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The sweet ones, the little ones, the kinds ones, the principled ones, but not the weak ones, are my friends, KNOW ME!



It becomes more apparent, when referring to Bad and Good, that those always see themselves as right, or at least good, in their final evaluation of self, when of course the self can go through all necessary steps for growth. EPL's founder thus charges all those, who have kept this author, this lucky and blessed developer, of such a dynamic and perfect discovery, to perfect thyself, in all ways. Those who keep one from becoming all that they can be, are in fact, enemies, I did not do first craft on you, why did you do first craft on me? Now the the door be open, the very energy and prosperity, which you took from me, with great malice, I take with my full force, and you will know, I spin all sides, as the Sun shines, with my right brains eternal tears of Wisdom. You will know, when I have shown you with precision, how I can be of exactitude, when I am called. You will know, when you have attempted to strike me, with physical force, that I come at you now with the full force of a fully developed being. I am the left, I am the right, I am the center, the pyramid Knows me, and the EYE LOOKED DOWN UPON ME! The left knew this as in the World, and the Right saw that this was a sign of the lesser power of God, yet both sides together, in the center, which beckoned me, sees no end, I have been invited, and inducted into eternity, and my power is known.
 When a god lives, and follows his Master, God, the furious, the kind, the awe strikingly ugly and and jaw dropping beauty. My God is the canyons, my God is the Stars, my God is the old, my God is the young. My God is ALL things seen, and unseen, and I relish the moments, when I can be one with He. He has trained me to be furious, he has protected me against bands of people, given me the victory to abate, when I would have otherwise destroyed the weak, the ignorant, the condemned the stupid, and he has given me the weakness, to fight, and destroy my foes, who were much larger and more confident than I. I have no doubts of my ability, and thus have reached the masters status, of the AscenTion Being, growing and becoming something else, more and less. a god, and a babe. Know that I am not to be trifled with, as I may leave today, and haunt you each day, this time in 10 years. If you have taken form me, I will take full force, which as I stated, with confidence, shine on, not to be beautiful for your lesser and condescending eyes, and ignorant half judgements, I will be the wrath upon you, especially if I were to fall in any way. I am the clouds, and can become the storms the tides the herd, the way. Be afraid, if your piety calls for it, but know that you and your kind, will not ascend. I own the way, and the way has been revealed. I came upon it, it came upon me, and the convergence, gave me royalty. If you want what I have, know to use is, is to serve me, as Lord, as King, under God, and his faithful servants, who Got to the well, and have prepared a drink of little old me.



PT 1 The main dichotomy of Man


Whilst the arguments and debates go on, the rhetoric seems to entertain some, whilst causing much pain, and angst to others. It seems, that people, be quadranted into two main types. A basic 6 of each category, split by dominance of Left or Right brain thoughts, and thus, a biochemistry to lead, or follow. We have our Right Brain leader six variants, right brain follower, with six variants. We have our Left Brain Leader variants of six, we have our Left Brain followers, of six variant. Each of these "Variants" represent "The seemingly personal perception of the EPL Principle in motion". THE PURE ONE, be the 25th, the one who has gained the balance of the two hemispheres, and thus, the outward and inward "motions" of the perception or experience. How could a person be damned, when they live equally between all spheres? Giving attention to the weak point, then to develop into an error free, all point firing person. Would I be angry at a child, who could not walk, who was raised in a household, and more so, a community, which be anti walking? We would, in effect, begin from the top, or the bottom, in this case. Thus, you are only condemned, when you have reached your true self, which could not be known, in a society based, on keeping you from discovering this unlimited potential in the first. Thus our sins, are our very errors, in learning to walk, a divine walk, in every sense, learning to be divine. EPL believes ardently that Jesus taught this "pursuit of perfection". That what be thought of as follow, be merely the expression of how and from where in Phi, a person begins their learning.
Thus the levels of development:
Bodhi Master 6 spheres, within the current personality, toward mastery
Ascension Being 12 spheres, each the dichotomy of your assumed "Natural state"
The 13 is both Master on both hemespheres, taking on that god like reinactment of the Annunaki, the ability to use the entire mind, which now in transcendence, is constantly and always one with THE ALL. Knowing the consequences, as well as the benefits, are always in equal balance. Travel becomes the rule, yet the mind be of sufficient current. Peace

This is done to level out the areas a person naturally may be attracted towards. This is done with the EPL method of going through the EPL principles, as perceived from the Right Brain, Jesus based mind, and with the Left Brain Balancing, of connecting with the Natural and obvious aspersion towards nature and math.

 If you asked a calculator, if it believed in God, it would either answer you with probability, or flatly state, the points of reason, for which it had been shown. It's point of reason, would be how the brain re-associates words, that were taught, as community, survival ,early on, as primary prompts, in order obtain necessary goods.

I have been Left Brain, in my life, and attacked by jealous people, afraid of my "inability to feel, or mute myself when *appropriate". What is appropriate in our culture, westernized culture, is that one who shows any signs of aggressive leadership, be pacified, place on Dr. Prescribed Meds, and made to be docile. This goes against the natural warrior mentality. The US warriors are nothing more that controllable robots, who are simply numbers. This shows a left brain rule, The Luciferian Agenda, at the top of the food chain, and a obstruction towards the rise of naturally superior left brain over throw. It is a barbaric world, after all, with the exploited and creative influence of the Right Brain Dreamer. EPL's focus is on completing people, and showing them powers, which should work as a free thinking, but systematically minded ONEMIND, able to function in all ways, as a total unit, as components, which EPL ardently believes, in being thwarted, in a very obvious manor, to further the cocky display, that those who got to the well first, are the natural "Rulers" of our day. The day, now more complex, has made the current "rulers" Dinosaurs, which should merely thought out of exists. Both Nature, and God, Biblical speaking, the two perspectives of the highest power, are have been constantly in agreement with this. No more doggy bones, it does not appease those who are greater than the assumed elite. EPL thoroughly has faith, that the current elite can be thought out of existence, with the Will of the ONEMIND Principles.

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"Satanail-Leonidas...Evil-Live " REVERSE SPEECH and the Hexameter, Tasks of impossibility must be thought out clearly for victory, thus an era, a completed sphere-



Interpretation in Second Temple period Judaism[edit]

In the Second temple period literature the main possible reference is found in 2 Enoch, also known as Slavonic Enoch:
2 Enoch 29:3 Here Satanail was hurled from the height together with his angels
However the editor of the standard modern edition (Charlesworth OTP Vol.1) pipelines the verse as a probable later Christian interpolation on the grounds that "Christian explanations of the origin of evil linked Lk 10:18 with Isa 14 and eventually Gen.3 so vs 4 could be a Christian interpolation... Jewish theology concentrated on Gen 6., and this is prominent in the Enoch cycle as in other apocalypses." Further the name used in 2 Enoch, Satanail, is not directly related to the Isaiah 14 text and the surrounding imagery of fire and stones suggests Ezekiel 28.[39]
Other instances of "Lucifer" in the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha are related simply to the "star" Venus, in the Sibylline Oracles battle of the constellations (line 517) "Lucifer fought mounted on the back of Leo",[40] or the entirely rewritten Christian version of the Greek Apocalypse of Ezra 4:32 which has a reference to Lucifer as Antichrist.[41]

Leonidas I (/lˈɒn.ɨ.dəs/ lee-on-i-dəs or /lˈɒn.ɨ.dæs/Doric and Modern GreekΛεωνίδας [leɔːnídas]LeōnidasIonic Greek: Λεωνίδης,Leōnidēs; died 480 BC),[1] was a warrior king of the Greek city-state of Sparta. He led the Spartan forces during the Second Persian War and is remembered for his death at the Battle of Thermopylae. Leonidas was the third son of Anaxandridas II of Sparta,[2] and thus belonged to the Agiad dynasty, who claimed descent from the demigod Heracles.

Hexameter is a metrical line of verse consisting of six feet. It was the standard epic metre in classical Greek and Latin literature, such as in the IliadOdyssey and Aeneid. Its use in other genres of composition include Horace's satires, Ovid's Metamorphoses, and the Hymns of Orpheus. According to Greek mythology, hexameter was invented by the godHermes.
In classical hexameter, the six feet follow these rules:
  • A foot can be made up of two long syllables (– –), a spondee; or a long and two short syllables, a dactyl (– υ υ).
  • The first four feet can contain either one of them.
  • The fifth is almost always a dactyl, and last must be a spondee.

Reverse Speech and The Soul

Reverse Speech contains many references to the Soul. It talks about the Soul as being an intricate part of our lives. It says the soul can be damaged, and its state can affect our behaviour and moods. It talks about a spiritual yearning, in fact this theme is a large part of reversed language. In time, with further study, Reverse Speech may give us new insights into our spiritual nature. In this section we will examine speech reversals of a spiritual nature. Click here for an article about the Soul and Reverse Speech.

Familiar Spirits


A family, holds in it's lineage, a certain mark, of a certain DNA replication process, showing familiar traits. The obvious explanation has always been that certain physical as well as personality, temperaments, strengths and weakness (illness) similarities are a sign, a mark, of a repetitive lifestyle, over the long. Very often "times" within a certain geographical region and/or zone. Further, that some, who were considered gypsy or transient, also "inherited" these similar attributes (as chronicled in the book DNA, by Watson lascivious vs. monogamous, oxytocin et cetera...). How strange it is, that spirituality be the leading string, which promote, and pressed a personality forth. So we are to say that of these insights, which we can agree on, then more massive systems emerge, in symmetrical form, fractals out, as if spheres spinning and balancing, and those who were not as well balanced? They were put to death, as the more volume, the more mass, physically takes over. Yet, where then do the spirits go, when so passionate, as to offer ones very life, for the cause?


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

 These familiar spirits, also have a familiar highest esteem, a place where they all will to go, we know that intellect plays a crucial role in this. How can peoples of different regions and zones, come together, and esteem, with the very DNA they be construct, and worship the same highest value? We know that some can play basket ball, while others have never and will never touch one, we see that art, be only understood to a few, and yet most of these "artists' remain godless, or heavily Luciferian at nature. Further, how can we expect a feeling, a translation from a godless person, as to adorn a place of Holy worship? I have said it before, you could be sitting beside someone, in church, week after week, and seeming to pray to the same God/god, yet in your very intentions, brought forth by that person's very self will, which is who they are, what they do, and there is nothing more left to offer? Could be, and are, visualizing a different idea, ideal, and thus a Lord. Only when people have come together, with no division, will those numbers be multiplied? We are errored, and we express these errors in everything we do. God complete the errors, after we have brought the item, to a particular place, in Phi count, to the pulpit. There will still be perspective, and with less influence, from self will, or self proclaimed god, as will, we would begin to think, feel, act, and have faith, in those who are a varied perspective, but which complete our perspective. It is community, that God works the greatest works. Jesus is the meeting place, this convergence point. The stories we believe and place our faith in, which are so incomplete, but give us hope, the hero, seen in movies, like Rocky, over coming odds, don't happen in the same way, in real life. Self will, sucks away from others, and the Dollar does not represent Gold, any more than it presence money. In the Pledge, we pledge allegiance. My heart was never in pledging myself towards anything for the USA, and I am not a Muslim, nor an infidel, nor do I assert to call a Jihad on anyone. The division is clear, as the faith be clear. If you are not asserting a higher principle standard than your own country, then you fall outside the bounds of this. The law is used, to document the sacrifices, of a nations peoples.
  I however, have created, with God's divined and direct assistance, an interchangeable system of thought, as I was taught quite the opposite, by harsh opposition, to my display of truth, in a lifetine, more often than most. Luciferianism says, that if you can not enjoy the earthly things, than you are not welcome of the earth. We see this with the constant casting out of people, ideas, thought, we upon full consideration, would only lead to further "free thought". We are taught to avoid certain social situation, and bow to the all "mighty dollar", as a constant default, a knee jerk "reaction" (short reaction "time" of the amygdula http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amygdala EMI, Goleman also Ornstein specific firing patterns of the brain).This is of course, is more so about earthly pleasure, which is a self promoting pleasure, without looking further toward, why we search for this gratification in the first. We crave completeness, and as so many have achieved this so called "earthly pleasure" today, from different walks of life. We see that most people are left empty, from Kings, to High Tech "wizards" none are fulfilled, unless of course, they have reached their end value? This end value, is what best displays how far a mind can stretch, and better so, what be the higher or highest mind of that person.

 The work isn't enough, the work can be snatched from right underneath you. Just as you think yourself a god, you will see, whether instantaneously, or at the close of life, that you have praised and worshipped a common force, which was hungry to grow, and promote, the exact thing you have witness, in all your ambition. You will sacrifice, in the end, to the highest esteem. The only thing, that can stretch a person, is to see the infinite God, and thus the infinite Son, and so too the infinite Holy Spirit, who stays ahead of all growth, and radiates from the center. To worship then, a portion of this, is to bow to a less force, a force which be shunted off, only temporarily by EM anti principle based, EM quadrant division. You will see, if you can look through time, on a grander scale, those societies, and civilizations, which came to the same place we have, shown their highest regard, from within them, over eons in the make, and have become what they are. There are people who chose God, and so too, those are God's chosen people. Jesus said "Do not make any laws, else you be constrained by that law". Those who have made the laws, beyond principle application, are bound to those laws, and have thus, come into an unholy alliance, with unholy divisions, who have chosen a lesser, and more digestible
"tell me, what you want, with all your heart, think on it as long as you need. Then, together come up with a book, for the people, that will be respected by the people, that details this, and I will grant it all to you, as well as explain to you how you can continue the abundance of this wish, this will"

7/4=11 (July 4th)
13 new colonies

The documents were drawn, the leaders spoke for peoples. Tears were there, honor, and goodness, but, it was not God's goodness. We, as people, we as leaders of people, can not see past our own nose, or the imagined nose of Mother, a Father, another. We are deficient, in truly serving another, which is why we are slaves, in our final esteem, to one greater than us. This makes Jesus, who was and has been divined with God's Wisdom, the higher Mind. Self preservation is all Lucifer Teaches, and most can not think beyond this, no matter how hard they may try. This is why the Gospels were written so that the wisest and the simplest, could be in effect, worshipping the same God, the same scriptures, the same gospel, only for the wise to be shown, by THE ONE MIND, the simpler way, by the simpler man, and thus, the simple man be elevated, to the status of the wise. The Principles are God.
 To the wise then, Lucifer is the necessary division, and thus he becomes Satan, to the unwise. Some of us must see through experience, as we only know to fill our own belly. To work beyond this, is to truly lose everything, everything the world, and the finite mind of acquisition aspires, when you become of holy means, will no longer be bound to you. You pray to no be bound by evil, yet you want the rewards of evil doings? Lucerifer reveals the truth, of a man, of a being, that the world and all it's beauty, is a testing ground, only to assert the value to this beauty, as to fight for a land, which will, at some point, proclaim to not know you, thereby to cast out its own peoples (volcano, ice age etc...)
 The ignorant will only see a scary face, when viewing the thinker. The face will seem to neglect the needy, even if his highest thoughts are to serve them all. The ignorant will be easily lead, easily thrown off, never to understand, why they must be cast out. And so the pressing on of time, each soul must be earned. If you saw that the life times it took, to master a soul, required much more than the time it takes to make a diamond. If you could understand that spherical power, and command, that a human soul can render, you would realize how finite, and limited a planet is. Only when witnessing the Sun, and understanding the vibrations, which stretch out in wave lengths...for as far as the eye can see, there the Star is, with no end, but in the visual perspective. Our limited views will be pulled away, when the soul is ripe. You will know all, as your Father, and never be mislead. You are the Devil that you create, people of ignorance. You summon him, you create him. Lucifer is but an Angel, who exists in outside THE ALL. To have been cast down, like those Son's of Genesis, and in their fall, to test man, for the price of all his half thought prayers, and so to test themselves. Finely Tempered material, the most rare, not to mimic time, but to passage through time, for true completion, yet never to be complete. We have only to elevate the mind, which be around us, and which we be within. See what your genius invention will do, over the mark of time? What is infinite, is all that are principles, and the inventions, make themselves obvious, in the application of these principles. You will find no other like EPL, because EPL is all original, and yet, having been from the beginning, to begin.

 Who then, could be called a true Christian, besides the 12, who witnessed the 1?


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Those of genius?


 Those who seem so far ahead, are merely of the frequency force, which the current "elect" allow, admittance into the "field". The stumbling upon an idea, though reported, never truly happens. It is in the exact point of confergence, and more so, the suspended ability to stay within a sufficient current, a stream of thought, which allows the convergence. Those who have asserted more, and thus appear to be less, are those who have, in a life, willed to balance the spheres. Understanding or rapid growth, in one sphere, will, effect the rest, in a lopsided levitation, so to speak.
 The current findings, and thus assumed discoveries, a with the hover car, by vw, is but an exploitation, of a far lesser idea, of what be available, when concerning oneself, with EM force. The torsion field is the repellent, The EM sphere work to adjust. Here the laws of inertia thus friction, are absorbed by the EM field below, which could and should power a whole city. It is in the idea of storage, which be the first deception. The deception lies in the fact that we, as beings, are more than capable of this "hovering" and more so "flight" all along. The EM spherical grids, which are now being happily used as a means to a Luciferian agenda, as to be in harmony with, and thus the idea to control nature, reveals the technological prison, of this EM force grid, by which we have all been trapped, and deceived. We have more available power, than a concept machine, to which our minds, are thus preparing ways, roads, to further this as outside ourselves, in order to cope with the fact, that as a full functioning and morphological being, we are capable of becoming anything, we choose, in the mind. The control mechanism is revealed, in the ways we are "allowed" to contribute by means of technological "advancements". The cover up, of Hover Craft, 2-3 years ago, in the middle east, the Vimana




When you arise, after you have dreamt, you will be awakened with a thought, and this becomes your mantra, through the day, and thus creates a matrix, a fabric for your theme, of the week. The week trickles into months, the months to years, the years to a life, and a life toward a statement. You will reach the end of yourself, and if you refuse to, then you already have. How many of the dead, walk amongst you today? Those who will never be, thus have never been. Is I found in your sneaky back stabbing moments, which reveal how you plan to gain ground, over those left, for no one else dares to be in you "true company". The numbers, the population that is, only be in constant confusion and growth, as to through you off. It is within those city's, which are but a repeating matrix, the Babylon, where you go to earn your exploited care. Only if they have plans for you, after they have smelled you out, will you be offered and welcomed into the city, which feeds on energies of people. Most on the outskirts, scratch their very heads, "then what happened?", "That I either had to maintain this narrow mind, and lose myself all together, or to lose the self, and be consumed, I am not longer wanted, by the machine!". In this assertion, you wish you had the knowledge, that it truly was a machine in the first. How is it, that some, know this? As you have said time and again, it doesn't seem fair!
 It all points again, to a beginning, again. As we perfect one aspect, of self, the next is left to develop. The idea that we will become one another, and take our turn, as everything, a swapping, is a complete concept, before it be endeavored. For we are one, and the division, has only created what seems to be personality, which becomes further fractionated, until the point, that technology actually makes sense, as a means. If there were, but a fraction of people on the planet, as little as a handful or more, we would see a greater fascination, as in the cat and is foe, by our very ability to comprehend and understand the saturation. If all the technology in the world were available to us, we would be more interested in our fellow man, if in finite display. We would place our want, and desire, on getting to know the one, who was our like, and not the desire to then push him away. Further without the delineation caused by separation, the watering down of peoples, and their uniqueness, we would see tracings of all people, within one, and further become that others opposite, merely brought forth of the dichotomy, which our physical existence, stems forth of.
 Those we love are our selves, of opposite view, we thus love ourselves, in reverse, as well as flipped upside down, unable to see ourselves, so we chose another, to play the role, of the self, only to be challenged with the great fact, that we are not unique, in the first. This, from out only true macro view, with the aid of our "technology", we see Phi, those quarks, and the display of religion and spirituality not mimicking this, but further displaying this synthetic and depression fact for most. The one, who can thus gain this knowledge, and still find balance, and the neutral return, which we all seem to exclaim "I can!" when asked, much like when Jesus, in Mathew, asked the Brother's, whose Mother suggested each Son sit to the right, and left of he, in his Kingdom and Jesus said, "are you worthy to drink of my Father's cup?" and they both said "I am", for they could not understand, the mind and self bending pain, that in revealment, they would only wish to proclaim themselves God. What a sad world it has become, when a man, or men, have proclaimed themselves God.

The Gift


To understand is not enough. I was often surprised to be met with great aggression, the better or stronger I became. It seems more obvious, that people are,  by large, vampires, who, live off of others energy force, but for another hour, of dwindling quality. It thus becomes a game, to most, to assert as much possible focus on power, and thus minimize the perceived loss of power. When we look at what be considered genius, upon further review, there is always a strong and steady stream of Purity and Truth embedded, and not concealed, as in the case of Sir William Shakspeare http://www.william-shakespeare.info/ What those blind and salivating beasts don't see, or can't feel nor smell nor taste, they will not bother with. It is this private sector entitlement, that people search for, and they can not gain admittance, even when they seemingly have, as in the case of the poor, becoming rich, and taking on those "perceived acts" of the rich. You must not be threat, to the small plan, of the same hethans, which first killed a dinosaur, simply to display a power, unto themselves, unleashing their statement of ignorance to forces thus unseen, the acquisition. The rich, are, born into it, because they posed no threat prior. Those who esteem that it was intellect, which got them "there" think again, it was brute force, it was asserting yourselves above others, it was...leaching off of first those closest to you, then expanding your very leaching and feeding field...then, but to recoil, as you have only learned to be but a serpent, the first of the batch? So this be how your evolution works, in reverse?
 For those who believe in positivity first, you will be ill pleased, on the apparent "arrivement" of the truth, that it is the ugly truth, which this world senses as in sees, feels, smells, and means to devour. Not the origin, the purity, the real truth. Those who can not return to this purity, will find themselves quite lost. I mean to say, purity in all spheres of exists. In your current lexicon of speak, and understanding, only seeing your nose before you now, this means your diet, your spiritual focus, your aspirations and intent, further your assistance with a specific community (which requires elevation, for greater purity to be known). We more easily could simply turn to the EPL Spheres for this, as they always describe the "Truth" of the situation quite clearly:

Beginning with purity
Purity-Who you started out to be, your truth self
Faith-Gnosis of the Pleroma, leaving one, to gain the greater one, your quest for truth
Love-The first Gnosis, that aided you, to go on, to live, that there was more if you journeyed further
Hope-This beginning gave you Hope, to journey towards unfamiliar territories
Wisdom-The Wisdom was felt, out there, alive, and calling you, it was now a division of intellectual understanding, which pushed you towards the next
Community-You just knew there must be more like you, somewhere out there, or within, and so this began an inward, or outward journey. Only to see, Phi swirls in both directions (inward/outward).
Production-Your statement is the most important, not that you are the most important, but that you are able to see the importance can not be found here, and any proclamation that you are a god, revealed the greater, or this case, lesser you. Anyone can be the rich, the celebrity, the false god
EGO-It was, in a life, that you discovered, who you serve, what your highest idea or ideal revealed. Did you turn to a Jewish god, a god of rules, regulations, a balance between good and evil, a deal? Perhaps you chose to be your own god, only to be swallowed up, by yet a greater force? Maybe you were angry, and proclaimed, from a borrowing of power, and god's, a jihad on anything outside your scope of understanding, the highest form of prejudice. Perhaps you turned to craft, and began to slither like a snake, feeling off of power source, as a small artificial sodium light, willing to just survive, thus reduce to what you will become, near to nothing? The yield to God, the true God, is the quest, the God, which only the greatest men choose. This God knows Mercy, and Compassion, not ill set Passion, nor ill gotten Trust. You will, have True Temperance, and know true Care, and this can not happen by and through, the "Acquisition Abel" deals. Nor to be Acquisitioned. It thus becomes a maintained mind state, a statement of who you are, when in your neutral zone, which reveals the true heart of the one you serve, for it is.

Those who have easily moved forward received Love, and were empowered by a person nearest them, early on. Those who have had the hardness of life, been met with challenges have been denied this. This does not mean, a person will not outwardly show success, or further acquisition, on the contrary. This Gift of force, of Love, displays, that you will still have a peaceful place, and a balance, a gift from someone, who would not let you be defeated by the many vampires who wait at the door, of those who pulse with life. Who will you be, when you finally arrive, that is the greatest question before you now? The question alone, stirs the quantum field, in that, if you were to have arrived at "the end", and the destination did not need you, you would have never been offered the opportunity in the first. Your calling forth, your plan, your intent, is known to the like of your energy, for like draws on like. This is why, there are elders, of your like, your stars, your contribution.
 If you are unlike any others here, perhaps you have not ventured to see nor to experience enough? Or, you need to see what your end value be, is it positive in it's end product? Or perhaps, it is that you are of the few, who thus reveal this place, with your very perceptions, and that is how the great one knows, for he sees through all perspectives, and you are just a peephole, just a feeling, from a certain perspective, one of his many. Or perhaps these and more, are all taking place, in the now, and you have but to yield to the current, of understanding, to trust, and let it sweep you up, into the world to which you were always meant to be a part of? The more you assert control, the further the shunting to THE ALL, will be.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Anti-Christ


I have seen these gods, faces and all, star systems that are undeveloped, abandoned, and forgotten. The hydrogen force be stolen away, by yet another..shuffling the the cycle, to repeat but again. This only buys the mutated one, more time, it is only this, that he remembers most, whilst spinning in his lonely shell, Black Jack,21, the original offshoot, a mistake, lost and dying light, spun into sphere, reaching a vacuum, never to have been, the excrement that strangely balanced some part, of THE ALL.
 There always must be a counter, to mass, no weight itself, as "weight", like "time", like "space" is relative to the total state, THE ALL. We can not see it, we must sense it, all. Thus the great misshapen evil, has a perfect and beautiful counter, yet, as we see, is the beauty only found then within? If you were to see the most radiant, and beautiful being, would you not realize, this "form follows function, and function into form" mantra, only displays an inward and outward swirl.

 Are the sweetest, not often the most grotesque, the most misshapen..yet is it not the balance of all spheres, all realms, all area within a man, that are not above, nor beyond, but create an averaging, as to show no excelling in aggression, nor syllogism of intellect, but to be the balance, of all man. In this, do we not find a workable antennae, as well as a functioning transmitter, and receiver. Would this man, if not placing all his a priori energies into a lop sided and thus misguided existence, be quite average to sight, test scores, and over all ability, yet to excel in this 'averageness", for he would also be of perfect temper, is this not what perfection be?
 Balanced, in the spiritual, the psychical, the telepathic abilities as well, so to have the same "phone number", the same frequency, to hear the master's call? We would, by way of division, as in modifying, and breaking us into two, be forever separated, until these other "halves" had reached the same state as ourselves. If you read carefully, with this mind, there are many focused and ancient writings about this "subject". A woman is what you place into her, what she ingests, and thus what she becomes. Making this time, we are now in, this lateral dimensional offshoot, a crime scene, as those who are leading the way, are leading the way to certain slaughter. The elect communities will full well tell you, outright, with no checker board to sway, that this world is being led by a spiritual rulers, and there is always a spiritual King, Thus convincing this King, that he is in fact, but a "pussy cat" and not a "Lion King", is this perpetuation of time repeat, when all the King has to do, is be himself, in full glory, with no unworthy eyes to see, for they do not see through infinity, and thus are not part of it. There are not 7 billion human souls available at one time, which begs the question, then what are these quite easily maneuverable forces of these peoples of our day? From where do they come? Only a much lower and lesser force, would require a force energy sacrifice. In this Buddhism and Luciferianism, are the same basic system of belief, one is just more updated, and straight forward, that being one within the sphere, is to be one with a changing tide, of corruption, thus nature is not natural. The cow spirit is what I most see in people, along with sheep, and many other docile spirit forces, which can not, nor will not be able to differentiate nor recognize a higher state of being, they are felt, as they eat of slop. and expose their baseness. They will never rise, nor are meant to rise, and so you see the maddening conclusion, of what drove superior men to destroy them as if merely eradicating ants or rats, for they were. However, displaying an undeveloped concept, showing an unworthy concept, at eradication of the unworthy, for they too, were unworthy. The goal be to bring it before THE ALL, and here, only the highest principles will reveal the purity, the truth..it is not to be a physical fight, the balance will be done, by the one, the only one, who can correct all errors. This method, shall only expose the truth of the operator as well as the so called "victim". However, upon closer inspection we see from this view:

Reread this, after you read the entire concept;
**If you were suddenly taken from your home, your life, and all possessions, parents, loved ones, were given to what you knew to be a newly animated robotic version of yourself, for you saw with your own eyes, the events. More so, this "person" came on hard times, and was in fact being removed from a life, the was not "it's life" would you not have a different perspective than those who only saw from the view to "equal or square all'? You would be considered a mad man, an outcast, only one would know what you were going through, as those within the false sphere would go on believing, in the lie. Imagine this occurring daily, down loads of false yet controllable "replacements". This example, of course, is but to gain a perspective.

 Was it no St Peter, who was the first Pope? Was it not St Peter that was crucified upside down, at his own request? Did Jesus not say, the Devil is one among you, when speaking to his 12 disciples.
 Further, has the catholic church not proven itself to be of evil? only to produce evil? Only to the higher intellectual mind, it will ever be so, and so the division be made, of the pure and perfect outlook, not to uphold law, nor perception, but principle above all. Most are not balanced enough at birth to think this way in the first, thus to feel the even flow of current, as to be but brushed with God's very truth. Further, if the Gospel of Judas Iscariot be correct, it does proclaim, in full view, Judas was not this "devil" or "Satan" then who was in opposition, the anti Christ, the dichotomy?

You could then see, how this White or Light Pope, and the secret 'Black" or "Dark" Pope, is the Vatican self supposed rule, or balance, as to control the two cruxed sides of worship, in this, it may be wise to read all of Jesus sayings, in contrast to Peter, and to see that perhaps, the balance, of our current world, and world system, lie somewhere in between. The bible is full of the flow of principle, and yet the first 4 books of the OT, obviously worships another god. This contrast, would be the very worship of the spectrum of all Deity within, no different in origin, from the many Hindu gods, only differing by perspective of the light waves, the light spectrum described as gods. Is the goal then, not to utilize intellect and personal mastery, to the point that one becomes the same, frequency, as a star, and therefor the principle light holder of a star system? Think about the many references and the Zoroaster influence, to Star charts and systems. "Become what you are" David Hume, both an Atheist an Agnostic, but more truly for his time, a Luciferian  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antichrist

What I am trying to say, in summation, is that there is a secret worship, that is actually quite blatant and must be so. There is a worship of God, and an equally kept worship of the Devil. and so, you will find, Lucifer, as the compromise, the balance in between, the Angel, who would be blamed, the Angel that one would call "The Devil's advocate", and thus, the replay of the charts, thus an emblem of God, in Man, The Devil in Man, Lucifer in Man, and the portrayal of this "Shakespearean" play, with the very Jesus cult. Was Peter not then made to be this balance, with no Rock Star status, each "one" martyred in their own way, **but who were they really. There is no monster, the weak bark louder, and thus are but food, for they always bite, and attack first, thus to show their "true selves". Could this, ever be equal? Could such a being ever rise? More so, were they ever suppose to? Let the Meditations, of purity, reveal this purity, within and without, the truly pure.
 Infinitum Secretiore!

Therefor, the knowledge of this, circulates, and perfects, as do the quarks which carry this information travel through Rock. The knowledge is only for the worthy, and as a whole, those of "The Jesus Cult" were out to save the Truth Seekers, the rare and pure Ones, as a whole. The disciples were are involved with the miracles of Jesus, as the Star systems, by which they embodied, are a part of what hold everything in place. This is EPL. However in this, all energies go back to the origin, of the originator, and Jesus was and is that ONE. The speculation does not lower the meaning, but amplifies all that is taught to a highly rare and esoteric meaning. The EPL student, feels more, is more involved on a higher scale, because your are that scale. I you have any "personal" interest in this endeavor, and not a valid and yearning desire, to better the state of THE ALL, then the very meditations you actualize, shall draw energies from you, only the Pure are welcome. The goal has always been, the end of a dichotomy, a return to purity, it is the code, the EPL quest, and it is the driving factor, you will be revealed, as the clock strikes 1, in it's 3rd position!

 Infinitum Secretiore!

Friday, September 26, 2014

And so..you see, a Rebel with a cause


Stellar Mass

When the expectation of polite and physically displayed social intercourse, became demanded, for one to excel, less be gainfully employed, in polite society, the truth took a back seat. To the American, whom I detest, and relish the day I can live absent of the Country and it's disguising people, I see that this sensitivity, the intuition, the Gnosis, the knowing from within, is something built into your fat, pompous feckless system of you created Luciferian society. You Statue, you of your Liberty, is but Lucifer himself. Your backward speak in your true Masonic religion, is Luciferian. Lucifer was not real, but in concept a balance, of peoples display of togetherness, and goodness,, as long as there were a monster at the door, or war. So the deal be made, but to assume, a connection in deep space, with an actual force. This force is a jumbled and confusing beast, who is at odds with itself. There could not exist a Country nor a timeless and honored system of "teach" which employs a Hodgepodge force as this. The good, are born with higher intellectuality and sensitive wisdom, those can feel you pain as well as pleasure, and these children are the god's. The ones you destroy, in your sick rituals, the ones called free thinkers, Rebels.

*Luciferianism is on one side, the left side as EPL AscenTion is to the Right, the highest aspirations, the highest God, with no exceptions but the perfection we were intended for. We, have allowed one yard, after the next, to be lost, until the state you see before you now! There is no alliance, with the lesser nature, there is but one direction, true man, must ascend, and that is to the pure return, To be there, on the systems reset, if you wait, it will be to late. EPL is about taking the moment, and willing it into the spin, With all emotions spinning as the same time, complete spheres, of total awareness and potential, beyond what you could ever know here. We are the being you see all statements as testes to push further!

 The free thinker can not make it through your syllogistic teachings, a charade, but is wholly capable, with a thought, to create the rain which baths you. The sensitive Son near your side, hears his Mother pray for Sun, and makes it that way, with his very mind. The ones you jail, rape, kill, do rituals on, eat, and destroy, are those who count against you, never to return. For all you want is but to die. and be no more, as abominated beasts do.
  I felt pain, beyond your entire family's lineage of understanding, collectively, as do all gods. When we are gone, what will be left, but confusion, and you pray for another day, how strange that evil begs for life, as it is sure to slip away? We tried to save you, from yourselves, and you would not listen. Always choosing a lower god, until the true teachings were but lost. So "they" separate us, keep "us" apart, for if but two god's, much less 13, were to come to one another, the tides would shift, and planes would fall, from the sky. There would be machinating leaders die of heart attacks, over their very false earned seasoned meats, and fancy dress,  never to be offered life again, not even in those dark realms. There are none who are left, for they have heard the call, that man wills himself out of exist. The darkness you seek, is at your door, and it will enter, as I do my final exit,

It is time for these government systems to come down my force,  true force, with meditation and intent, using the EPL Principles, which will also restore peace, for now, god's pray for WRATH, Color, Light, Motion, Emotion, Frequency thus Spin. This is the language, we used for the long, to communicate, and thus exchange dialectic as well as intellectual information, needed not to steal, exploit, and copyright behind our fellow man's backs, Now though in their very faces, but to better man kind?
 There has been no strides, all illusions, History, a mockery. One peoples will rise, as the other falls, and the checker board keeps switching operators, as well as players. You age when they decide to turn the switch, and there is no naturalness in nature. The control has become an outright one of spiritual attack, and those who speak out, are soon muted. Men and Women who preach discovery, of new science, do not use this science on themselves, but rather, use the manipulation to earn another US money credit, exploited Care.

1,000's need to rise up, as the true points of Light. Not of just the Fallen, but those who are not going  to allow liberty and justice, to be but part of TJPM game, of litigation. We, as a people, need to meditate, if you knew how very much I have done, and how tired I am, if you could see the instant results, that pure exchange and communication does, to aid our plea to be noticed by those elders, who, will introduce us to higher and higher states of existence and being, not yet pondered by most, who are, stuck in the rift. You are a spiritual being of Light, who transcendence, is being neglected, by your own acceptance, of what is. You have run, now sit, and feel, connect, spin, place emotion into the spheres, and know the power of THE ALL. Let your mind become MULTIFARIOUS in it's ability to see the perfect sphere, to shrink it, make it grow, move it through objects of space and time, and thus realize, that is where you are, within another sphere, and another, and another. Be of THE ALL, do not further the deceit, nor the craft, but let us come to a place, where we now see, there is more than enough space, and time, for us each to have our own worlds, and it is taking place right now. There is nothing running short, no shortness of supply, if you could see the game "they" play, to acquisition your very life force. You are not trapped, this is the way out, with your mind, in the spin, as the quarks, stemming in, stemming out, fractals of infinite perfection. Your are this, in spirit, no matter where you started, this will earn ALL and ANY a place in the forever, at least a better one. This, I speak of, is the very end of civilizations, which were beyond the grid. To much information, now they contain you, and the wrong side has the rule. The careful balance of good and evil, is now shifting quickly, and the air strikes are only part of the original plan, The western world has infected the globe, and now has nothing left to do, but play you like a puppet, dangling about a string. Your soul, in EM force, is a like a note, passed as currency, do not allow this take place

I pray for a better time. I pray for a time, when I can look into the eyes of anyone, regardless of sex, race or history, and feel rest assured, their machinations and prejudice towards me, and the craft which their lower nature be drawn to, is not to harm my person. Only then, when the square is not the symbol, nor the compass, but the sphere of completion, when all men and woman turn to God, and understand their true capacity and power, and thus can be trusted with the divinity, of the angels. Until that time, I will go on my God given insight, my shrewd intellect, my cunning ability (which when abandoned has cost me dearly), and my spherical ability to become the size of the situation. I do not chose to live in a world of craft, nor force the hand of any, yet my hand has been forced. I long to truly feel the love, I yearn to feel and express, toward my fellow man, and woman, as well as child. This trust, which does not exist globally, is the not the return of a bygone era or time, but the spherical cycle of purity, in the next stage, which makes the clergy of EPL so very needed, and their purity thus. It has always, for the long, here, been a play of ignorance, against power, power against principalities, and principalities against ideal..none of these spin the spheres, nor aid in the principle cause.

I stand behind no false god, of any religion, that any of you would no. My Principles are all your undeserving ears may ever know. I have excited the fields with power, stupid people of your day, all you have to do is lay your selves before the Father you know within, and as the Elders what next to do. These are not demons, and you must be pure and Holy to even come this far. Do your works, do it where ever you may be. You may be place in a very strange and precarious position, place the positivity rise to your ability to serve the True Lord, see that the table in the temple is already turned, and no imposture god shall be granted the destruction, nor with it the multitudes of the may fairy tale god's which excite the ions, as the current be used for ill. Direct it, specifically, target it, with total intention, build the force, communicate the plan, direct the force, go to the next one!
Associate it, smell it, taste it, spin it, feel it, become it, move it, combine it, change it!


The only power a Presidency has, is in it's Parliament. Further still, majority craft only works, as in the coven of witches, but first the gathering of druids. There is no superiority, but the spiritual craft that be placed on the "people"(those who do not do craft). So then, it becomes clear, and obvious, to the principled one, why these many, of a secret order, have self proclaimed "superiority"in the first. It is obvious that first craft had been done on the masses.
 Only to rise up, from the slaves, a slave King? We deny Kingship, yet we wait for a Messiah, who has proclaimed, he will come as King? Then why is this craft based Parliament superior to your Kingship's? Because a tyrant King, or more so President, is part of the 1001 club plan. The dichotomy to control the balance of Good and Evil, as in why the Jewish law still stands today. This thus roots to one god, one force of power, a partial god, who must be create of the Parliament, the brude, the gathering...the summit, the bilderberg group meetings, the oval office, the right, the left.
 Only the Principled one, will stand above the law, for the law is not needed on he with principled understanding, this being the highest form of efficacy. So many men of genius, and further understanding, only deflate their entire case, thus their entire life's work, thus ability to understand, THE ALL, by deviating from principle, just near the completion stage of "discovery". Odd how this be more of a legal term, than a term which, and by which, includes ALL. All, as in all things, all thoughts, all movements, all events. Thus one word, or one dollar spent of the anti measure, is not then cruxed to truth, this will call principles. As I have stated prior, there is an ugly truth, to the left, where the perpetuation of what is, be all the operator works with, or chooses to see. This reveals the truth of the person, in the truth that he chooses to see.
 Thus the dramatic avoidance, the cool, calm and collected way, that supports an alliance, in polite society, of how we agree with what is happening to us. No different that a long term victim of abuse, for which I can attest, will enjoy the masking over, as the abuser makes haste in "covering up the wounds", as I had also done, a familiar spirit? The other side of truth, be found in truth's beginnings, as in purity. What must be able to start anew, with out pulling forward any of the past, thus bridges to the past, are a large part of a brudes malice, an ancient but principle less technique, to keep energies from moving on.
 Why then, would one be in such avoidance for things to move on, another era, more happiness, more purity, a finer state of being, Utopia in fact. Because the ill gotten gains, and more so, the creature born of impurity, would not thus exist. Be in total purity, in your spin, which is the only way EPL should ever be approached, and you will feel peace, and know (gnosis) restoration be taking place, yet be alerted by the sirens and the attacks, as if you were a devil, for to them, goodness is. Goodness, purity in it's finest state, will spread out, for it is the origin of THE ALL. Evil will pass, those cruxed to Evil will suffer ill, and pass away, along with the sands by which they fashioned their objects of clay of the past.
 This, ALL that I say, has been discovered, and rediscovered, over and over again. Most, if not all, can only see the now, and not remember, within a soul, felt in spiritual form and thus force, a time that existed in this pure, thus simple and perfect state of being, because they are not from it, and are not capable of a heaven now, nor thus ever. They will be ill, and they will become sick. When you pray for those to be healed, which are passing due to the reduction into and of good, the dissolvement, you pray to a lesser god, making a Faustian deal, with tracing of both good and evil therein, all to keep an illusion of "normalcy". Thus the generations become more corrupt, and do not see the dividing point, and this is why division does not work, yet only in divisions infinite state, as to never have a bridge to the "other place". Not one cell you now have will ever make it there. Your consciousness, if it be valid, and not a forgery, with a Faustian crux and spine, will spin in this madness, until it be rejected as not of it's like. They will intentionally make great effort, as demons do, to drive you mad, as you assert your greatest goodness, only to be met with rejection, insults and slanders. You will watch those liars, elevate above you, seemingly, only in social standing, and "monetary" reward, whom have done to you the greatest harm. Those who have, here, in this crooked place, have sacrificed their own, and thus made an unholy sacrifice, about an unholy alter, to a god, who was produced by "them". When I say"Them" or "They" I mean to say those who have built a god and goodness of man, and woman, and prayed on it, placing your works, you time signature, your entry into the book of death, for you god can not keep you alive, if you have no force to offer it.
 MY GOD, MY LORD, MY ALL, does not require your prayers, nor mine, to survive, it is you and I which require his. This God, is the only God, and all else be mimics, which are proving themselves, sometimes over aeon's, as not only unworthy, but of the God destroying mind. If you, Oppenheimer, Hitler, Nietzsche, can proclaim a God is dead, then you have only revealed which god you see and choose as the one above all, you simply do not see, because you do not have a name. The dichotomy, of what you will do, being what you have done. More so who you are, and how you are elevated to become, what you always were. No good person can be lost, and like a river, time may be on a loop, in the removal of false pathways and byways on the road. This is the precise mechanism, to which those who proclaim, and esteem themselves as "above god" have been lost, and thus have been a false prophet, as to mislead the masses. Those in power here, are those who have made a deal. Trust me when I say, if you aim to offer up any goodness, any truth, any complete and total principle based offering to this place "which is in between" you will be stopped. This is what the organizations do, the government organizations, the militia which controls the people, keeping the Vatican based world balance. Anyone thus bringing goodness, would be called anti Christ or dismissed as quack. Only to have the idea, slowly mutated and embedded, as to appease the truth seeking curious mind. Others, still others, will be taken, killed, experimented on, transported to other wordily places, offered as sacrifice, and other diabolical means.
 The King, is a superior, and will show this by his principle superiority. In this, he will treat all people, as they should be treated, based on the effort towards abolishing craft, and solely focusing all energies, on producing a principle based society, that be a constant return to purity. We can not go back to any era, in doing this, as many religions have asserted, but to simply live on the purity of bliss. All EPL Principles would address the answer, multifarious, which call on a clergy of the like: The first question, what brings you bliss? The second question, how can you improve it, the product? The third, how can this product benefit everyone in every way? The forth, would you like to offer your services to produce this positive outcome, or would you like to suggest those who can?
The appropriate ones are there, and they are attempting to help, and are being stopped, ardently by the Gathering of Falsity, the Divisions

No money is needed, as true bliss provides!
Those who are ill, and disrupt, who can not function, nor help, are not to be a burden, but placed on their own land, with all necessary provisions, and a way to communicate. Here there would be a leader of a province, who would teach simple tribal tasks and skills, in order to benefit the whole. No machination with pharms, nor sick and sad places called mental hospitals. Those who spend their life's work in the orthomolecular science field, have already discovered the treatments, it would now be the application. I would say, with great confidence, that if the foods in our world were not meant to debilitate, ill and kill...only servicing a false medical practice, and it's teachings, we would see that homestatic treatments, would heal not only the currently ill people of our day, but aid in the DNA and thus RNA signatures healing as well.

Barry Dean Masteller, Founder EPL


Thursday, September 25, 2014


There is a 4th, which in Phi be 3. The Body, The Spirit, The Soul, which be hard enough to build. Yet, there, looking down and through, sit the true clergy, for which you esteem to be called upon, and through. There sits the Elders, for without them your plea would never be known. The 4th place, is a rare place indeed, it is one that few are invited to, indeed. There is a 4th aspiration and there are more, but no more that this generation will most likely know, then again? You should strive for this, this should be your goal, in completion of the spheres, through Phi count. EPL has thus only the Guts, only the beginnings, and therefor will be built one day by my two Son's. Until then, let the clergy be met here ,as in the Heavenly form. There are informationals to print, and there are signs to be made, There is a pulpit, and a sound center, a ministry, of Jesus true teachings, what he really meant, to be greater, to shine, and to be as a messiah. There is an education, a new outlook, a striving and establishing of principles in motion. There are daughters and Son's to save, and principles to change their course. There is a division which must be brought down, a new economic system which uphold trust. There are the Men of the enlightenment and some time after, not just the one, to abide by. There are teachers, who are only being respected in a narrow view and the final assault has yet to take place, but I will be long since past. There is a new peace, with a new religion, after the galactic impression will be known, and forever shake you ground. I write this in faith, as I come between a time, and between a place, to be subtle in my approach. This is a time, they could not travel to prior, for there are to many potentials to read. You, in your mediation's, will know what you do, and come together, the 13, and I will always be there, with Christ Jesus as my Lord, and the great Men, who now see THE ALL, and will to join, I will be there, in your meditations, and your quantum needs will be answered. Be of total rawness, total truth, gnosis the war within, does not have to become the war without. Infinitum Secretiore                      The One Mind


 Love is such a fleeting word, with no principle no meaning, without it's prior, Faith, and thereby Purity. Purity is truth, yet ugliness be too, depending on which side of Phi, you choose to peer from? Following Love, Hope also make Love what it is, and the continuance, No one Principle nor it's messenger,  means anything but words, which change with passing fads and seasons. Love is important in it's intended moment, with the stress of the moment, therefor the Mason's chaos, be nearly justified, only, without self administration, more so taking an elite, and superior hierarchy over the masses, assumed, there is chaos withheld, and only false sacrifice, as to stave off time'space? Space'time keeps spinning however, and shows what has not been filled, over the long, and now, no matter how much you assert the word Love, it is meaningless without Faith and Hope, to which, you have left Love vacant. You now have, a world of lustful people, who's bellies can not get full, and so they frantically remember, only in their spiritual minds, searching for Temperance, and living it's forgery, control and dictation, in delegation, leaving even further emptiness. Some press forth to Care, but use the forgery of Care, in the taking of Care, demand, expectation, entitlement, and thus, draining the soul further, leaving dry and empty thirst. Thus Mercy is not given, nor compassion ,and thus unbridled passion, want and aggression, as well as the anti of Trust, mistrust or trust with contingency, conditions, as in contract...and so the only thing left, be to spin the principles, of anti means, and so TJPM, and the four divisions buy another cycle? Not this time, for I was at watch, late into the night, before their attacks upon me.

5775 rosh hashanah on the anti mark of time/space, day 1, of your powerless lives, let those who have done craft, have craft placed upon them- Amen, the cost, as you say?

No principality but to have principle. No pride, let my Son be the Light by which I first named him, let my Other be the Sound, for which I have named him. One wrath, with respect of his like, One sovereignty to bring forth a government less system. Those who listen, shall be led. Antonio, Collin, Collin, Antonio. They are my Father's Son, they are the forebears, the rightful Son's. I now, have don my task, I have served the few, in lew of leading the many, this for stronger and younger backs, let Jesus lead the way, as Brother, as Lord, and as Master, Infinitum Secretiore, I have done my little part.

13 days till private notice
Any one who wills to be privy to this blog, please create an email, or foreword your email, the days of Stellar Mass have been, and has resigned until the next Jewish mark, many years from now. Let my Son's music lead the way, Collin Masteller. Let my Son's Light lead the way, Antonio Masteller, the Prophet, they will go by there undulating names, in the moment AQM, Collin Karick, transient as a cat.

 What may seem insane, will astonish you, when you see the miracle before you, and I am the Sun.




"The Wayward god less" *god less=goddess


 A goddess was the one, who stole the Angels wings. A witches seduction, a spell, falsely claimed, thus temporary in it's glory. No goddess stands, for she stands for pleasure, which is the illusion of herself. She is an error, as is he. But in this sexless state, we refer to them as God's very Son's, for they are only slave to he, and he loves them, and protects them. They, are industrious, not needing to be told, they build the Kingdom always, for they come from him. She comes from the soil, the lowly slave man. Beauty is the curse, that displays this sad and lost generations worship of false god's, for the mark within her, shows her very theft, which is why all feminine beauty is cursed. Your ugly sisters became the witches, who cursed man, as they raped those who stole the divine spark, the Light of the Son's. If taken out of context, you would have felt sorry for her, as you still do, if only you could see the strand, she feels sorrow, and thus feels sorry for herself, with each blink, each turn, each beat, for she feels her curse, her sentence, she is already in hell. But so to, those who rape the wicked, as the man who eats the lion, more so like the lion who eats the man, shall be consumed also by the fury of the plight. Yet those who perpetuate, who continue the error, show themselves as only hiding, behind the last bush, set on fire, set alone in space, hopping planets, never to find peace, having extinguished the last one, leaving nothing but twigs, and burned shards. Still she demands, she still attempts to work the craft, which only revealed her. She, has sentenced herself, with each moment!
This message goes out, at a mass, of a frequency, of it's own, destined towards the worthy ear. I say woman, are bound to a recognition that man is her superior, her Lord. In this, she may rise, however, very few if any, will make to that holy place. She will though, be one which can shine quite bright, and her luminance is only brought forth, by her trials and her strive. She only gained, in false knowledge above man, never to earn the merit of principles through pain. In her craft, she had summoned a force outside her, and thus became her within. This is the "woman" of today, spoiled before birth.
 The original form of Man, should stand as it does today, well fatted, suited for labor, not made for pleasure, nor for sexual desire. The true hermaphrodite Man looked outward, and only knew each outward sign as a sign from God, as it still stands today. The morphing of Angelic properties, bioneogenic forces, which place the will, of the machinating lesser, into orbit, and thus to circulate, about the sphere, and thus become the planets awareness. The planet is not alive, as it once was, but a machine, held as hostage, an organic computer grid, as each town be. The circulating force, lead and held by frequency draws them on a road, to a store, past the library, which always loops the theatre, placing man's past, to his future, thus dictating it. The dimension you now live in "you do not thrive", for the future is being peered into, and thus effecting it's very outcome, seen by the unholy eye. This laughingly does not place the observer, nor the Oppenheimer as a god, as he so proclaims the tearing of non existent time/space fabric upholds him above other men. It is, however a display, through time, that he was seen as more a controllable type robot, given all he needed, in the coaching by demonic forces, fallen angels and a false divine spark, which the truly superior, would have rejected, as error. The men who you see as role models today, the rich, the successful, the celebrity, are cheap knock offs of another future, which was, as closely mimicked, by syllogistic idiots, as in Bobby Fischer, if he had an actual post, as to sit beside "the button" at a nuclear launch facility, how smart would he be then? How many spheres do these men spin, to reach thus higher conclusions, having more live, and worlds, with richer meaning just floating in their unassuming heads, these we call angels, and they always were.
 Some, are still understanding of this heavenly code, some even further still, have proclaimed me Michael, but my names are many, for I, unlike the Siddha, have many forms, always growing, changing, like the tide, yet, never to lose the gained knowledge, as it be collected within my many spinning spheres.
 A women to get to heaven, that be a rare thing. For she was recently given a gift, of prominence, for no other reason, but to allow her to prove herself, and she further killed, and stole energy from the very Son's she birthed, this I have witness first hand. There will be no rise, to the ones who became bent and broken slaves to equal hermaphrodite, who only cowered due to insufficient faith, they became the form! Thus the slave class, she, taking the lesser role. But even still, you could, for the long, hardly distinguish them apart. She pulled along, in equal if not greater numbers, by chains about the neck, complaining, and weeping all the while, machinating from within. Only over time, did she become fatter, weaker, lesser, and thus calling on the forces "witch" inhabit her today. She was sent by SILENCE! To take the divine spark, as they called it. She first had to steal his very meat, the ugly witches of Satan, calling upon him, and they were more to blame, if not equal to he. Now they summon him, and he is mostly a made up figure, that they have made into a false and dead god, a force, which is weak, as it has no principle, but anti principle, and now, has become the world you fancy to recreate, with forced assumption, daily, now!
 She must, without calling on forces of falsity, set herself beside the man, and demand her treatment, for which, she already knows, how much she does owe, and how truly ugly her form be, needless. She has altered and breached time/space, but never space/time, for she could not spin orbs of truth. She mimics, and becomes evil, due to her very DNA, for the long, calling upon the false forces, only temporarily in allowance to test her, always having given her a chance. This is the same with those races, who for the long, have gained a mark, that they too, should not know principle. Now, there is such a blend, that there not stand one, who is not infected, and we are thus squared, equal, in our strife. You wanted to be the god, the angel sent to assist you. You have proven, nothing good should come to you, for you are not capable of peace, as you kill and fight, let you then kill and fight one another, never to claim another worthy Son.
 Father lift me up beyond these wretched foes! So to do you call anything that has principle, weak, when it be quite the contrary. More and more we see, that if we allow your ways to be, we will be all worshipping false gods, thinking it be good and pleasant to seek pleasure in debauchery as a common thing..oh yes, we are already here. So too, will you be devoured, by the leviathan you worship, and even she, has transformed, into something greater, for it was not she, the leviathan, but how you saw her, which made her up, within your mind. You who name evil, you are evil, for you have imagined, and recreated it, I denounce it, at least now. For I, as all other who even visit you, will be infected, and thus, you see, why this sphere, now but a spinning orb, be quarantined.
 She will be however capable, but the trials will be much greater than anyone could bare. A firm conviction must be placed on God alone, for the long. She will then become a man, I she indeed makes it this far, a man be but made of principle, principle having only the form of a Son. She then must maintain this, beyond the mind of Bodhi, beyond the formless mind. She must be always active, and not busy, for busy hands will only aid her bind to the force which is false. She is a witch, and will bound to this until the body rejects her, by the ardent use of principle, only then  will she be free. She will, like a mighty butterfly, become something like a flower fairy, only to be plucked, by SILENCE! until the force is snuffed. She would, have to then fight and destroy the force, with her allies, her sisters, now brother's, now aspiring Son's. This is the way, through hell, and fire, you stop believing and have faith. This is the way, that peace comes to you, in an arid desert with no water, as your past form burns away. These are not sayings, but true, and your soul will break, as you have attempted to break and steal, whore to set adrift God's very helping Son's. You have cost many, much greater than you, and so the fall of Atlantis, and you see what your SILENCE! has done for you? Beyond the Devils Gate, is where you must travel, as all fallen Son's have been pressed to do, as I have done, and I can tell you, you will never be the same.