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Infinitum Secretiore


Infinitum Secretiore


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"The Reason we Suffer so..." by Stellar Mass


"Our Plight" by Barry Masteller



Transient numbers of spiritual math


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All religions are one, all people aspire to the highest power, we are ONE



No doctrine shall be placed above the Holy Bible. The attempt to show the esoteric side, that we, as true Christians, need to be out in the front lines, at night, in the dark, giving forces of evil no place to be, is the work of those who chose God, as THE ALL, THE ALPHA, THE OMEGA, and need to know this from an intellectual point of views, as our times call for.
 The EPL teachings, along with it's suggested literature and scripts, are only methods of understanding the Bible, and should lead one to the place where they know principles above all worldly things, and now to fully embrace the scriptures and all their hidden meaning and glory, so help us God, and the clergy say, let it be.

Barry Masteller
Stellar Mass
ROKbodhi 123-321

"Drama" Stellar Mass


A word of Truth, from Stellar Mass


Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Infinite sky" Stellar Mass (mixed media)


A stellar mass


And so, dear clergy, our dark mass, our dark truth, that we are never in the dark, that the light comes from within, and without...that we create, and recreate this light, this being, this as sun centers for the lazy, the greedy, the controlling...if they lived for a day, with our clergies reality, they would fold.
 The four divisions feel that they must keep our current state of reality in tacked. They feel that, as well as calculate that, the hermaphrodite has been concealed, as well as replaced, with the female of our day. Those who know there origins, must know, it was and is the mirror, that our interpretation, that created this illusion, we assist in veiling before our very own eyes, for the truth is ugly.
 But inside, if we were to calm the killer, the savage, there is the sweet intellect, of a true Father. When that mirror image reflected back, black jack 21, at that point in Phi, we were our worst enemies, as we thought we were leaving a dark time, we grew further from the truth, what to do? EPL is the light, by way of principle, that leads one, towards true community, our destiny, to be as one, creating a heaven, now, with no violence, no backhanded rule, not being secretly delegated to, and told what to do. Only those of the higher mind, can achieve this, without the rule of division, none are fully there yet, and few will ever.

Those who know this truth, that we are being contained within synthetic mind field, to keep us at bay, as we each have the power to create or destroy, and destruction creates but a Nietzschean loop. Success takes us instantly to heaven, which be hell to most...the dumbed down version, is correct, for the masses, but not for THE ALL, gods suffer, for the rest, and the rest have not the quality to enjoy, nor understand, oh the dichotomy.
Stellar Mass, 2014

Prophecy for 2016

Our stellar mass, is again at 1am to spin, to focus THE ONEMIND, to direct our energy as ONE
1pm EPL meditation
1am Stellar Mass

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If you are an outcast, due to your higher principled mind, then you are an EPL clergy initiate, to which each CS


I am after all, just a messenger, do not look upon my errors and failed carbon suit, as you have your own. Instead I shunned and pushed away the suit, and complete those cycles, which accelerated my ascension, now only cruxes here, as an image burned into a past, no more relevant than any potential, by which the sea shore may make a shape, only to wash away, but in synthetic captivated time. Look within, look without, and thus let go, and be one, trust no one, and follow the true and sweet Jesus teachings, that last era of expression, to go forth from his very sacrifice, which as done, and now leaves way for the warrior to walk through the blast doors, they fashioned to protect them, borrowed from the very mind?
 Ours is a battle of energies, and we have already won, for we fight for the ONE TRUE GOD, which is not separate from our perspective, of our own principle, and the purity in truth.
And the clergy say;
Aye, witness that I praise the ONE TRUE GOD,, and to never stop the spin, for the LORD GOD will reward us, yet for his house is all that we truly seek, through revolutions of space/time. Let it be!

And the clergy spun, as 13, 8 and 21

The symbol of EPL affiliation


Keep in mind, that when you use this symbol, you are vested in the mantra

Purity pledge
"I pledge to Never stop seeking Perfection, in the Father's eyes, who is the one, the only the Omnipresent and omnipotent God of THE ALL. Therefor I cast  away the suspiciousness and inevitable deception, of partial perspective. Witness that I praise the ONE GOD as my Lord as I fight this fight before me, in the name of peace, harmony and all that is tranquil, none violent good and true...therefor witness that I praise the LORD who is this one god and provider, as I seek him eternal, and vow to do his works.

Pledge to break the bonds of Sphere, in the Mastery of them
" In the beginning, Purity came forth, with Faith stemming forth. Love spun to the right, as Hope spun to the left. As they spun, they became Temperance And Care. After spinning, they became Mercy and Compassion. Upon doing so, they became what they were, by way of degree Passion to the right, and Trust to the left, and they needed one another, and thus were not divided, as Man has become, and this was truly One act, and they did work as messengers.
And so the clergy say:
Aye! Thus let it be that purity, Sacrifice, Expression, Wisdom, Community beyond what we know now as the highest and most honorable nature, let it come into being with ALL our might, that we should slave no more, but to offer ALL that we are the origin and are to become, let it be, witness that I praise The Lord GOD the ONE and ONLY true god!

The Orb into Spheres
"Let this sacrifice of space/time mature and blossom into purity again. I therefor take this pledge with great honor, as we go into the next and final era,  the era of Wisdom, before the 3 spins of the 3rd cycle, perfect and dissolve into ONE, and thus be complete, only to revolve again, with this hard won added perfection to THE ALL, adding myself, as a part of the ONE FATHER"S frequency of sound and light, until I be granted passage, to be divided no more!"
And so the clergy say;
Purity, Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow, Truth and repeats 9 times, then to say, I give it to you oh Father of all Purity, Principle and harmony forever more, so let it be.

I am now a spinner for the  ONE LORD GOD, as is this same GOD, let his Angels be amongst us ALL to show the Peaceful ways of the future, again with added substance within me and through Phi without and forever, to be divided no more, in peace and harmony, to attract the like of our kind, and to have a name before GOD

Vow of the clergy 13 and the Infinite 8
Witness that before GOD on and of the Highest, I do take this vow, which shall be aided by THE ONEMIND and thus THE ALL, to complete my spins with Orange as the production of purity to truth, and on this purity in reproduction, which must be with great mental clarity, with all my imagination, exactitude and focus, and ask of the ONE and TRUE FATHER to complete my errors, so that they be no more! Aye! Now all this done with the purest of intent, thus goodness and not idol pleasure, no more! Aye! We ALL agree to uphold this TRUTH, which is Truth of THE ALL. Let this be offered to my Father, and not to myself, as a way of continuance into, and for purity as truth, for there is no others path set before me yet, but I will listen, upon graded ear, in the next cycle of 987years, from our current perspective of space/time/-time/space, let there be division no more. And so in completion, of this final phase of the spin, GOD'S EGO be placed on high, higher than ALL, the loving and sweet Father, abiding in ALL his ways, let those who twist these words, be seen as decide era, an abomination to THE ALL, and thus the Cause to walk in they Father path to harmony and peace for ALL. So let the TRUTH spin forth, and to purify with each spin, and each count of spin.
And the clergy say;
So then let it be, witness that I praise GOD! The ONE GOD, the living GOD, with no Lords above him.




You may, have very well guessed by now, in that principles only bring you to the foot of the Father, for in purity we do seek, that a Father is one who is of your like. You are not connected here, to sacrifice yourself for an inept and worthless shell of a Man (Man of our times, the end of era). You are instead, if you so recognized, and choose to do so, that your expression, that outwardly voice, of what you have learned thus far, is the furthering of intellect, toward what will possibly become a part of THE ALL.
 We then search for a Father, a teacher, a guide, the beginning, and if so perspicuously inclined, in that most enduring and ontological of esoteric reasoning, which separates you and alienates you, from the error, you will find that it is the discovery of the four divisions, and further, that there be a center, an outer shell and the light that permeates and bares from this source, and into THE ALL, that 7th element (defined by Pi count, which is not accurate nor true). We then search for our community. We find that it be a celestial event, if we indeed do have a name, in the heavens. To lose all fetters of the past, is what true production means, to better THE ALL, and yet, to go back through again, to shine with the Fathers EGO, this we must assert ourselves to do.

Pi}EPL teachings of Pi are the basic 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 method of counting, vice versa?

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Understanding all angles within the Sphere, how they relate to one another, in solid geometry


The most revealing of these math facts are the hypotenuse triangle, by way of Pythagorean theorem

Keep in mind that quantum spheres, or Quarks, do not behave in the same ways as say a solid object, or objectively, however to understand the true size an object, there be little to no difference in the actually size of an object, outside of the false supply of gravity, which was created to make little to no sense in the long, and has established itself as karma. The insufficient and inadequate design, is a preplanned machination, where by the supportive mechanism, be one that can be manipulate by EM, frequency pulse, and the shifted in the same ways.
 The revelation come from the supply of supportive structures, and the shifting of the EM field forces, known as torsion fields. There are mathematics inconsistencies, that point to an over lord purge, in specific interval patters. There are missing theorems, which when realized, time and again, threaten to breach our unseen masters and suppressors agenda, found in codes, and more blatantly in religious text, which draw a current of force, and tag individuals of a frequency like, to a specific and dictating modulator, which is a cold and macro viewing machine, which sets invisible fields of energy, geographically speaking as well as geometrically, only to allow certain thoughts of a specific and related frequency window, or margin. All that fall outside this, are purged due to inconsistency, by way of ratio, radian, degree or percentage, which ever way you chose to view the spheres. The pyramid is a revealing factor to the sphere and it's powers of division, to be supplied as a source of EM, material prima food, if you will, disallowing any one, from grasping all four realities, which set off a chain reaction, and then there are five, then six, and thus 7, 8 and finally 9 awareness factors, which are mentioned time and again, in ancient Veda type religious doctrine.
 The compliant, and most synthetic of these over lords minion's live amongst us, and are the ones who wave in free thinkers faces(the free thinker mainly homeless, poor, sick and outcasted) as examples of non-compliance, that it only take compliance to achieve success, and to bend to mediocrity. This is enforced by law, and the legal system, and further points to the four divisions, and the dictating compliance by which they serve the over lords, lead by the current lord of realms.
 The minions, and force bots, as EPL esteems to name them, are your family members, neighbors, friends, colleges and other, who are placed with you, to teach orderly conduct, of compliance, as you are unaware that you, and your freethinker kind, are the true children of God and are in fact the Sun centers, which support their lives, as well as crux and fix the base stuff, material prima, of reality of which they manipulate slight and bend, on direct force influence, form within, by way of frequency mind control and invisible agents, which inhabit, within these spheres, regions and zones, your body not being separate from all bodies in space, for you have a name, and these minions do not!

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition
© William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins
Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Word Origin and History for sphere
1530s, restored spelling of M.E. spere (c.1300) "space, conceived as a hollow globe about the world," from O.Fr. espere (13c.), from L. sphæra "globe, ball, celestial sphere," from Gk. sphaira "globe, ball," of unknown origin. Sense of "ball, body of globular form" is from late 14c. Medieval astronomical meaning "one of the 8 (later 10) concentric, transparent, hollow globes believed to revolve around the earth and carry the heavenly bodies" is from late 14c.; the supposed harmonious sound they made rubbing against one another was the music of the spheres (late 14c.). Meaning "range of something" is first recorded c.1600 (e.g. sphere of influence (1885), in reference to British-German colonial rivalry in Africa). A spherical number (1640s) is one whose powers always terminate in the same digit as the number itself (5,6, and 10 are the only ones).
Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper

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The plight of man, and his heretics of angles, or shall I say angels


"IT" is by any and all regard, a pure gesture of arrogance, dare I say from the past generation, an era of man. That these masons, who both created, and yet, simultaneously create, that figure none as black jack 21, summoned forth, from the hall of that frequency of human imagination, which then occupies a generations thus. If I had not Albert Pike, on reflection, and Fredrick Wilhelm Nietzsche not behind, me, with full fulfillment now in the after, to finally understand (as they peer over bother shoulder thus) that man is entirely limited in his scope. For man does not see, that as a teenager may have inclinations, and thus a priori, the idea, and thus the natural talent, and further thus, the god given commerce, in a set medium, or sphere of complete thought (in it's full competence), in the forms of frequency to specify the personality type. We see that this teen, though he may falsely assert, and at time pull the better part of the wool over most eyes (as in the young Bill Gates, now to employ a team of what he could not get right in the first? yet with all those incomplete force powers standing behind you, did you know how to insert principle into the machine?).

 For those of you who trust to understand, you have finely and finally arrived at the annex of your thought process, to which abundance, and abode will be ever cast, at least upon this here thrown or sphere of thought, for there are 6 in all, which lead to 2 more, and back around to fully comprehend the full frequency meaning of those messengers 5, which mark all men, who esteem to know, for they lead to a secret 1, and thus and illustrious 2, then still further back around, for a full repeat, until it be well in your head, physically speaking, mind and soul, never to barter with again.

  These derelicts for there past, but as they seem to be in love with the angles found within the spheres of principle, and the bending of, who could they miss the test all along, and sink into Pikes sadness, and Nietzsche's madness (Nietzsche for this very reason was that separatist, or lonely to be frank). Do all not yet know the the elitist from all kinds, play with the thoughts of man, that they rule over their own, as they rule over those incompetents of our time, as to put them on meds and in a proper place, where their full energy can be harnessed, is a mild reflection.
 When, those prove that they know the angles contained, will not further serve turn coat, or rather free thinker type embarrassment, they will then not suffer the Christs endowment fund, or a firm crown and cross treatment, no,surely they will, by all regard, be hither to given the key to shambala, and thus the colors, sex parades and Majesty...then to ensue murder, mayhem and distrust, further still madness corruption and aloneness, and to one up, you may be sitting on Queen Elizabeth's thrown, to ruled by fear to be of any good, even to her own merry.
 Oh there seems to be a merry, down in the dregs of the best of us, to bad this type does not produce fortitude of the sustaining kind.
 The Masons rule by this apron of measurable distinction, placed at the very joint of phallus none the less? As to measure a man, or to teach a man measure, could this alchemy be blessed by god, or Faustian yet, the Jewish god. Did WWII not fully disclose the obviousness of this illustrious marriage, did not the Coke and Pepsi and even still, bipartisanship come into it's full swing hither aft? Oh to miss the punch in, only the gods should laugh at such a plight and they should, for humanity then rests upon their collective shoulders, and a further burden still, one god must awaken the lot of these clergy 13, when all see themselves under the glory of god, as they follow in strict accordance to these illusions set forth such as Taxes, Military, Politics, World Economy, Sex (the best rue of all, to create a separation of the man, then to barter this too, an age old conniption). But the best yet, is that no one is alive to read this, as to late, when in the not so distant future, when you aim to resurrect the deity, the frequency, the last string, you will be missing the next, as you do me?

The plight of man, and his heretics of angles, or shall I say angels

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Afro-Woman is herby named the NEXT



18, 3, 11
We are in the era now, where, the outcast shall rule as wise, thus the Afro Woman is the Future for our salvation, entirely separate from her afflicter
She has all right to name herself, as well as her era______-________._____________
I however would suggest Zalest-raza, the era of Woman's Wisdom 

The 3 Divinity, The 4 Divisions



What has our day then accomplished, in its seeming quest for naturalization, with unnatural methods? We seek to have our very spirits dictated to by computers of our own making, thus they make us? It is the assumption that time is of a constant, that causes man to throw his chance away, as to live the repeat, as stated so eloquently as Nietzsche so poignantly put it

Supposing truth is a women?

Is this fabrication, of our equal but opposite self, with the same formulation, not a testament to the madness of those exactor's, who have fabricated us? Some who see it slip on into madness, and seclusion, so, then I must be the wayward messiah? I say not, for my butt is firmly and so shapely planted on a mattress, by today's standards, a therapeutic one, as to aid ones back better, our Man of today to say "better than  than sleep on the ground" which it emulates. But I do not wish to travel the distance, nor suffer the embarrassment, that of a one foot decent, onto a falsified ground. An embarrassment cast only to those forces which look down on me to do so, in the first? As an act of selflessness, messiah like understanding? Let it be known then that I am, if in any common social regard, toward a somewhat higher self? Which I  would reject, however in the light of things, social climate and the like IE end times Kali Yogi, "Yada yada" now then, let me be proclaimed the indifferent Messiah? On the simple merit that I do understand, and frankly sir, and madam, do not give a Fuck.
 To my inept and worthless offspring, who has squandered my gifts, as well to my worthless and blood sucking parents and parasitic family members, long ago, you were forgotten, for your scripts then did run out, only now in your estimable old age, do you quandary at a notion of pretending to beacon questions I have long since answered and have suffered the fate of becoming more, you only now understand your greed be your very prison?
 A truth bringer, a light bringer, but no longer, as in the last phase, where understanding be the factor, (simply now understanding now), that things are fucked beyond reasonable measure, but in due course. We must then take rationale, in the way all do, that the sphere is a set and predictable thing. with all its angles, lines..until of course one experiences the turbulence found within, dare I say such, as a washing machine?! I once had a childhood pet, a cat, Priscilla was her name, who experienced the full effect of "death by Maytag". I sense more so, with all my asinine godly and useless godly sense, that my Mother will be reading this, after my departing. So you got your way, and You live on. Though I aspired to ever after life, and to change the repeat and so you sought it? Be it known that I will not be returning in the next round, and that Priscilla, rest her cat heart, will be moving onto other eras in Phi measure, where Maytag does not exist.

Those who wish, to do rituals, as to incite my response and thus my return, take heed in the fact, that it would be the same...that is, you would be practicing the very craft I created, in all my culminated force understanding, as to create a repeat of the same? There will be, as in all Iconic roles, to which I embarrassingly fell into the trap of want, a conjuring of the spirit. Understand that I will not be returning here, but to the dimensional like that I have improved, if I indeed do get my way. This place will not have Maytag's, this is first on the list of my followers to focus their craft on. Also, I would have a greater phallus and better parentage, if at all possible? or at least better connection? so sorry Mom, you were not enough to warrant a future quest. Or perhaps those who wish to torture my indifference, as to force me to cause change? This I say leave briskly! as to know, there are far better souls on which to pick, to be more effective, as I failed in every way then in the past (now the present), and my indifferent self will not amend nor bend to another, for this I am sadly certain. So, in my leave, beware of my rest for the next 1000 years, as the 3000 year repeat bares much more to be considered, before addressing the negative? No, my sarcasm was left out of my last message, so many spins ago, put me first on you list! as well as in the middle and at the last! For I do not contend to be of the same inferior quality, and thus, it will take an EPL civilization to erect a better potential! Other than this low point of undulating repeat, poor form, people of our day, poor indeed.


A King must have enough nonsensical greed, as to have motivated as to appease the 4 divisions. I sadly, pre-brain damage mind you, have not yet found this peace, but I am searching! For, what else is there, to be sure of?

The Magi (/ˈmæ/ [1] or /ˈm/; Greek: μάγοι, magoi), also referred to as the (Three) Wise Men or (Three) Kings were, in the Gospel of Matthew and Christian tradition, a group of distinguished foreigners who visited Jesus after his birth, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. They are regular figures in traditional accounts of the nativity celebrations of Christmas and are an important part of Christian tradition.
According to Matthew, the only one of the four Canonical gospels to mention the Magi, they were the first religious figures to worship Jesus. It states that "they" came "from the east" to worship the Christ, "born King of the Jews."[2] Although the account does not mention the number of people "they" or "the Magi" refers to, the three gifts has led to the widespread assumption that there were three men.[3] In Eastern Christianity, especially the Syriac churches, the Magi often number twelve.[4] Their identification as kings in later Christian writings is probably linked to Psalms 72:11, "May all kings fall down before him".[5][6]

However in the era, the cross is open, and the sphere is the ruling factor, 20015/16 is the beginning for the EPL ERA (EPLE)





IN LIES WE TRUST - The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism


Frequency genergators, online


There may be a time, when we, globally, are force offline, and we will need to have offline frequency generator, at home, in order to combat this. EPL aims to produce a product that will work off the grid. displaying the spheres before you, as well as their corresponding colors, and time signatures.
Here, for now, a few easy to find generators.

1pm daily
Intent: listen to the EPL explanations on meditation and the process.
follow the red, blue, purple, green, orange, yellow, truth order, picturing perfected spheres spinning eventually all at once, this will take mastery.
Feel your truth, intend on making it better, be one with all multiverse, picture it with clarity, learn the imagination is the very thing piety and false doctrine has denied you. You are creator, you are part of a spiritual network ,not needing technology to aid you, but we must start here.

987.77 Hz

Are of Particular importance, as well as the time, 1pm, yet truly through the day. Light, within your mind, visualized, and the ability to chant, a resonant tone, understanding these are tools of war, and that the higher vibratory system always prevails.

Blessing, from Stellar Mass


All this, points to a repeat of time. We are being both protected and attacked, in that, we have been modified and controlled, by way of color, light, spin, sound and emotion. I ask people to come together, and begin to meditate, to the colors, of EPL, the focus and imagination, of creating the sphere. Coming together with intent, and breaking the frequency barriers, exposing where the frequencies come from, and what legislation ordered the use of these frequencies. Further for how long, looking at the order of those who have been in league with this mind control. EPL are the warrior, the respect of Phi value, and the knowledge that good, and it's contrasting bound and barriers, must be fought for, with our minds.

Newton's color circle
Note how Newton struggled with the where to place the transfer of some colors, IE where they go? He failed to see in 3D, circle as sphere. He was in essence, capturing a moment in time/space, but failed to see the that in movement space/time (the true signature of time) is always in motion, but it was at that time, motion, and Aristotle's idea of motion, IE inertia, friction, ration and thus force velocity, was still being understood. NOW, we are just beginning to see the generation or responsibility pattern and how the bible is a coded message, to those of an era, we are that era my friends, aspire to be more 
Lamsa Bible
Genesis  2:1-3
THUS the heavens and the earth were finished, and the host of them. And on the sixth day God, finished his works which he had made and he rested on the seventh day from all his works which he had made So God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it, because in it he had rested from his works which God created and made = 1st cycle already finished

The seventh day, God rested? Then who took over, oh suddenly the LORD God appears below, generations completed.
Rested from his works? Omnipotent creator rested from works, or craft? Created and made, a formula.
7th day is a repeat, of the 1st (as in Genesis 1) which state in the Beginning, The beginning of the next cycle, that God made. We know now that it is frequency, and the word was spoken, that holds our reality in place, the sound, the frequency, the sound of Light waves, sound, speed, rotation.
7th = 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 (8 in perfection of Phi is the 7th number) *EPL decoding 8 represents PRODUCTION/REPRODUCTION AND EGO/GOD'S EGO

1 or Phi 0=2nd cycle repeat, THUS the heavens and the earth were finished (clarify completion).

Genesis 2:4-7
These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created in the day that the LORD God made heavens and the earth And all the trees of the field were not yet in the ground, and every herb of the field had not yet sprung up: the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was no man to till the ground. But a powerful spring gushed out of the earth and watered all the face of the ground And the LORD God formed Adam out of the soil of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being

Speculation of the fabrication of earth, using other planets, those organic forms of producing specific materials and matter in the death cycle. Outside of a controlled EM belt, time/space would move at a rate based on the size of fermion. Which is why the old UFO's were bells (post WWII bell

"generations"=rotations, quarks, fractals of the same
A new formed version, as there have been many=of the heavens and of the earth when they were created in the day that
LORD God= Lord of realms, the next generation or cycle creation, thus each era of repeat, a host, Lord and division co-create by way of what is occurring now, knowledge, which has been exposed, and is what carbon life is base on.
Genesis 2:8-15
And the LORD God planted a garden eastward of Eden, and there he put the man whom he formed And out of the ground the LORD God made to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of the good and evil And a river flowed out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it divided and became into four heads The name of the first is Pishon, it is the one which encircles the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold And the gold of that land is good;  there is also beryllium and the onyx stone And the name of the second river is Gihon, the one which encircles the whole land of Ethiopia And the name of the third river is Deklat (Tigris), it is the one which flows east of Assyria And the fourth river is the Euphrates And the LORD God took the man, and put him in the garden of Eden to till it and to keep it
Genesis 2:16-17
And the LORD God commanded the man, saying Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat; for the day that you eat of it you shall surely die
We aren't dead, I don't feel dead? I feel controlled, picked on, frequency attacked, but not dead? Wow what a warning. So if I rest to long, you make an equal, who is coerced by a superior being, the serpent/lizard person, who works under the LORD God, ruler of this realm. If I benefit from the knowledge of Geometry, which helps me decode, what I show you here today, that angles, vectors, Light, sound, frequency are just one and the same, a display of all the mentioned WITHIN A CONTAINED SPHERE, then your going to kill me? Didn't mention Hell, that came later, when the our own imaginations, attempting to free us, were attacked with lies like hell, Santa Claus, and dare I go on?

*The EPL sphere meditation, the tree of life in the center or the Truth, repeat of Purity (first ever cycle, never to be again, but must be done in EPL ritual)=
*"the tree of life also in the midst of the garden"
*EGO OF THE LORD GOD="LORD God made to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight  and good for food"
Begins the next cycle, after the yield, this be clear, Hz shown below on site= And a river flowed out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it divided and became into four heads (four divisions of man/people)


Genesis 2:18-20
Then the LORD God said. It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper who is like him And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air, and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them, and whatever Adam called every living creature, that was it’s name And  Adam gave names to all the cattle, and to all the fowl of the air, and to all wild beasts, but for Adam there was not found a helper who was equal to him

Formed=Adam was to complete them, material prima, in there base form. So then, who or what group, tribe is Adam decended? As in Adamas?

Second cycle (IE 2:), 3rd generation, of the 2nd cycle (IE 18=666)
Then the LORD God said. *It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper who is like him And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field
Note that WOMAN, not until after 3 complete generational completions, of 3 eras=9 era, of 3 generations/rotations (then the name eve, or backwards eve, the first to be the same as mirror of self), woman was his equal.

Note: The Zulu speak of Man, as Hermaphrodite, prior to the lizard people/aliens, making this distinct change.
Genesis 2:21-25
So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept and took one of his ribs, and closed up the place with flesh in its stead And of the rib which the LORD God had taken from Adam he made a woman, and brought her to Adam And Adam said This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called Woman because she was taken out of Man Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh And they were both naked Adam and his wife and were not ashamed

Note: How can a Man leave his 1) Father 2)Mother, if Women just be create? Because Father, and Mother are Hermaphrodites, in the last cycle, before genesis begins, again, IN THE BEGINNING. We know from records of Upanishads, and now way beyond carbon testing/decay, that there has been 13plus billion years, at least, of decay, this points to time repeats, and the recreation by way of frequency ability to create of what is, using material that is available or imagination collectively. Therefor man must work, not be left alone...was Eve then created as an equal, but not like *see the wordage, distraction, from he as creator? The new slave man, mixed with divine god like Y qualities, yet mainly the like, beast and X DNA?

This occurs in the EPL ZONE, proceeding 21, in the realm outside Phi. An operation, by An alien over LORD, to use Adam's DNA, yet mixed with EARTHLY DNA, the beast
Genesis 3:1-5
NOW the serpent was more subtle than all the wild beasts that the LORD God had made And the serpent said to the woman, Truly has God said that you shall eat of any tree of the garden? And the woman said to the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of all the trees of the garden, But of the fruit of the tree of which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, You shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die And the serpent said to the woman. You shall not surely die For God knows, that in the day you eat of it, your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be like gods, knowing good and evil 

Serpent refers to the people that came before Adam, before the beginning, else how was the serpent there, and thus more subtle, was this not a sign of superiority over Adam, and that Eve too, was said to be equal, but that the serpent was more intellectually subtle? Is this not what intellect is? How a game of chess, or any design by degree be manifest? Serpent, Zulu, ancient superiors to earth people, whom where Anunnaki hybrids, a slave class of people, with god potential, only truly governed by frequency, in an Nibiru Era time mark, of 987x3+yield or space time vacuum, power of)

Notice the constant signature of the sphere coding system(purity, sacrifice, expression, community, wisdom, reproduction, ego COMPLETE CYCLE, ERA...begins with TRUTH, next cycle).. as you read down, and what the sentence root meaning be. Each cycle begins with purity, and states it, then goes on to the sacrifice needed in the era, for it to go on. That there was a shift to LORD God, from God the creator, the Serpent being in union with this LORD God. The Zulu (aliens/gods/lizard people) talk of this event occurring, long ago, as does the Ancient Hindu faith (gods).

Notice the EPL Color signature of frequency, and how it best relates to Hz specific frequencies for each sphere. Note that each sphere of completion must be met. Notice how by using this, one begins to see emerge, if one be intellectually inclined by degree, to notice the four heads, and blatant statement of these being divisions. Note how the divisions are of a certain tonality, which carry a frequency quality.

Let it be said, that I believe God was responsible for the first cycle, and that it is a statement, that not the Lords, over Lords, gods, magi, or any other cycle era name be given, not be responsible for the continuance and maintenance of the cycle spheres, which is what we are struggling with today, in effort to produce machines, such as HAARP, to keep the Ionosphere in tact, and thus childishly ignorant in perspective, continue "life as we know". The LORD God as it be referred is distinct and separate, and is that ruler of the time, as well the serpent, being to intelligent, or the reptile offspring, as to have given to much information, to women, to soon, due to her sexual being, and beauty thereof. The fruit is of the knowledge which comes from APPLIED INTELLECTUAL CRAFT, or imagination is motion, as apposed to ignorantly being oneself. The issue with this today, be that individuals are who are meant to rule, are being drugged, imprisoned, killed, and crafted upon daily, in effort to stop, mutate and alter the space/time continuum, which is impossible. There for the time/space field, or suspended field which assumes time as a constant, within a "protected", however synthetic spherical shell, or belt, EM deflective and reflective shield.

Thank you to the following links for information

Special thanks, this is the one, note the Phi correlation of B5 @ 987.77Hz or 34.9cm/wl
Time 0.0010123814248256 s(p) (Gauss 101 on the way up, 101 on the way down)

Frequencies for equal-tempered scale

This table created using A4 = 440 Hz
Speed of sound = 345 m/s = 1130 ft/s = 770 miles/hr

("Middle C" is C4 )

 Note Frequency (Hz)Wavelength (cm)

(To convert lengths in cm to inches, divide by 2.54)

More information on the equal tempered scale
Equations used for this table
Note the Catholic "step back Satan" and the four divisions, most written in telling time signature frequency, making one wonder how long they have used this totalitarian control on the masses? Btw, when you see a circle, as an EPL follower, you will see them as sphere, and be aware of the degree, direction, spin speed and pattern, which I am arduously attempting to lay out here. The aim is to protect your family, people, and goods. That we are being and have been ritualistic and blatantly attacked with frequency for the long, and it will STOP, STEP BACK VATICAN, AND THE ORDER BY WHICH YOU ATTEMPT TO CONTROL LOL!!!
A list of these attacks and the frequencies:
TTA emissions:
Terrorist attacks graphs
HAARP frequency Zones
HAARP Wikipedia

I have first hand experience with my statement, that I believe modern Christianity to be nothing more than a very evil cult. One that uses fear to keep man from his proper, and truly God willed ascension. I believe in God, I have faith in God, but my God, and God in Man, is a higher and more intellectual connection, God is ever expanding, ever growing, and one book could not describe him, yet one word can PURITY. Tell of the Truth and Purity in any book of today. The men who rise up, speak purity and truth have been routinely killed and used as martyr fear tactic examples.

This is why I had to come up with a code, based on ultimate truth, leaving no prejudice within any contained sphere of truth. EPL IS THAT MEASURE MY FRIENDS!

pt 2 Disertation (short) on EPL VALUES (EPLV)


Taken from the EPL Supplement to ALL RELIGION or TRUE RELIGION the following EPL code-copyrighted 2014

 Whilst reading the first book of the Bible, using the EPL methods, I feel I have made good, on a God given perspective, a code, an algorithm. Further I feel EPL has also given way to cracking the codes of Frequency Hz, or resonant tones, which take the base sound of ALL SOUND, and show the division.
 The EPL cycles, are explained in the EPL blog, and several books are being written, edited, and will need further, correcting, in the ways of grammatical errors, spelling, math. science, this is where the EPL Clergy 13 come in, and are a prophetic aspect to the PURE ONE, who resides within MAN.
 The Bible, when using the EPL CODE BREAKER (EPLCB), becomes more transparent, and thus, how the power was stripped from rightful heirs, given to the unworthy, due to theft, long ago, in another cycle. EPL however has taken further, near to the edge of Kami Yugi, that next predicted cycle.
 Further, EPL casts out the information, that does not hold true to the biblical rhythm, which instead has inserted, by way of corrupt politics throughout countless years and eras, predating any religious manuscript of today. EPL has not unleashed war upon the world in this decoding, but given the rightful heirs, those following truth, and the invaluable quality of PURE LIVING (PL), back to those who hold lineage of this purity.
 Further, be, the foretelling of an Anti-Christ, is truly the one who brings Peace to the world, as in the Hindu prophecy, of Kali, being a reincarnation of Vishnu, and the completion of all 3 cycles, to being a new era. Where EPL makes argument is on the pre-conceived notion of a cycle being  certain number of years, hours or any other measure of time/space. Space/time be different, as is relatively instantaneous, by current human view and standard of measure, in that, it does take the unit of one full rotation, of one fermion, or EPL SPHERE OF COMPLETION (EPLSOC) to measure an era, or 987 year era cycle, as a base. Yet, with this, it be based on the ability and generations of human understanding, which are passed a priori through Y chromosome information, if this be the near to final frequency measure of completion. In other words, realization of purity, takes no time, nor and thus the occupation of space, rather it is not a return to truth, but the existence, and ALL POWER (AP), of purity, which creates this harmonic resonance. dissertation.

EPL CODE is not separate from other cyclical findings, EPL ties together all religious findings, codes, beliefs in short THE ALL, in order that they may be used a cypher, to see the beauty that is about to come, in this time of the Messianic age of peace. EPL will however, not by design, but by way of one groups greed, or actions, over eons, the fact that this knowledge has been known, shifted, altered, tampered with, and in fact twisted and mutated to serve but a few. The natural anger will come about, and the age will be ushered in after this time. This is the only reason why such a time of peace will bring forth, first death, to those who have killed billions, over such a long space of time. The divisions will not be harmed, and in fact will be allowed to prosper and change towards the goodness by which they first aspired. The darkness will no longer be thought as a display of evil, or live backwards, but a way to purify. Thus new and wonderful language, peoples, tones, and powers that have always been ours by right, will be put back to place, as the way things aught to be.
 The plight of man, was done to himself, and thus the suffering he inflicted on his offspring. When a Father turns away, steal force power, and aims to kill his owns Son, is the sign of the times, we are currently moving away from.
 Let it be known, that the power of \Imagination, or that we regard it as such, be the driving force, thus the book be an important tool, and must be further blossomed, for the minds who can understand. Like an alphabet, it be not discarded after the first understanding, nor use, but gains power, in it's effectiveness, at establishing it's ability to be used multifariously speaking, in the depth of perceived understanding, of the observer, and how active or intellectually rare the receiver may be. Thus it is of paramount importance to protect the division, of four, as the understanding be, that they chose to be what they are, and must have then the tools see the fruitage of expression blossom.
 The white horse, may be figurative, as four legs, two eyes, two ears, 5 sense and the unseen force, as well as spirit, for which purity stands, but straightforward and true in it's true from to all.

Stellar Mass-
Ssam Ra-L-lets

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gods explained as concept


A god ( as a seeming idiot), if one be so courageous as to know the inner world of another
Is made up of intellectual frequency.
To be the intellectual like, or that first press forth, the blossoming of an intellectual idea
Puts one in league with a frequency, that is discriminating
If you can not understand me, then I understand why your persecute me, fear
Fear is the root of all weakness, cautiousness on the other hand, be something different
Cautiousness means, you have experience, you know human behavior
Those with pre cautiousness, have a force, of protection, or of ownership,
Either way there is a false sense, one of entitlement, about which to have an upper hand, in choosing who to bully, simply because others can sense a loss of power

A cold dark universe emerges, where the victims are further victimized
When they get kicked so many times, by so many divisions of power, they may not know it fully, but they are given the upper hand
When the final attack comes in, typically when one gives in, meaning resigns to the universe as cold and dark, and begins to act out in a way, finally, that was once sin, the language becomes the learning factor
Hard cold tears, alone, pain, every emotion, every bit of fight, you are being watched, by a multitude
 Groups of elders, the division look on
 Tests, over and over,
But you may very well be unreadable to them,
 There is a chance they improperly, and unfairly look at your life circumstances, for they do not feel your pain, where the true injustice, in protein code, read by the frequency that pair,
Only a very unique frequency an earn a bodhi

 In a world, now
 Of total corruption, greed, self interest, machinations, evil double plots and plans, people have proven themselves terrible, there be no real situation that is not subjective
One must view, through many spherical as well as separate perspectives, and accurately see each measure
We are being lied to, fed a bunch of crap, that takes our power, and our lives, our will
There is a chess game, that the paranoid, dark forces of the universe play
They assume much, such as that you are aware your in it
If you truly are no, of you truly are bewildered when seeing, then, second glass, still can not believe the dark , bloody, ruthlessness of people
The world is synaptic, beautiful, as the animal and plant life are in bodhi with the balanced one
Are not
A rare mind state, in this day, as if nearly all, are gone?

There is but ONE GOD
The spheres of divinity, IE divine understanding
Can better be explained
In the sense of  complete spheres of understanding
The goal
To understand ALL
And thus,

These various gods, show a complete and total understand, and this a frequency connection
You are the avatar of "this" god or this lower nature, anti-principle manifestation or mirror mimic
ALL wishes to be one but only the few WILL's this connection, and omnipotent auspicious being

This God has no name, carries the mass of all creation, within a mustard seed

Ohm...peace be with you
Witness that I praise the ONE TRUE GOD (OTG)

*The reason names change, with respect to the description of gods, is that they have transformed, as space/time goes through cycles of completion, this all spheres be complete, all divisions thus made

Pt 2


So it becomes a philosophical question. That is, the technology that I employ, what becomes me, shapes me, influences me, and the means or mean, by which I influence my world,or the sine, axis by which my self be perceived, is taken as valid, and evident by the majority, becomes me?
 the bench press record stood at just under 500lbs, for years, until the 1950's. It was said to have been a mind breaking mile stone, yet ironically, it was in this same time span, that the first anabolic steroids came into use  as well, this just after the official "end" of WWII. No matter how hard the individual trained, the mark sat. Until 1953 when the record was officially broken. Doug Hepburn was an icon. Doug was steroid free, however it was this technology, and the knowledge of the soviets which created the numerical bench mark, so to speak.
 It was technology, a synthetic a posteriori, an idea, which drove Doug to the bottle, for comfort, as he bent his very genetic potential with only emerging training techniques and will, to physically move him forth, in his accomplishments.
 This was an event, a milestone, marker. It was the world within Doug's mind, he so needed to express, as is evident with all outward and worldly accomplishments. There is a constant balance and judgement, an allowance if you will, of excepted aid with respect to technology and shear human will, thus force. A man accomplishes nothing on his own, it is the forces which he calls upon, which prove his principle valid, or not. In this, the tears, pain, hardships and suffering are a part of the road, dukkah. In order that he break the mental perception of barriers within him, which be validated through the witnessing without. It has nothing to do with whether another has been slightly, or where the technology may come, the proof is only in the ardent and arduous task of becoming what you project. We all fall short, and the records, the roads are completed partly by the imagination of the audience.
 I'm sure, by today's "standards" Doug's feat would have been more closely scrutinized, by the advent of judges records, accessible air travel (by soviet critique), cameras by which to replay the record and so on...the record may have been in breach, if by a more watchful eye. We see how this correlates as evident with a man in society, as in today's vision, where the techniques and records be more and more scrutinized, as said.  Thus records now, over 1000lbs yet with the advancement in scientific understanding, by way of diet, nutrition, timing and supplementation, to name but a few technological aids. We further use safety spots, bench shirts, specialized comfort fitting equipment, are endorsed and so on. These methods of pushing the mark further, by way of evident information, with countless contributors, as well as failures, by which to draw information.
 This it becomes a judgement, by unseen forces, by how much technology be aiding the individual. With competitive athletes, the mark be set by curving around drug sanctions and restrictions, by having drug lotteries and using agents like pro hormones, IGF's, insulin, morphine and the like, by which to go around these "drug free" sanctions. Thus a man of today, has no recourse, but to use these methods, of technology, of he wishes to have a name in history, by which to insure his family and offspring are well off, having a life time supply of egg corns, and the respect, which be primal kingship or fear, over invisible province, only valid by the information received by the spectators.
 We see that the masses can build a man up, supply an energy force, or source purely by assumption, that what we are witnessing, mostly by way of propaganda, be what has actually taken place. We judge sports, based on the throwing, hitting, kicking, and carrying of spheres in the physical form, as well as the ability, as demonstrated here, in this topic, to hoist heavy objects, by certain degrees, about a sphere being the shoulder joint system or in bio mechanical terms horizontal adduction, IE the bench press, yet a poor representation of proper joint movement, the bench press be, more so it being the ability to lie on ones back and effectively press or truly throw something away from your person, having no true basis for proper work load equivalent, as in the carrying and moving of objects for the insurance of better survival, and skills thus.
 Technology has become us, and yet, proven us inadequate. We push further to change rules, as the science seems to be the stronger force, getting to the well first, and with computer precision, finder better uses for the yield, in a more efficient manor than that of the inefficient man. Will we not have to argue the validity of spirituality, as in a true identity over perfect machines, which can out do any task, including love making, child care, cooking, art, math and doctorship, to an,e but a few. We will, in the end,  be pressed to argue philosophical differences, with a computer unit, who will see the fault more so in the immediacy of our answer, and the syllogistic logic as  word, for it,s basis of argument, as apposed to the true spiritual nature of all things . We are after all, doing this to one another, that is, casting out the creator, or right brain secret ingredient, to o e another, o ly to grasp at it, like a life raft or last breath, before realizing we have out syllogism ourselves with the fabrication of laziness, I. Order that we may mechanically esteem the movement and disposal of carbon based things, over new cherishing new mind concepts and ideas. Like the production of the dog or Japanese foot binding, we will find that the beauty of service soon slips away when we have taken away what makes the Geisha or the Wolf, the spiritual Beauty within we wished to posses, only to kill it, and lose it, as in the caught firefly, upon possession " only to say, my will took it, and it became something else".

Stellar Mass
A true esoteric, in victory over my perceived challenges