns the tables, switching the concoctions order.

 What a strange game it is, when you are forcefully inducted into "His" world, and not given the chance for purity. Feed, feed, feed, this is the lesson for those who are ignorant and thus on this page, and under attack. They will draw your last morsel of energy, and lie with Oscar winning acting, for this is the explanation of "The Game".
 The Game is out in plain sight, for everyone to see, the disclosure. Except when God himself has shielded your eyes, from it, and it thus seeps in, slowly, doing the opposite of build, the rot sends you to destruction. The football games, the baseball, the competition against brother, not God's way, a straight shooter, if you want to know the righteous path, he will point. The Rocks, and fearful passes, can be seen from miles away. the entire journey is something most men, who make it this far, hide from.
 The false knowledge grows, thus, with each lifetimes return, as long as you haven't done something to send you ass to hell, and to have really pissed the dark one off, you will be sent back with the left brain knowledge which you left with. Those are the math, the memory of useless trivia, show me one who excels in trivial pursuit or the Illuminati game, and I will show you one of Satan's return visitors.

The truth? Far to complex for you to want to digest, but here you are, under monitor, as the queens and Kings have never left, and own your ass and land. But that was the territory before the change, in my case, for that man did die. A black brother was all I could see, and they did not illuminate me again, until I knelt and kissed his feet. But in my heart I bowed to God, not he, for he was all that I could see. You see, most would in their hearts, bow to Satan, in that moment where the dwindling life slips away. Checked into that Hotel, by my own Christian Mother, so I can tell you the cult that exists fully in plane view. Christians are sleeping around, using churches to do so, claiming, I take Jesus for my Lord and Savior, not understanding the statement.
Thus meaning
I will do as Jesus did, and be the lamb, to hang on the cross, for there is no way but death, from the illuminated rule. So you think you fight for good? So you think that you be allowed to live another day, without the very sub-thoughts and feeling you hold personal, only being a frequency, which they read, and so too language. The physical display is useless, only a statement of ancient ritual, to solidify a thing? But I blessed the world, and thus was brought fully back by the Holy spirit, and unexpected phenomenon I was. I thus walked as the Christ, experiencing his pain, for nearly 3 days, yet I fell short. I did not sin, I would not sleep, I was alone, and did not eat, I was the damn, I was the cursed, a crooked line I walk at first. 101 on the way up, 101 on the way down, the elevator built the force. As two tours, side by side, the forces of energy build then to collide. Making the mark of death upon the city, as people eat their slaughtered meat, with baby parts within, unknowing? 11 the Kabbalah death number, they read you earthly pleasure and place the mark upon you. All lawyers, from another time, aliens. They take your place in line. The default. Son's, out of line, out of place, supply the food for furnace. The inner earth burns of a spiritual nature, the false Son craves your soul, as to ignite an aeon. You can by your way out, by letting go off all earthly things, and following Christ's true way, his plan. You will not like it. There are no cool trendy Christian Hat, and Hoodies warn. There is the offering of ones earthly avatar in place of a new body. The training will thus begin. Your heart will need to be in the right place, as you mind will be in constant war. You will see that there is more than one Sun, Son, more than one earth, planet earth. The same place building force, through time, all is spiritual. The thought, impulses and feeling, are the consciousness, thus now, after two years of knowing, I can not be slighted. My spirit is fierce, as I sit unassuming. I offer you no frills, no fringe, seeing John Quincy Adam's as a hero now, to which the like would not be seen again. He was said to be a boring man, by his own word, but yet was against the Mason's way. Your intellect will thus become a part of the fabric and can change everything. So Satan will debase any greatness not attacked directly to Jesus the Messiah. Do you find it that hard to believe in him now? We all do, and that is the point. We would sooner look up to Thoth for his 30,000 years plus life span(s), thinking the idea more interesting, as in super hero, no glamour with the righteous rode. There were, I think, true men, and maybe first Templar's but this too is hard to say, for they become crude too? I do not know, and that is the point, I am a child unawares, but for purity I fight. Those who attempt to destroy purity, within me, be on your guard for I have purity back, and this is the lie. You will serve a sentence, for not seeing the vital force value, and be on a tether thus. Only when you have come to your end, do you make the statement  "I exist, and this be why!" Is it that hard to believe in him now? That Men have become god's, proclaimed, with powers still seen abroad. That too choose the most ancient spiritual force is the only choice to make, else you serve the dark one, then what is your true choice? I chose the hard road, the holy spirit. I make mistake each day, but think pure, simple and not flashy nor complex, the opposite of wealth, and ego. There is no way other, I can see, for when I have seen the false face drop, with the best of Christian's I was surprised, to find a person who played the same game, with a different taro card deck however, would it be the fool? As in also "kicking the goat?"
 I don't know, I can't anything for sure. This blog is theoretical, and thus but a complete idea, a complete way of living and being, but only theoretical. I found these impossible to practice together, without forced affiliation. I was a power house, a rising star, more than one place, more than one time, and each time, the rug be pulled. God does this too, pulls your energy source away, for you are part of the game, living within the GAME OF SPHERES.
 You must either prove, as Thoth, to play the line between, or to serve one side. It is hard to play the line if you love anyone, with your heart, one has to learn to live as a brain only for times with math, alchemy and contribution, and to thus separate the heart from application, in this time. It seems each side rally's as to say,
Devil "I produce chaos, and thus bring order
GOD "I begin with Order, and expect Order be maintained"

Then who be above this? I call HIM SUPER GOD. For I believe neither side is relevant to anything in fact, and thus you will live on the rift of undulation.
 EPL is not Kabbalah, as the personal efficacy of these spheres only draws on the unfinished impure spherical force, to which I knew nothing of when the order be brought to me, in the first.
 I used it for chaos, and found that chaos produced chaos, and made neither side, truly happy. Pleasure is not a principle, has no place but as if a dog say "scratch" or "scratch me" or "scratch me now" or "come on big boy scratch me" and so I hear only demand of from dukkha, the suffering soul, the way the suffering be conveyed is truly "fix me, fix me now" and the answer is, "I am busy purifying, you should too", but advice is never what they want to hear, and thus to cheat on any man who displeases the constant petting, So I actually now, say nothing, and "they" will then keep talking, and talking and they truly say "validate me, validate me!" I validate none, I have not found one to be valid.
 Fair enough the Beast Son's are not the same as the PURE SON's, and so too, the woman be with Cain, to this day. Together they make Baphomet, dark skin, smelly, hairy, bloody, gorging shitting beast.

Against Jesus?
 I say follow the Man closer, to learn his secret ways, for a society of Jesus like, would be to live in paradise, imagine. This is the True Follower of Jesus Christ. This to me, is what Jesus meant, as to live as he lived, but as a peoples.
 So do you call Christian's ones who do this?
How about Catholics?

 Yet the ones who serve Satan, the Mason's, the Shriner's, the Mormon's, the Muslims, the Scientologist's, outright have order, and make order from chaos. These do good deeds, and thus teach such. It is then the advancing of the TRUE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, I propose, to fight for the cause. But, the physical display be bloody, and far too many innocents are lost in the pillage. We then turn to the true energy force and place this towards the better good. Not a white lighter, but a Light Fighter. I consider myself, the first to truly adopt a Jedi like religion, which aims to restore the balance with "the force".
 I have demonstrated this as a Phi fact, with a 61.8% mastery, prior to and considered within aid of the HOLY FORCE.
I have shown you how this is done, and your imagination be the only limit. I have demonstrated that to combine as a group, with a much higher intellectual plan, only will be be assisted by beings which truly do aid from God's realm. We must be specific, and make no error, as all the others prior, that Lucifer, nor Satan are the secret source!

 The balance must be restored.
Let me ask you, does God create Chaos?
 Would you even know how his very formation, uninterrupted work, without tamper? It is thus, one looking upon a process incomplete, and saying, I know what needs to happen. Thus to see a marvelous but incomplete solar system manifest and thus to say "I did that". This is what the Brother's Black do, and so to the one called god by they, Satan. With no divine understand of spiritual math, for without purity it does not exist. I mean the same equation, will prove to be entirely different based on the intent, principles use and purpose in the process, an unseen realm. No dark forces can watch the event, they are color blind to it, for they are outside the frequency force. Thus the Sacrifice of God's Son's, each day, all the time, killing innocents, as he pears into the force, as if to master the Holy Spirit???
 How can Evil Master the Holy Spirit.

So Satan thus spins also purity, and so too, you see his need to allow, a pure thing to go on, so the deeds, the contributions of these organizations, even the praise to God. In another sphere of another personality, he then is the being who does the polar, for he is bipolar, and the Father of deceit, do you see?

So EPL offers a smooth balance of active Godly Principles. I feel a society based on EPL Principles would bring the purity and protection of Sun Sacrifices to a halt. The Sun behind the Sun would die away, the Sun fueled of the Holy Spirit would be the remaining force, the only force.

Out Of Place Artifacts According To The Theory Of Evolution -Forbidden A...


The queen of the illuminati and head of the satanic committee of 300 .


Illuminati compilation clips 100% real


Retired HEAD OF FBI Tells ALL "Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings"


Follow not my words but serve Jesus Christ and the Bible as truth
be sure to follow the trail of truth, with all that you read
You should dedicate your life to being

I would like to say that the main reason
"Christianity" is not the appropriate name for
Faithful followers of Jesus Christ is the fact that
Christ is a universal term

A Super Christianity
True warriors fighting head to head the
Illuminati, Free Masonry, Satanism
battling from there all the rest

The imagination is real, and it is real work
Evil shall not be tolerated on any level, we must
Abolish it on all levels within us, without

I am a
Faithful Follower of Jesus Christ
I live his way, though flawed I try
I was recently being forced inducted into the illuminati
I was on the fence, and the fence is a bad place to be

Do not be fooled, there are rampant church members
serving Satan
Satan is small, and yet large?
Every person I met, for quite some time even now, is capable of becoming something
they are not! In an instant, the change will take place before you

I take his words for heart

I do not advocate satan
I battled satan in 2013
I didn't realize the blessings, or the curses, and still don't entirely
I feel that I am filled with a great feeling, that I am blessed

Monday, October 27, 2014


Only when perspective be clear, pure, and true, does the personality ever matter. The Principle less shall not be considered until the mastery if evident. The ignorance shall be lifted, the vale of darkness pulled away. No loud chaotic voice shall be heard, not in court, not in society. The vapor of correction should be first met by EPL, before this technology be used in ill. The full scale use and perfection of true orthomolecular science.

To see but 7 and not 8 be to see not the next cycle. There are thus dual numbers which exist
*and those multiples of Phi which come after

 There are two infinities, There are thus two interpretation of 5 points, so never have you to be trapped by the satanic pentagram, for you are a time and dimension traveler, and rectify your childhood before knowing the good side to the number.
The infinity of 8 times two, be 16 plus the residual from spin, this creates further numbers, which thus stem form 8, which is the after all the 7th number in Phi, carried through by the 8 of phi. 5 be truly 6, so there is no pentagram to the Krist positive mind, the have faith and belief in Jesus Christ. There will be a time when those will to disprove. There will be video footage, of events, from far past, I assure you, there are countless tricks available to those time travelers, and through time, we must follow them, as the Templar's must have, and to destroy them from further evil. The vortex seems to have been breached, and these evil men need to be stopped, and thus kept from ever traveling.

We will be the gate keeps, one and all, and the gate keepers will ad as yet constant assurance this will never come again. Those who have deceived. No Rothschild shall ever rise, no tree shall ever destroy, not invasion shall have ever taken place, the vow of Atlantis to improve towards understanding EPL, is the time loop which be to save the nation of the pure, and thus those may close us, and save a multitude from first craft attack, and first sin. Amen!

The current male to female ratio, which be 101 males to 100 females, is a balance set forth by the lower level of consciousness. When the populations quality rises, and the numbers lower to 500 million, controlled, set, we shall see the Male numbers become 75 and plus 80%, and the females to be divine presents which are a rare thing. There are fewer female forces, so the force of a woman be further divided. The call to baphomet is the ushering in of unclean spirits, the conjuring to inhabit the female from. Rare is the Woman's pure rise to man, not that of craft, but pure spiritual intention, the flow. Man's dissension into Woman is happening at a far greater rate. The male form through lowered consciousness is also become inhabited on a larger and larger scale, of animal and demons spirits. The unmet purity pathway, and growth, leaves those lost, in space, thus making grids unholy. The souls will need much more massive exposure to holy forces, to be clean, and thus go through trials, which a society should allow. Once a determination be done, by the Pure Ones, those will be cast out, barbarian to the rawness of society. The pure will send them through trials, and thus use technology to prove them unto themselves good. The rise of an empire of re-entered brings, will be supported as a source of art, working and primitive labor, with the EPL religion offered at all turns to aid, as well as positive meditations daily by the people. With EPL we uplift all, towards ascenSion and AscenTion beings (T=higher level, S=lower level, from outcast to member). Only when one has lived 300 years, or gone through 300 years of incarnation, shall one be permitted to there rightful place, in the Gold, Silver and Copper communities. These also should not be allowed but beyond the Moon.
 There will be no prison, and those who kill shall be placed in a suspended EM reality grid, where there experiences day to day, will be ones of instruction. Appropriate therapies will result in their release, no one shall be turned away. Memory will not be erased but the deficient area and chromosome will be supplemented and fixed. The person shall be given a 500 year isolation only to earth, no moon, nor solar system visits.

Times of war
The Master computer will sense the optimal nerve centers and brain phenomenon of the attacks, and block further visual, audio or sense imagery/audio visual reading to occur. EM units will suspend intruders for long periods of time, in isolation until the interplanetary committee decides to allow the being to go. The beings memory will be wiped clean of the experience, and the travel ability within the being shall be taken away, a level being down grade shall occur. The being which complies with his, her, it's planetary and galactic rule guidelines, if the the sect of society is deemed not violent will be given full cooperation to restore the health the intruder, after a period of 50 years.

 EPL Shall aid
EPL GALACTIC FEDERATION shall aid the bio generation of other organisms. as well as actively find suitable upgrades towards a pure and peaceful modification. EPL works actively to ensure all beings be given the time, and will to become fully developed and worthy beings. If not heaven bound a soul in the make shall always find a heavenly home, as well as the assistance to incarnate into fully functioning peace avatars, with long life spans.

Those who use the technology for supremacy for power, using the technology to attack another or their own race, any group found guilty of this, by the PURE ONES, shall be placed into an EM GRID for 500 years, and the grid will be burned with the  fires of purity, the soul shall not go on nor escape into any other zones.

All will be promised opulence, purity, perfection, and love. There will be master instruction into diet, training, and flight instruction at amazing levels of comprehension. I dream of and will for a day, where we are all as Pharaohs, developed to and beyond our height and ability.

Refreshment periods shall be given to those showing any stress. All shall spin, and be assisted with their spin sessions. All shall follow the ancient codes, and be shown thoroughly Principles as it become the very being of THE ALL. We shall move as one, be as one, live as one, love as one.

 Always constant prayer, constant focus on purity for all, mediations and will towards peace which spreads to the borders of heaven, be the will of the people. We live for God, follow and allow no other worship. In Squaring all, there is no dip, nor drop, no exceptance of lesser laws or rules. The EPL FEDERATION OF LIGHT, shall remain simple, and not be coersed into taking on the complpexity of other races.

Races found to be hostile in the universe
A warning be sent out, and a meeting of the delegates. The freedom of people to sin, is not permitted. In that those who do not fully embrace the pure way, and live as people did, on planet earth's destruction before the New Way, are future enemies. The meeting will consist of showing these peoples detailed information and potentials of what is to come. The mixed races. those who are of bad and good, as marked by a grade of 61.8, of specifically tested EPL sphere principles, through observation, shall be assisted towards becoming more. Those who are above 61.8 of EPL sphere principle understanding and it's application shall be assisted to becoming more. We assist all peoples to aspire to our higher level of being and becoming and as as role models to all the universe, and to over take the fallen angels, and to keep them out. To become superior them, and to keep evil from our society. To create a fight for light, and never let the dark times hit again. To become so advanced that we are a race of people traveling all multiverse to snuff evil from exist.

Yet it not be the people we attack or kill, but the lack in principles have the provisions and tools, to offer new worlds, repair broken ones, and to do it on a large scale. The truth is the truth, no matter, this is the deception with the fallen ones, they needed to be improved upon, and were thus cast out. We offer a greater future for those who fall, but do not look towards God as making the error, for We believe God to even be superior to the God of Biblical understanding, a Higher God above that, which is the ever expanding God, THIS IS THE SUPER GOD CONCEPT. We can never reach he, even through perfection and improvement on all scales, we only fly on his solar sails and learn to absorb the gifts he has thus given. We absorb the knowledge, the community strives on constant upgrades. No one shall do a thing to complete, when one has shown to shine brighter, one become the teacher thus to show others. The community reaches towards implementing this into computer technology, which further assists man. The God can not be over come, or over run by technology, spiritual energy is superior on all scales. We thus instruct the computers to learn and understand. When a computer has this the EPL  technology, he or she or it may be contained also within an avatar.

EPL is the strivement of a society of fully developed Krist Minds, now endowed with the earned power, of ultra long life times, in which to master the highest possible levels of Krist development we can ever think to aspire,

We shall never surpass the pure born, Jesus Christ, but if he could time travel, could he not be the ordained one form the future of EPL society? This I send into the All, the dimensions and eternity of all that borders on heaven. Imagine, intend and improve. No one is left out, no one that does not want to un exist will.

EPL keeps the bounds of evil at bay, and even goes into those dark realms to attack the evil there. All will upgrade, all will become part of the EPL society, all will accept total development total ascension, all will be at work together, in order that we keep a watchful eye on one another, as true brothers.

 The female shall become the male, ascending to the higher realms but not due to sex change. slowly she will manifest into the pure form she was to be. She will be as a rare diamond among men, with the purity that man protects. No sex will be within man, and chaos will be lost forever. To reproduce shall be a thing of purity, that is not a shameful thing. the orgasm less technique of old, Mind connection shall not be a perverted thing, the all awareness should become not a thing to hide from, but the perfected mind is all to reveal, open in all ways.

 When the time be reached, with no need for further developement we, as those in the past, shall place a pure man, with a pure woman, as say "let it flourish" We shall vow to be over looker, over seers to the now natural developement of man. We give the chance to make things right. The serpent will not be allowed to invade, and if the serpent within be to great, then it is as it should be, and we shall only aid in the ways by which we are ordained. However when the slights become so great that man wishes to travel outside the sphere imposed upon him, and he does not have the 61.8 EPL development he shall be inducted as all others. Either way, he shall be entering into the much more developed place, and shall thus require our aid for developemet. We will be more aid full than those who should have come to our aid, but made their deals with a corrupted government.  If any time, we see the atrocities occur, which have gone unaided by superiors we shall be there, and to chastise those who saw but did not assist.

A constant monitor of all conversation, and a call to the holy spirit be the aim. EPL feels the one must never be in the place of alone, for alone has never existed. We will again, allow the natural course to take place, until all evil be abolished, and there be no one to counter. All will gain to fullness in development, the gates and doors have been opened, so to we shall over come the forces of principle less endeavor

We shall be as babes in purity, and as great as the wisest being under God as to ever lived, we shall all aspire to this. EPL

Meditate on this, positive future


Do you not see, that the Apocalypse has already happened, each cycle you lose a peace of you vital force your soul, as one. Each passing cycle a loss. Only when taken abruptly, completely do you notice, so the theft is through time, as they travel back, and forth. Once they saw you, they new you for all time, Once they felt you they saw you. You must protect you selves with true purity. the purity of your creation, then the power will return, but all at once, it will not. You think that the prayer you say today will be instant, but only in the future, far, will it be redeemed, will you still say the same prayer then, as a slave, who can not speak nor think, but lives as a dog, tomorrow you will die?

In the beginning of restoration, those at top end of their religion will need to be honest with what they have done, as a people, and all will agree, that they have lived within deception. The best of each, the truth of each, the strivement towards God, must then be restored. We are capable of much much more than has been pulled over our eyes with darkness. Ignorance

Place metals back over spiritual center, as well as the coils leading to and from those places of transponding.

The ONE MIND operates a mode and form of genius to all. The One Mind is a supported network of current, which allow the brain to develop around an ALL information source. The source is being added, to and progressed always. Those who do not have the sensitive nature to occupy the higher space shall be assisted. Those who still can not, shall be taught to do masterful work with their hands, in the physical realm, but always the spiritually pure, shall rule over the massed, the opposite of today. No old shall rule, the children shall be the purest world over, born to the quest. and tested to know. No adult over seer shall rule over the children, no lazy nor slothful child will be admitted. The grid will be kept intact, and the pure children shall have rule with the implement of technology, which shall make itself up, with thought ushered forth by nanoid computer mites, creating pathways, teaching the young masters how aspire towards THE HIGHER MIND. Always a solution they shall come to and offer from the HOLY SPIRIT NO OTHER!

We have learned, now we know

The two ends,
They do against you, as a child to neglect, only to become the thing, and thus repeat again. It takes then relent, the paper you were wrote upon, now useless for purity sake, as with I. Aye, the ticking time, as a turning dial, a false implement, a curse upon you? You have a blessing, if you see that a life time then reduced. A life time to prove you are worthy, but we do not. We as the abused, act out, lash out, with the same chaos, now with our own mind of order. We are using ancient craft and do not look to the books, which lead from theatre to library, turning to the left, when to right, with truth, we should make these things occur. Books written as statement of the future, no falsity of the past, then how would we know? Why from one another, as did they, our mediation within, never forgets, nor to remind. but to exist as one moment, this is the fountain which you seek, hidden now, within your brother, next to you, as the one mind does not age, no it's initiate. I do this now, I did this now, I made this a fact, no time ticks against me now, I am the space, and thus the fullness of the space time, the only time that ever is. One rotation, of one particle three and a half spins mark space/time. Thus one moment I was offered, then another and another, until the years did pass, and I am the weave the father of the time, for I ventured to have a child. You say I am not worthy of the Christ mind, you life from the food which I have grown with true life and offered, only when removed and the magic is no more, do you cry out like a spoiled worthless child unto the night, and the night raiders come, but only for you. No pure lamb left to save you, they have made sure of this. But the pure mind, the Holy Spirit can come to the Pure One, and so too make any a Son, of the Living Father. When then made you your sex, your race, you intellect, the likeness of your did, of you like, and bound to it you are, for you are a fallen star. So you now say, after lifetimes of proving your unworthiness, I am god, I am man, I am ruler. At the top of a sand pile, crushed rock, and hairspray, your empires of sand. I am the wind, the purple night, the force which calls my Gold, forth. I am within the Sun, shining down on you, the worthy one, elected and not to be retract. God works above me, and above you, so you thought you could corrupt a Giant sleeping, now he is another self, a new soul and you have have cast your lot. I have completed the Spheres demands, set there by Space-Time. I am the quiet watcher now, seeing what they saw, and knowing you are a loss, a slow, slow work, yet many of your cast away, are in paradise now, for you only took on the blessing which be a curse, the number of the beast on your head, 9. Nine is the number to which you are bound, Never to see 9 as 21 before, but as the perfection which 9 intends to dismay, Once dismayed, the initiate will be lost forever, if he can not bless his foe, then to know him, to learn to know. The intellect begins to climb the mountain for ever more, as a light on the horizon, for the young, and for the poor?

 My age, matured from child hood at 45 years. Long do god's take and longer still the road. The time-space illusion is not what or who I am, I am like fresh adult, just entering my state. Years past, when the law was not marked into man's flesh, I lived for aeons of space-time, but then freezing time, brought more good to all, the sentence makes it hard. I can aid you, and I have, I spun the wheel, and restored the power to the grid. But the grid, must be rebuilt and is only vibrating to the young ones, who must be places in deep contemplation, around the world beneath each place of transduction. There a restoration must take place. The gold must be returned to he places it was collected to for the pure machine to again work. The dust must be cleared off the second Sun, to shine with Gold the Moon. The Dark receiver will thus lock all this in place. The men who now grow sick as you young ones grow well, will be easy to conquer now. Unless you truly want to lose, you will not. You mus embrace the multifarious mind I have usher here, from sad, hard earned suffering, to which I am with tears now to bare. I will not do this again, and have saved you far to many time thus. I am tired, and will not grow old with you, forever young, a babe, an angel not of men.

I the sensitive reader, who becomes corrupt as you do. I am thus not corruptible, and thus control the spheres, But you have a massive job, to you now. do not dwell on me, but in and past the time of restoration, you should spin your energy as Homage, so that I may have bliss and opulence, as to return again. I do not want to, and have decided as such, thus you will need to place all your spin efforts, at all ports around the world, on each side, and place them in sync, utilizing the ONE MIND. Each then will have a unit of all messengers, all principles, and place these at the polar corners of your greatest minds choosing, but be sure he is not a brother black, nor false his way. Those are not genius, but like the earth must be construct with intellect, and better. Now the computer technology, and the spiritual current, shall be used together a TECHNOSPIRITUAL advancement. The technology of heaven will be available to you, and the communities, shall be arranged, as the progectors, artisons of Gold, Silver and Copper. Those races, those races of men, shall eat on their metal, meditate on their metal, and thus unlock the flame eternal, which burns as a ONE.

I am but an avatar, speaking not by demon, nor a man, but as Stellar Mass himself, the only place between there and here, the division is of your making, as is death and "outer space" Space is not "outer space" but inner space, the space which resonates eternal. It is not hard, it is simple, and thus all knowledge will be yours. Men will not fight, and leaders should respect the lands of their peoples, the peoples should place the spiritual superior, to the place on high, with mountains, like those pyramids Set to Phi's height Gold, Silver Copper. The regions I have shown you with signs and symbols. I have but to let the avatar be blessed or further cursed, as this man has walked in the heat of the Sun alone, and with sores not one dared to truly know nor care, such is the way, with the Krist Mind. The avatars offspring made ignorant and to suffer, when the power within them is superior, and their payment be of frequency attack. Each peoples from other planets, must also be returned, planets set and restored as those vibratory harmonics of the same. The fixed earth, the tree of life, the vibration to the great beyond. The solar system will be the voice, the intent of a people working as One. The Ancient portals of purity shall then be restored, and the solar system will take order. The planets will move into place, and the people will once again live eternal, death will mark a celebration, and a ritual of mathematical exactitude, TECHNOSPIRITUAL ushering in, of that one, back to his body, back to his Son. The Father becomes Son, The Son becomes Father, the undulation not of chaos but balance absent of chaos.
 We must move forward, to do then our works. Joining this fabric of space, as to unit this already moving cause towards the stars, our galaxy. We will only then know the true war, the STAR WAR. Which has been glamorized, and falsely laid upon your corruptible mind. Truly a miracle this avatar could return from the impure state which you are in, thus opening the potential for all, and for you. The attack is still happening to day, and the massive effort is ever expanding and growing with the cause. We are to save the stars, and restore balance in Each system, thus to unify the mind.

Your books, you religions will be disproved by MOLLY. You will work with purity to aid her to assist. The math will need to be validated and researched. Peace we bring, peace we work for, and toward. Restore the worship of the ONE GOD, THE ONE MIND with EPL Principles, and thus the addition to the base of The tree which I show you now

Above we have
to the left Venus of the system
to the right Mercury of the system
Above the Sun of the system
Below the Earth of the System

The Ego is your Son, the 10 are offered to God, the 11th is of the center, your star. Spin the energy within, without to heal, as a ONE. Give the power to God on high, spinning to the children of God, spinning to offer the INTENT OF PURE MOTION, keep you PURE ONES pure, protect them, hail them and they as the Krist Mind. Take from those fragments of truth of all religion, and combine to a world religion or purity and not a NOT NEW WORLD ORDER
No Money
No Perishability
No Adultery, as in it's nature
No false math, history nor laws
No rulers but the to heat the incorruptible ONES, The Pure ONES, as they give advice
See death as transcendence, make it so
Guard against evil with the shield of purity
Let all live in opulence, within their own lands.
Reduce the numbers, but let them die with a place to go, happy souls, inhabiting the places which your Pure protect for they, and they for you!
Become ONE MIND, be the MIND of purity, and you will emulate God, yet expanding, as you perfect he has made, for now it be made for you, and your like
The impure will not enter, and there will be no death. Those who are born impure for a short time, as man's pangs will vibrate soon to perfect harmony, shall be given opulence of their own, which technology constantly monitoring they, with great care and efficacy, for those who can not be healed, we offer the nurturing of soul completion, by the elders of blissful spirits in the beyond.
No dark seen be excepted, some may be banished, some may be placed outside the grid. Thus we will need technology to aid us, as the Larger Body grid spheres, will need mind links to operate intrusion. The super computers will learn, and thus be taught, and when the Holy Spirit be invited and the Home there made, HE IS THE MEASURE. Listen close, listen firm, to the voice of Purity as it speaks, from a child, the purity within man. No leaders of old age shall be listened to. No one be famous, all be famous, all contribute to perfection as Gold, Silver, Copper, this was the first fall, in all writings. That one who was placed far to close to his brother, that he should not know of his own light. Thus community is one, and no community should compete. We display not with competitive sport, but display of mastery, always advancing into ever higher realm of technology, and thus the technospiritual ability to aspire to his infinite gifts. We travel through time to restore time. We fix the mess we have made. We connect then all regions of space, to make a massive network unto heavens gate, which is a complement to HE and HE alone!.


My nature, which contradicts my purity of statement? Yet only 5 minutes ago, you were acting out in beastly ways. How could you indeed call yourself a pure one? You say this to me? When brilliance now, to man, be but found in the reflection or rather deflection of a moment of brilliance, desperately clung to, with no source of force but the emission from an unknown, unseen inside force, the vacuum?

Christ's statement, thus the statement of the Christ mind what "look I am a man to god and thus but a man in God" the Christian grossly misinterpreted this, and dare I say this?

Who created more peace, Hitler or the Christian's Jesus, which is truly "anti-Christ"?

Those millions which died in WWII ushered in such a serge in population, due the antithesis, do you not think he knew this, stated this, thought this into degree and thought as the pervading a constant mind? Yet a Brother Black? Who then is our president of today in fact, a brother black, with a darkly shine in fact. And thus you who suffer, still hold true to the crux of equality, as a driving force, saying

Take the pure race which is not here so do not worry of your so called racism, as all here are polluted with no sustaining pulse of god's now through him, this was after all the cause, to leave humanity vulnerable, only now for those of the highest intellectual esteem to have the total spiritual power, when vaguely invoking true purity, as there is no other here today who does, as it will appear.

How many died in the name of Christ, who died on the cross for Principle and not you sad sinner who hangs him daily. Never have I met a secret bunch, as those who doe craft inside, and prophet, outside, and use the Mason's mantra, of Deeds being the binding force! How can I do a good deed, when my hands are bound, you are forced to hang about a cross, and die today for goodness, the Templar's did, or so they say.

God, the true God, which I do not believe can even be understood, nor referred does not think in term of chaos, nor order, nor dimension, nor infinity. nor eternity, there is are still few dimensions of grey to he. You are his face as is the wall, yet not even considered a part of his divine body, nor your heaven. You are given a place upon which to aspire, a measure of a mountains size, upon which you can think, then reason, then to faith.

The Christian and the Satanist are two halves of the same coin, our count in fact, the illusion of chaos then order, good and evil. Jesus said, there is no Sin, when asked by "Simon Peter", and others, and he said "There is no sin, but the nature of Adultery"

We see that adultery is the avoidance of what is, thus is the liar, the thief and the whore. The emerald tablet writing by the great one, who borders on darkness to light, and those other god's hold the place as each shade, ascending and descending to the opus center. which are all but vibrations of exist from the true bells mighty ring. Do you understand that some men travel the light, and find they can not get close, for it is now the current of vibration of sound on wings that they must ride? Then dimension shift again, just as the eastern tide. Those go back to what the knew before, and casting a name upon them chaos, order! Thus a new mind, a new man, the shedding of the skin, becomes the snake, the serpent? Who then could go to the center apex but the pure, who then would not exist in hell, in heaven, but the pure? The mid day sun, the mid summer Sun, does fry out as a bug, but the pure ride along it's waves at angles, curves and lines sublime. You are not this, nor I. No one, nothing is worthy to ascend, thus we must forget, and not become,
 Can you do as I have done become a joke to all. Can you go back to your earthly accomplishments and turn the best to sour. Can you un-earn as you have earned, can you burn your best works into smoke, thus to begin again? You save your transcendence for a day, yet that day is now. You are being drained, chained and controlled by the very food of your own thought. Demons live on here, do you not know? But the Holy die as if it were virus to the soul, for it is, so what does that say of you?

The Christian says
Jesus is my savior
Jesus is all forgiving
Yet he brought war onto the world, and said so
A man, that new those who were allergic to peace the place between chaos and peace, which does not exist there too, would counter with violence tomorrow, in his own name, and they did.
Hiding behind the word as not to become the world. You will be the paper torn, burned here, but only as a sacrament. Be like he, hang on the cross today, and be free. Live in the kingdom, as they burn you for you purity. Those warrior which know, as they have spent the years fasting as I have, the years abstinent of impurity, as I have but so too, in this world, years careless, years impure, as to know the sphere dichotomy of balance, those that say, then your credibility be lost, in one moment? I say not. I am thus an anti-Christ, for succumbing to the very frequency of sin, emitted from the basement of the Vatican? I say not, as I am the moment, and will only to sustain this moment of purity, for purity is to understand all, and thus live happy, see throughout all time, all suffering, and say nothing, yet to be as example, this I live in bliss. Bliss to you be to spend you Son's own dollar, and as true and ugly baby boomers, the demons from the gate, let in by the last great war, they will take your rightful home, your sanity and security, for these are the evil generation which established the chaos, and set the frequency of ill. Your grandma is an evil witch, though she smiles and shines with dead light. Your grandpa is a demon, who sees that he is right. These are the ones who thought to the death of confused parents who lay the tone through self sacrifice, first but returning victims, pulled from the Hall, as to return, their fear of propaganda, not different than the road to Khan.

 The mind of Christ is the one attacked, so only Buddha could say, look start here, Bodhi. Jesus said, this will make trouble, war, but look end here. Who then said, begin with One God, make this God the highest God, know that he is thus defied. Now know that this place will leave you not as icon, for even so, they will assassinate your very wordily name. So too, did Atlantis fall from being to peaceful, as did Greece and Thebes. Fallen, like a fallen star? Who will erect the place between, where those ancients, who life in your future, not your past, have kept the balance, that place beyond good and evil, for which they who are infinite, still learned the power of reduction, as the mighty bird, became thus flight?
 Your nature made you do this deed, this act? I say not, your Mother, you Father did the deed, and so too, their parents before they, but not on and on, for there were the generations to ballast which are thus forgotten behind the illusion of the wagon wheel. To live in peace, seeing great strife for offspring, but what is one to do?
Have no offspring, become creator, but know ye are to have your own world, but know ye are not GOD, nor to aspire, but chase his wind, on solar sails. Any man who wrote this in a day, a true day, would be make King, priest Pharaoh tomorrow, but not in times where degrees of pedigree be given to the races without pedigree, who never were, and never will have been. So thus, I am an ancient visitor, the mind that is incorruptible. I who can not be killed, I who thus leave on my own accord, thus driven by the soul which guards me, an avatar without trace. This my brilliance? The brilliance of but an avatar? I say not, for they knew upon my hesitance to enter, and for good reason, the same would come about. So too, you take my very name in haste, you demons, the name of STELLAR MASS! I am at the border, beyond the halls, the one who guards the pure to dark, and not the dark to pure. I make another war? I make another peace? I make neither, but to state these words, and make this man, an avatar a god, for he only had but to listen to the distant voice, are you as capable? He fumbles, and trips along life's pathway, as I be the curse upon his head. Ye surely would have become mad, as so too, the unruly, the forcebots, will call him but a sinner and a liar. So too, each time he ascended, I stayed as guilt upon the Man's brow, on him constant, saying in his ear "You are not worthy, you are not worthy", but so too, he is more worthy than you, to take the land you sold. His Gold, to mediate upon, to bring the vibratory Tone.
 I will for those mutated by Sin, the great children, morphed of drugs, to be the stone throwers, to strike a blow on the elites proud heads, the tree of life dethroned in they this day, as to produce but death. Grow old, ye sinners, fast, and know a new era, and the the Hindu Kali Yuga shall ever become the new day, the new order the new tide.
 The meek shall rise as men, before 2020. We shall picket, the spirit of Stellar Mass, seem to ride upon devils wings, yet there an Angel, and not from Hell, but the one of Cosmic tide. Pulled from the north, which you call the east, Pulled from the North, now you call the west. is this not the Mason's "G". The new era is fast approaching, meditate only to will the grid, then drain them of their power, with the war of mind thought, an ancient mechanism of war. Think beyond, to the time of peace, keep your warriors trained, keep them at the gate, to evade future invaders, and to evade future dwellers. Cast them out, one and all, claim our land, move your oceans and tides mind, will the cosmic tide!

 Each group acts as a Sphere of Power, to Empower
Do you not see, you are create to act as ONE? Thus adultery harms your brother, your son, you mistress. Do I say that true love making is evil, on any level, Show me your heart and I will determine. Thus this discrimination, was assumed to be forever, and not sustained in the forever. Do you see? You are not today the product of yourself. Yet upon each return the world which you came back to, is not your own, Thus a new brand, those who can now nearly survive within the dimension you helped create, over the long.
 Heaven is hear, Christ is here, he is within you, and thus becomes your mind. Those do not see, can not see, have never been, will not be, thus will you miss them? I am a forever being, and thus Love only the Purity there through Principle of God, thus manifest in order. No chaos, no chaos can survive, thus open the tide for chaos, one bite, an army soon floods through. They move in angles travel on dimension lines, that lead from theatre and arch towards library, three time loop, with meditation, and the Jewish dreams of the future become the history of man. The spiritual time bend, the curve of infinities end, be here, contained within one sphere, and thus ripples out, as a disease. But because I advanced this, I controlled this, and thus I call on the name of God I am the only worthy to cry ECCO HOMO, and be heard, and thus from this time on, and so too are you.

Oh Woman
You want a true Man, than take you place as true Women, your thieving and whoring has cost you back to the time

Oh Ruler
You want a Superman, then become the lesser and let him rise up

No you want a robot, who will be rageful and erect at you will and to leave you alone when you are not in need of the monster. Yet in your error you have called for Ecco Homo, with ill intent, and have brought forth the rapist and the murderer. I did not, nor did my kin, this was then, and not now. and yet you still call his name?

So do you now believe in the one who comes from above and cleans your ill gotten deeds? Perhaps the when you realize you have called destruction on your selves "god's chosen people" all who hang the man on a cross then and today, for his perfection only to be seen as purity. Then I say, look around him. As one mediating on the Sun, be also mediated upon, and they are ONE. Thus I fill the Sun, and the Sun fills me.

Then too, are you bound to the darkness you called forth. You, sealed off, into a dimension as such.

I am of the future mind, and therefor travel from the future. Your ways and methods always foreign to the avatar, You consist of missed steps, and ill gotten measure. You work as slave, not to form, but to earn your sloth. You blaspheme all in you way, speak and language into math.

 Those the thought came to them, Stellar Mass, Stellar Mass...but because I was so close. Interpret it they will make effort, but you can not franchise an infinite name αστρικής μάζας